Is This What Our Youth Has Become?


is this what our youth has become?

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  1. This is so funny and yet so true! It’s crazy how attached the youth has become with socializing online.Especially with the amount of pictures they take (not to mention how many “selfies” they take daily and post online) Personally I love taking pictures but for the memories. I like printing them and making scrapbooks I can later look at in the future and reminisce. Now days it seems like the only thing the youth is worried about is letting everyone else know what their doing or should I say what bathroom they’re in.

  2. Youth today seem to be obsessed with showing others what they are doing. They will take picture of whatever they are doing and post them on whatever kinds of social media. Sometimes they even cannot eat without taking picture of the food. Why? I do not understand their behaviors.

  3. I couldn’t agree more! This generation is so caught up with all this social media like Facebook, Twitter, and especially Instagram. People in our generation care too much about how they look or how many likes they get in a picture instead of just enjoying life without always posting it on social media.

  4. This is so accurate. Today so many people are more worried about what picture they are going to post on Instagram rather than just enjoying life.

  5. It’s sad, but true. There are some postings I see that am really interested to see what’s going on in people’s loves because it’s so much more intersting. But then there are others who I don’t care to see.

  6. I understand the need to take photos at big life events, but taking photos everywhere you go seems pointless. There are times when I am experiencing a funny event and i think to myself, should i video tape this to show everybody. But then i realize that if i did it would take away from my experience.

  7. There’s a silly saying now a days, “You weren’t really there if you didn’t take a picture.” We live in a generation where capturing a moment with our cameras is more important than actually living that moment.

  8. I feel the millennium generation is now a tech savvy generation. Almost every teen uses social media, and most have cell phones and iPods. So it is not an exaggeration to say that we are costly using our cell phones, uploading pictures and using social media. There is a new social media app called SnapChat and ally ou basically do is send photos to you friends and short videos.

  9. My generation is defenitly into selfies, i noticed that taking pictures isnt what it used to be. Before taking a picture was to have a memorie of a person or of an experience. Now people take selfies to post on websites. It is definitly healthy in moderation, but some people are taking it to the next level.

  10. I agree it seems like the younger generation are taking more selfies. I think the new generation of People simply just craves attention. A new trend some of us will simply never understand.

  11. It’s funny to say but yes the youth takes pictures a lot more than before, but I would blame technology for this. Technology has made the new generation who they are today. If prior generations were to have the same things we have today they wouldn’t be criticizing us as much as they do, but they do not know what it was to be completely surrounded by these items. It is normal for our generation versus other generations that simply did not have these tools.

  12. This just shows how self absorbed young people are. The imortant things mean nothing to the mass of the new generation.

  13. This is definately what our youth is and its oly going to become worst. One would think that because we have so much tecnologhy then we would be abl to innovate our world even more but instead, we have been severily handicapped. Evryone has mad my generation out to have Adhd, when we really don’t. All we need is to get out there and do things that dosen’t in clude sitting down on our butts all day watching tv. The reason this generation is so messed up is because no one wants to hurt our feelings. They give us trophys just for particapating and not being the best. They honor us for our mediocreness and not our skills.

  14. If you look up what a meme is; its a “cultural characteristic passed down generations.” So this is not just our generation that has down these “outrageous” and “weird”. Every generation has had a culture clash against the generation before them. So I find it understandable that the older generations might react in a negative way about these so called “memes”. But this is a pretty hilarious meme to be honest.

  15. I don’t see how th is is relevant to how kids act nowadays. It’s fine to be a bit narcissistic every once in a while, we all do it. I’d be more concerned on how obtaining technology, like a smart phone or tablet at a young age stunts a child’s social development

  16. i dont see nothing wrong with this instead they should focus on how we are becoming less educated instead of worrying about people taking selfies.

  17. Katarina Ponomaroff

    Does anyone stop to think that perhaps it is not the youth’s fault for the way we do things? Technology has definitely sky rocketed compared to thirty years ago and every day new apps are being created as well as new websites to post pictures of our lives. If technology was this advanced back in the day, the same outcome would happen. The rise of technology is the main source for why the youth find it necessary to take a picture in the bathroom mirror, the world has created a system through technology that can not be ignored because we all have smart phones. Yet another one of todays greatest inventions in technology.

  18. Okay, whatever! I am a firm believer in the selfie. People can say all they want that young adults are self-centered all they way but those people are probably well adjusted. I come across many people (and I am including myself in this) that have very low self-esteem. Selfies help them realize that, hey, maybe they’re pretty okay. Why does it bother people so much that people take selfies? Mind your own business.

  19. Christopher Rodriguez

    Today’s youth is very self-centered. There are so many important events going on around them but the only thing they care about is looking good and being popular.

  20. This picture shows what America’s youth thinks about the world around them. They are care free and only worried about themselves.

  21. The youth today are more into theirself rather than what’s going on around them. They should be more concerned with life rather that what they look like and what everyone else thinks.

  22. This is so true, I never thought photos of a person taken by that same person ever come out as great photos. It is necessary though if you want a photo and no one else is around to take it for you, in that instance I find it appropriate.

  23. selfie nation.
    its all about selfies.
    if anyone from our generation were to go missing we’d have thousands of photos to choose from thats for sure.

  24. Youth today i feel like they are way more into themselves and social networking rather then what is important.

  25. It is a completely different day and age that we live in today. From “selfies” to “twerking” the constant need for attention being sought out by people would not be so disgusting, if the ways they attracted the attention were not so vulgar. My parents make the comparison between when they grew up to now, and it makes me wonder what will change in the years to come.

  26. I understand that social networking has destroyed a lot of good things and ways we think about certain things as well as the value of being in a beautiful place but preferring to take a picture of it so people from their social networks know what they’re doing. I for one enjoy taking pictures because I would like to remember the memory, what I don’t like is people taking pictures of themselves or of things and trying to put up a certain image, when they aren’t that person at all. I honestly don’t find a girl taking so many pictures of herself wrong, out of all of the destructive, toxic, and dangerous things that we could be doing, taking as many pictures of ourselves is the least of our problems. A picture of oneself can be a way of feeling a little bit more confident in ourselves and it if it makes oneself feel better about themselves so be it. It really just depends on the person and who they are, not judging a book by its cover.

  27. The age of Facebook and Instagram etc….I as a parent am constantly reminding my daughter to be very careful and mindful of what she posts to these sites!

  28. I’m pretty sure the ‘selfie’ ruined our generation. Everywhere we go we have to take videos or pictures of what we’re doing. We’re living our lives behind a glass screen instead of looking at what’s really happening. It’s like Louis CK says, “Guys I promise, the resolution of what’s going on directly in front of you is one thousand times better than that crappy little photo you just took on your phone.”

  29. I’m pretty sure if he could’ve taken 37 pictures of him on the moon, he would have haha.

  30. This photo just made my day. I found this to be extremely hilarious !

  31. The idea of social networking and being able to be someone else within the computure screen has destroyed people of this generation. When someone is so consumed in “ideas” of how people should be and who they want to impress they lose who they really are

  32. This is exactly what our young people have become. we have lost the value of what is important and focus on our own importance.

  33. This is so funny. The humor comes from the reality of this situation. Teenagers don’t really focus on the world around them because technology has pretty much overtaken the world. I’m guilty of this as well but I intend to stop. This still makes me laugh, though.

  34. Hahaha this so hilarious! I think its so funny how people can take a bunch of pictures of themselves. I think those people either have to much confidence in themselves or they have nothing else to do.

  35. This is true people take pictures of every minute of their life practically. the food their about to eat, the places they go, the clothes their going to wear, etc.

  36. This picture if funny and is a great example of how the overall media has changed. 40 years ago NASA, one of the smartest administrations on earth took a trip all the way to the moon and took only 5 pictures. Today we have teenage girls taking virtually unlimited pictures right in their school bathrooms.

  37. I literally laughed out loud when I saw this picture. Technology has made it so you can know what everyone is doing whenever you want. I feel as if there is no such thing as privacy when you have social networks.

  38. This is so funny but it is completely true. But it’s not just girls who do it dudes do it to! Taking that many picture is irrelevant but if that’s what someone wants to do let them; they’re only wasting their own time.

  39. Technology has involved and it changed the way the generation today funtions. Why is it that the generation today loves to takes picutures everywhere they go? Why aren’t they doing they homework or reading a book?

  40. This is true youth takes the time to capture unnecessary moment when they dont even pay attention to what really matters.

  41. This is so true. Our society has turned into this and everyone just cares about themselves. They also share information through pictures that should really just be kept to themselves. It is scary how much social networking has impacted everyone. Unfortunately today’s youth feels like they have to always post something for the rest of the world to see and feel they wont be noticed otherwise

  42. This is so funny, how many people go to the bathroom and take pictures of one’s self just because? The guy who goes to space and actually accomplished something only takes 5! What has social media done to the world!

  43. It is true this is what our generation is coming to. That is why my children will not own a cellphone or any sort of technology until they can pay for it themselves. They will not live through technology.

  44. This photoset made me laugh, but it is true. This is what our society has turned into because everyone cares about themselves and can be very vain. Not to say that it is bad to take selfies, but that is what people like to do because people like technology a whole lot.

  45. This video is really true! I can honestly say I have taken random bathroom pics. But everyone has done it before, but isnt a good thing to do, is constantly take pictures of yourself. Its a sad thing to admit that our generation is becoming of it.

  46. This is why i was so reluctant to make an Instagram or Twitter. I get tired of seeing nonsensical things like the bathroom picture above. At the same time to some individuals these sites may strengthen friendship based on common interests.

  47. This is so true!!! I always see girls taking random pictures of themselves every 5 seconds and being conceited with everything when there more important things going on in the world. So many people share information through pictures that should really be kept to themselves. And some take too many pictures and like to blow up people’s feeds with pictures of themselves.

  48. It pretty bad to see how much social media has a hold on our lives. So many people are caught up in the different networks that they would be lost without those networks. Yes networks have an up side to them with getting in contact with different people and making connections, but the downside is one that many people freak out if someone writes about them in their status.

  49. We are living in the social media now, it has it’s good points as well as it’s bad ones. I agree that no one really cares about pics taken in the bathroom but with all of the technology available today we see many pictures and videos from camera phones that make a difference like in the Boston Marathon bombing. It was thanks to cell phone pictures that they got a few leads on the suspects.

  50. Its scary how much social networking has impacted lives. I would understand that maybe if one day someone likes the way they look that they would post one picture, but a picture every five minutes is ridiculous. Something that bothers me even more though, is when someone posts what they are doing at every second. “Im about to eat.” No one cares.

  51. HAHA!! I love this post! Yes the youth of America has come to this, taking way too many pictures in the bathroom, but so to has adults. Look around outside and you might see just as many adults on their phones as teens. The fact is that America is becoming a mobil country. Everything is revolving around technology and we must keep up with the times.

  52. This picture is comedy because of how true this shows what our youth of today is like. The use of cell phones on social networks has allowed our youth to flaunt and display anything they want whenever they want to. I feel as though our generations to come will become worse then how the teens of today are if something cannot be done about the problems which have presented themselves.

  53. Yes, this is exactly what the youth of today have become. Youths are putting more effort in social media than into their education. Its like their whole life is on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. To me this a negative influence on their lives, nothing positive comes out of social media sites.

  54. That is the very reason I do not have any social media pages in my life. I’d rather not see a thousand pictures of you in your bathroom or what you’re about to eat. These websites only cause annoyance or drama and I like to stay away from both. At times I’m sad to be apart of my own generation.

  55. Social media has definitely taken a turn for the worse. I swear nowadays Facebook and other social media sites are just used to post “selfies” and to inform everyone what they are doing every second of the day.

  56. That would be social media for you.Younger generations are practicing this and yes it shows nothing of honor. Let the time pass, and all we caould do is try to teach the younger generations the path less followed instead of the path to the bathroom.

  57. Honestly, girls who take pictures like that are pathetic. Nobody in their right mind needs to take “selfies” each and every day.

  58. I think this picture explains more than just taking pictures of yourself daily. We need to start exploring what is really out there and not focus so much on the media and social sites! I don’t get how a person can enjoy an activity if all they are doing is going on these social sites not looking at their own surroundings!

  59. I just liked this picture on instagram not too long ago. I understand posting updates on social media for family, if it is how you communicate, but a “selfie” a day is ridiculous. Especially girls. Pipe down with the selfies.

  60. Oh goodness, I have seen this picture before. I am all for people taking pictures but in the bathroom almost everytime is ridiculous. Some people need to show some imagination and diversity. Go take a picture outside or something. No one wants to see where you take a dump.

  61. Yes this is what is becoming of our youth. Look at me I just checked in at Starbucks haha!

  62. This is the same narcissism that the movie Generation Zero depicts of the youth in the sixties, the hippie era left us with. We’re a bunch of spoiled kids who take the economy for granted! We are not all coming from the high class, yet look at the nails, the name brand purse, the clothes, and the phone. We have become a materialistic generation; having the nicest of everything will allow us to be accepted by others, and these nice material things will make us who we are. No! It is who we are inside and what we choose to do in life that makes us who we are. It is the people we choose to surround ourselves with that makes us who we are. Grow up America!!

  63. When I first got my facebook in high school when it was the “cool” thing to do, I posted daily, hourly, or by the minute. Now, I think I’ve posted about once every few weeks or so, maybe. People don’t need to know when you’re in the bathroom or opening up a new bottle of soda.

  64. It is crazy I see these people posting pictures of them selves on a daily basis. I update my picture on my social media accounts but not nearly as often as other people that I am friends with on these sites.

  65. Oh man. So many girls on facebook feel the need to make duckface pictures of themselves in the bathroom mirror. It is beyong me why they do these things… I like facebook though. It’s a good way to connect with others, but people do weird things on it.

  66. Sadly, yes it has. Unfortunately today’s youth feels like they have to always post something for the rest of the world to see and feel they wont be noticed otherwise. “Look, Im in the bathroom”… good for you, now no one cares. This post really made me laugh though.

  67. ha, no duck face? the youth tries to capture moments in a picture to later post on a social media web site but end up missing that moment in the process of capturing that moment, it doesn’t make sense to me.

  68. Yes and I think all this shows is how consumed in looks my youthful generation has become. We have all of these media outlets like Facebook and instagram and a lot of people seem to think it’s an opportunity to have a personal photoshoot instead of share ideas and enhance communication. The only thing that is communicated to me about a person with a bunch of pictures of themselves is that they are too self absorbed and are in definite need of human contact. These are also the kinds of people that ,at first glance, do not seem loyal because they are so concerned about themselves that I can’t easily trust them.

  69. Youths today, take pictures of everything. They are so open and careless with sharing information, but personal information. I am a little guilty of this trend, I like to share photos of things that interest me and catch my eye. But there are some youths who abuse and post inappropiate images.

  70. Yes our youth has become robots that have to report everything they do and what they eat. I am not a Facebook or tweeter person. I think it creates drama with people you don’t want to talk to. Why should I show everyone my conversations with the rest of the people. If I want to talk to someone, I can just text them or give them a call. No one wants to know what someone else does the entire day. It looks ridiculous.

  71. Yes it is! It is sad to see that the upcoming generations are less educated. Everything now seems to be about one’s status or rebellion.

  72. It is so weird how the youth today take a picture and comment about everything they do. Then they put it up on Facebook for others to see. Why would someone else care if a person goes to the bathroom and takes a picture of them self?

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