Representative Wants to Stop Funding IPCC



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  1. Nathalie S Gallardo

    All the money that goes to funding organizations such as this could be put to much better use such as getting a better education system or helping the economy get better. It is such a waste of money to be giving it to them.

  2. I don’t think that this should be that serious of an issue. There are bigger problems the US needs to worry about, such as getting rid of that ridiculous debt. Instead, they should be monitored more closely.

  3. I don’t think funding should be completely cut off, but instead monitored more closely. If the funding is not be used effectively there are plenty other important things the money could be used for.

  4. The IPCC is not one of the US’s top priority. We should not completely get rid of funding in my opinion but it should probably be cut.

  5. I believe that The United States should change its priorities and get out of debt, and educate the population on many other issues like healthcare for example. We should still contribute the funding for IPCC, but spend less and try to involve other nations to contribute and help out the U.N..

  6. I think the IPCC should be the last on the government’s “to do list”. There are many other issues at hand that deserve more attention, like the health, vet and unemployment networks. I think that weather is constantly changing and unpredictable so why do we need all the extra funding that is created by nature? Nature is mysterious so why try to monitor and control something we do not fully grasp. We are not capable of understanding everything there possibly is.

  7. Miranda B. Barragan

    I do think that our country attempts to take on problems that are unnecessary to our survival. It is good our America to give money to the IPCC. We have so many more problems in the United States. Also, we are very far in debt. I think we need to worry about problems that we have here in this country before giving money to other countries or putting it towards the environment.

  8. I’m all for the continued advancement for keeping the world abreast of climate change. I still believe we should provide funding from this, however we should foot the entire bill. this is something that should be shared by all countries. Maybe lowering the amount that we contribute can appease the U.S tax payers and still keep strong ties with the U.N.

  9. William J. Gonzales

    I feel that we should stop funding the IPCC because i think we are wasting money on something we can stop. I mean the polar ice caps are not going to stop melting! its nature! we cannot control the climate. If anything, we need to stop spending money on resources that aren’t providing solutions to problems. we need to focus on bigger subjects than “global warming”

  10. It may be a good idea to stop the funding for the IPCC, but it is good to inform the people on climate change, but not tell them it is a matter of life or death. I believe the IPCC is doing this for economic reason and just want some money.

  11. i dont think the government should stop funding the ipcc completely because it is something that is a good cause. however this is a world wide country so other countries should contribute also.

  12. The money that keeps being wasted in this country. It’s annoying. Using our tax money to continue spreading lies about global warming is so irritating. Glad people started to realize we need to start spending what little money is available on stupid things.

  13. I feel like the money is not being used wisely or more is just being spent then thought about and given to those who don’t really need it and is just being waisted. Ippc is good but do we really need to.

  14. Katarina Ponomaroff

    It is nice of our country to help fund the IPCC, however we are already in great debt we need to focus on the growth and success of our country rather than wastefully using our money. There are so many more severe issues in our country that should be looked at before funding the IPCC.

  15. I think that it is important for the US to support some but maybe they can cut down the budget. I’m sure there are also other countries contributing since it is the UN. I think that people still need to be aware and conscious of clean energy and what’s being done. After all the environment is all countries issues.

  16. Brianna V. Gonzalez

    I believe it’s good that the US is trying to help other countries, however, they should help them with things that are necessary. We are already in extreme debt, we can’t afford to spend money wastefully.

  17. I get that the U.S. is trying to help these other countries and are doing good things for others but our country is in such debt, we need to help this country first before any other country. The government should stop wasting money and put it to good use.

  18. Elise G. Richardson

    I don’t think government should stop funding the IPCC completely , but instead put money towards something more significant and of a greater cause. If the IPCC was no longer funded the world could be in the dark about extreme climate changes.

  19. The Goberment should stop using and wasting our tax money on climate change. Our national debt is growing immensely and it’s going to keep growing if we keep spending it on things we don’t need.

  20. I believe that our government should take care of our country first before they try and help the world. Don’t get me wrong they have good intentions but, my dad always told me “You cant help anyone else before you help yourself”.

  21. I feel like many who have commented on this are quite wrong. Do not forget it was the US who first wanted there to be a United Nations. Also this clip tells how much our country is spending but what about all of the other countries, what about what they have spent. Providing funding for such projects is important because it allows for all countries to become wiser about what is happening to our country.

  22. There is always someone trying to pick your pocket for your small change, but have you stop to think, if a million people just sent $1.00 that would be what? A million dollar is somebody else pocket. STOP and think.

  23. I believe that the government should spend our money more efficiently than wastefully.

  24. Something that is natural to human beings is to spend money stupidly! Most people just get over whelmed that they have enough money to spend, because they are getting more. It is like a cycle, but they do not think about the future. Then what happens if you don’t have enough money in the future? You are screwed. Meaning that the government is screwing us over as a whole.

  25. I understand it is an important concept to study the risks of the climate changes but it is also important to take care of our country first and the needs of the people as well as not raise our national debt even more.

  26. It is ridicules to frivolously spend money like this when we are so upside down with our own National Debt! We don’t even have an agreed upon budget but yet there is still the ability to send funds to the UN for these types of “studies!”

  27. the government should spend our money more efficiently

  28. We are always funding people for no reason. And the people who actually need the money for important things never seem to get any of it. I think that in order to get money from tax payers people should have background checks so they knows where the money is actually going.

  29. Eventually, the government will collapse, funding this and funding that, instead of cut this and cut that, so our deficit will be reduced not increased.

  30. Stop funding people for no reason sounds like a great idea.

  31. This sounds about right. This is good the government should stop spending money stupidly and actually pay attention to the real issues going on in this country.

  32. Good, stop funding something that’s obtaining money for one thing then turning around and using it for another. These greedy individuals in power who obtain money then turn right around and use for something else is pissing me off and it’s happening way to damn much!

  33. If the money is not being used for what the cause is in the first place than they should stop funding its unecessary.

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