A Picture is worth 1000 Words



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  1. Just one picture can covey many feelings and thoughts. This one in particular conveys confusion insecurity in the people with power. The Indians were told that they were going to be protected by the government only if they gave up. So, they did and we all know what happen to them.

  2. This picture is a reminder of what indians really had to go through and are still struggling to this day. They were never treated equally , and where never helped by the government.

  3. Christopher Rodriguez

    Perfect picture. You can’t trust the government, we shouldn’t allow them to take our rights.

  4. Samantha R. Cimilluca

    When the Indians listened to the government, they were not taken care of in any way. They were lied to, and we are lied to by the government every day.
    This picture made me think about gun control, and if we put down our guns like they want us to, will we be protected?

  5. Im pretty sure the government couldnt protect all of us even if they tried.

  6. Revolving around gun control, this picture is probably worth more than 1,000 words. If we turn in our weapons, it is unlikely that the government will just take care of us as the picture states. The Indians represent a group of people that were told this much before, but were stripped from their rights.

  7. This picture is so great! When I think of Native American’s I always think of peaceful people. The fact that it said ” the govement will take care of you” says something.

  8. Sad to know that the Indians really thought they were going to be taken care of by the government. They did like they were told and still waiting to be taken care of, but it is as they just gave up their freedom at someone else’s word.

  9. This is a horrible picture. To see this, and then know what was done to the Indians. They listened, and look what happened to them. That is awful, they could not do anything about it. The government did not take care of them what so ever, and the government could not be trusted, not then and not really now.

  10. Sad but true that is basically what they are saying by trying to abolish the 2nd Amendment. All this controversy over gun control is insane. Guns don’t kill, people do!

  11. This picture is sad because, the government is convincing the Indians to turn in their weapons and they will protect them, when in actuality they slaughtered them and nearly whipped out there people.

  12. This picture is sad. The Indians were not protected. If guns are being banned because of their placement into the wrong hands, then they need to be extremely secure with guns. What makes them (the government) think that criminals won’t find a way to get guns like they do drugs and other illegal things?

  13. The government did the opposite to the indians. This picture is comical because it is showing us why we should not lets the government take our guns and shows why the fifth ammendment is established.

  14. This picture is very powerful. First of all, this is unconstitutional and it violates our second amendment rights. Second, Obama’s reasoning for banning guns is that guns are getting into the wrong hands. But if guns are band, criminals will still get guns illegally and law abiding citizens will have no way to protect themselves.

  15. This picture gave me the feeling of false promises. You can see the Indians here defending their land and then the government comes in, tells them it will be all right and that they’ll take care of them, and then kick them to the curb. The government will get you to believe absolutely anything. They get you on their side then they rip the carpet from under you.

  16. It is our constitutional right to bear arms. Nothing and no one should be able to change this. This picture is just a reflection of how the government can make false promises to get people or a nation to comply with what they want, not what is in the best interest of the nation. This also just shows how we as a people have to step up and not be run over by the “man.”

  17. Indians are still waiting for the help they wee suppose to get. They were promised to get help and protection. They turned in their weapons for nothing. What about our rights to bear arms? Are we going to turn in our weapons as well?

  18. When I first saw this picture I thought I was looking at a ad issued by the government from the past. I do believe that everyone has the right to own guns but I also think they should do a better job at getting the guns away from people that are breaking the law. Guns don’t kill people. People kill people.

  19. When the government says they are going to take care of you, that is just their way of getting you to do what they want because you believe them. The government made the Indians believe that they were going to take care of them if they surrendered their weapons. It’s been awhile since then and the government still hasn’t taken care of them.

  20. This picture is the exact definition of history repeating itself. The government promised to take care of the indians and it did not happen. Now Obama is passing the new law for citizens having a handicap of no weapons allowed with the promise that we are being taken care of. I’m calling B.S. on that one.

  21. This is why I believe in the 2nd amendment. Once you forfeit your ability to resist then you’ll be at the mercy of your enemy. In this case that enemy is the U.S. government itself. It’s naive to think that the government is a benevolent institution, so it is necessary for its citizens to be armed to protect themselves from the beast they feed.

  22. The government used violence to force the Indians out of their land, and then want them to turn in their weapons. If they weren’t protected before, why would they be after?

  23. If you know what happened between the Indians and the government asking them to turn in their weapons makes this propoganda false. The picture is indeed a thousands words because this reminds us of how they did not keep through with what they compromised.

  24. This picture is worth a 1000 words. For instance, the government promised the indians that if they turned over their weapons they would be protected from harsh punishment. Instead this propoganda was quite the opposite. Many indians were forced to stand down and others who didn’t comply were killed for it. This propoganda honestlt did not serve its true purpose to the indians surrender.

  25. This picture represents how the indians were asked to hand over their weapons and they would be protected. Instead their weapons were taken and are still not getting the protection they were promised. They were not helped and were being killed.

  26. This picture has great meaning behind it. When we told the indians to hand over their weapons we promised to help and protect them, but we did the opposite and instead let them die. The same thing is going on in our country today our right to bear arms is slowly diminishing just like the indians back then. I hope our government doesn’t do the same thing to us, but it’s happened before there is no reason that it can’t happen again.

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