Immigration Bill Goes to the Senate for a Vote This Week sends out its recommendation in a piece of art:

4 responses to “Immigration Bill Goes to the Senate for a Vote This Week

  1. The immigration bill/reform is not going to make much of a difference. I do not agree with it. I think we could make a better one. When we talk about immigration it is not only about Mexico but all other countries.

  2. I hate to talk about immigration because most individuals are not well informed to speak out on what they have been told to be true… cough cough
    When one hears immigration, they automatically think mexico, well guess what! Asians have surpassed Mexicans in terms of migrating from their home country. We share a border with Mexico, stop being ignorant of course your going to see Mexicans crossing back and forth as Americans do on a daily basis. I dislike when individuals bring up the cartel problems, its simple… America holds the biggest demand for marijuana Stop demanding the growing and smuggling of marijuana and the cartels will disappear, your vice fuels this violence south of the border and pretty soon it will start to spill into the united states, so next time your smoking weed think about all the blood that has been spilled for your high! Taxes taxes taxes, everybody pays them, when you buy gas, you pay taxes, when you buy groceries, you pay taxes, taxes are paid whether or not you hold legal status, stop being so ignorant, you are not allowed to collect welfare without a social security number….. these immigrants who are such a burden on society should just get up and leave one day, then you will realize exactly what these people do, and I know personally this new age of instant gratification individuals who grew up with a silver spoon so far up your ass that even waking up at noon to cut your lawn seems like a task to hard to complete. Visit your local small business and look who’s ringing you up, any type of small business, I guarantee you it will be some sort of an immigrant, why are there less and less American owned businesses? Americans are becoming lazy! they grew into a place where they didn’t have to fight for the top, you were all born into it, in better terms for any of you to understand, your loosing your hustle! Instead of working to build your future you spend as much time at the beach. speaking of trap holes! immigrants have been bait and switched since the rebuilding days of America, and it still goes on now. “Come pick my strawberries and oranges and work construction on my building and roads but once you break your back doing what the American people deem too hard to do and the work is done im going to need you to go back home…and forget about any relationships and di root anything you planted while here” immigration is a huge issue that needs to be dealt with but it needs to be dealt with in a comprehensive way, this country was built on immigration, its at the heart of the fabric to which this country stands for.

  3. I believe this immigration bill will not help the United States. The economy is down the toilet and families across the U.S are jobless. I doubt the farmers are going to pay more money to the immigrants. So in reality what is the benefit in the end it’s going to be more taxation on the people. The country should not be spending money that I does not have. After all isn’t this country in debt to china.? All this bill will be broken promises and wasting money!

  4. I went to the website, due to the fact either it was a picture or total link isn’t working. Although I saw a picture effectively saying that the immigration bill will do nothing but further increase our taxes and give incentive to people who illegally crossed our border to stay indefinitely, which will only cause further economic situation. When it comes to the border, I don’t think we can capably lock it up so no one can get by, people will find a way. We can always toss them back, but they will just come over again, arresting them and keeping them in prisons just increases our taxes because we have to pay for them, and shooting them seems way to exetreme, I don’t think a lot of people would be okay with that. I think, we should really just take out all the cartels in mexico and take over mexico. “screw it, you’re all Americans and you’re all paying taxes now god damnit. So many of you wanted to be in America and be ‘Americans’ here you go!” but that doesn’t help anything because they don’t have any money or jobs either, that would just give them fucking government benefits and increase our taxes. It’s like a damned trap hole, it’s impossible to deal with because in the end, we just end up paying for the ass holes.

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