Do Immigrants Shape a Country?

I attached an image to this e-mail that is relevant in today’s time. This cartoon illustrates the point of immigrants reshaping the very foundation of countries they settle in. I’ve been observing this effect take place in Sweden and other European countries. As you may not know, Sweden has accepted many refugees and immigrants from the war-torn Middle East. Gradually, the Swedes themselves will not be able to keep pace with the birthrates that the immigrants enjoy, then they will be drowned in an entirely different culture. Trying to skirt around the issue is not an option, because this issue is the epitome of nonpolitical correctness. Now that this has been brought up, the question is if it’s considered to be acceptable. Is it acceptable for a country to lose their culture because of immigration? Is it okay for citizens of a country to become the minority? Why should this be allowed to take place? As much as I’d like to offer equal opportunity to any and everyone, I am not willing to lose my country over it.



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  1. Christopher Rodriguez

    What is so wrong with sharing cultures and cohabiting with each other? There’s no need for one culture to be lost because of immigration, you can preserve it if you care for it.

  2. This cartoon is nothing short of pure genius. Anyone that condones excessive immigration should see this. With that said, this is a country of immigrants. No where else in the world is there such diversity than there is here in the United States. There is no one true identity for American citizens, other than the combination of all of those cultures that we mix and blend together.

  3. Wow, well I have to say that people who come from different backgrounds,religions, and cultures to a new country makes no difference. I say that the people are the ones to make those changes. Like, for those people who have lived in that country for a while and see other immigrants should have no affect. People live their own lifes and should not change because of others who come out of state! Besides, there will always be a greater or lesser amount of cultures. Look around the world, there are differnt people but if they moved to another country it should not have that much effect because that person was still counted in that majority or minority. Besides, we should let people live their lifes and not worry if they change or not. It is really non of our business.

  4. To completely take over a culture and impose different religions and values i think is a little much. When immigration occurs there will be changes within the society, and some things will be adopted and some won’t. But like Stefany said if a group looses their sense of culture it is because they allowed it to happen. They forgot who they were and gave in and conformed to those around them.

    • In all honesty I do not feel comfortable discussing this topic, I do not know enough about the political implications for and against immigration into the US ad how it might play out culturally. But I will state that I do think people who are not educated in the field of political science and who do not have the time and means to read up fully of these topics to often talk about these topics like they know them. The word socialism and communism is thrown around way too much, people truly don’t know what those words really mean. I think the politically educated should be sought out and listened to.

  5. I do not neccesarly think that you lose your culture by allowing immigrants into your country. In my opinion, when other cultures intermix with another, they do not over power one another. If a person loses their sense of culture, it is because they allowed it to happen to themselves and no one is to blame. “Majority” and “Minority” should not matter if you hold your beliefs true to yourself.

  6. I agree with Floricel and George. Those of you who look at some of the presidents between Monroe and Lincoln, not too many stick up for a moral position,especially Van Buren. John Quincy Adams was one president who was not only against slavery of any kind, he was a marvelous thinker and writer. Every student can get extra credit for watching the film “Amistad” and writing 500 words about your opinion of the film.

  7. Unfortunatly, Yes.

  8. It’s quite the controversy honestly. Without looking at the political cartoon I would have said different. But it opened my eyes. Of course it is not fair to lose their culture in the country to other immigrants, but to instead adapt with their ways since they were here first. But what America did was completely the opposite, although the Native Americans do have reservations and their own piece of land it is not the same and they’re restricted. Us Americans, or our founding fathers put them there. It is wrong to do so.. Yet we did. I do not believe citizens of a country to become the minority, if anything I would rather it be a mixture of both. A compromise between the two issues.

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