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sudi self driving car

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  1. A car that drives itself says it all, it’s very cool it might only drive 22 mph but at least it will get you from point A to point B without you having to drive . But I’m pretty sure upgrades will be made later in time so the car could go faster .

  2. The new Google car will be the first car allowed on the streets the drives its self. Sadly it can only go a max…22 Mph but its still a leap forward. However, these new ford cars looking very cool but I don’t i want to spend the extra money.

  3. It’s crazy how technology is taking over almost every aspect of our lives, everything we do is technologically based. And now cars that can drive themselves, this is the stuff you see in science fiction movies and today it is becoming a reality.

  4. At the rate technology is going pretty soon humans will not be doing as much. People will become to lazy to do anything. But in a way I think cars driving on their own is a good idea, if the cars are working off of sensors it can maybe prevent many car accidents.

  5. The technology that is coming out is more innovative than ever and people will see how far technology can actually go. There can be a downside to that people will say that it makes us lazy, but there is choice to be lazy or not.

  6. I like this technology because it can provide a lot of positive benefits. For example, It can help out the elderly reach their car faster and be an example for new drivers. For those who believe that this will only make us lazier, I disagree because it is up to us whether we choose to be lazy or not. Going by that logic, spoons must make people fat and guns kill people.

  7. I really like the idea of this car, but it makes us look so lazy! Really we can’t drive our own cars or walk to them? The idea of it is good for safety reasons of walking to your car late, but other than that i dont feel like it is necessary. Pretty soon we are all going to end up over weight and so caught up in the media and new technology like on Wall-E

  8. This is crazy!! I really like the idea of it for the mall, Disneyland, or anywhere where you have to park far. Especially if it is night time and you don’t want to walk to your car, it will make its way to you. They would really have to test everything out very well to prevent anything from going wrong.

  9. This would be a cool car to own. I am so bad at parking, that this car would be perfect for me!

  10. I honestly wouldn’t trust the car myself. Like what if something goes wrong since the technology is so new and then the car crashes and then there goes all the money you spent on the nice car on damages. Technology is getting more and more complicated as the years go on. Soon enough we won’t even have to drive the car anymore and just tell it where to go.

  11. This invention is really cool. It can help people that have difficulty driving. I personally would never rely on a machine to drive me around town. It is probably safer that you drive your own car. Also we live in American and a lot of Americans are already lazy and this would not help this problem.

  12. I thought it was sketchy to be able to turn on our vehicle without being inside but this is absolutely crazy! I’m not quite sure what I think about this new technology and cars driving/parking themselves. It looked legit in the video so I guess we will all just have to wait and see where the heck technology takes us.

  13. I cannot entrust my life to a machine. There are too many variables to consider on the road that only a human mind can comprehend the possible dangers. However, the parking feature is very nice.

  14. This is totally cool! It is amazing to see how greatly technology progresses. It is kind of scary though in a sense on all that technology can do, and how much it will progress in the future. I don’t really see the harm in pilot parking, but anything beyond that I wouldn’t trust it.

  15. It’s amazing what our technology has come to, but also scary to put your life in the hands of a machine. We rely so much on technology to get us through the day.

  16. This car actually sounds really cool. I know a lot of people who really are not all that good at parking and this could help them a lot. This may also even help with car crashes. I personaly would not let a machine drive for me on the freeway or high way or even streets for that matter but this does seem like a really cool invention.

  17. Cars that drive themselves don’t actually benefit their owners. If we start making cars that drive themselves, what would we be teaching future generations? Instead of having to obtain a drivers license, people will only have to study an instruction manual on how to operate their self driving car. I dont believe these types of cars are beneficial to society because I think learning how to drive a car and learning the rules of the road promotes awareness in young adults t who are new drivers. Not only that but if these cars are used mainly for parking, the obesity rate will never decrease because people wont have to walk to and from their cars anymore. It’s a shame, it just seems the human race is getting lazier and lazier!

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