Humans Need Not Apply

Another interesting video from Zach!

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  1. Technology can be a great tool and it can be a handicap as well. I feel that at some point there needs to be a compromise between full automation through use of machines and actual human beings producing. The unfortunate truth however usually dictates the cheapest solution. This tends to have a negative impact on society. If you look at Detroit the first few generation of cars were made primarily by hand then as time progressed the use of more and more machines allowed for faster production at a lower operating costs. This lead to more layoffs and began the slope.

  2. Its scary to think what might happen in the future with robotics and technology. Like in the movie “I, Robot”, the robots eventually get smarter and start to think for themselves. They might end up taking over the world. Although technology is very convenient, I do like to do things myself, mostly.

  3. This is a very true yet scary thing. Just like that movie “I Robot” where these robots were workers and assistants to their humans. The humans have become completely dependent on the robots. And these robots in this video are being trained to learn for themselves; its scary to think what might they do in the future. They would basically take over the world. I like the simple technology, like Kurigs.

  4. This video from Zach is so honestly true. In so many ways…. And yes I have an interesting comment. My person opinion is, human are letting technology take over. I watched the first part of the video about agriculture, would you believe there is less pollutants, when actual humans use their hands to farm land. And as far as robots and computers, there okay, and I’m saying this because I’m typing on a computer, and my clothes get ordered with this machine. But what happens when it dies, are precious land will be littered with this computer, my phone, my fax machine etc. Humans, can we find another way. Or, are we doomed to be buried with this machine and other electronics. Hands, let us think about them, hands do not cause pollution if they are used for what they are meant for. Zach, this video is something everyone should see. Thanks

  5. I am actually very anti-technology. I do think it is amazing that we can make these great devices that make life easier but do we really need it? One thing that did catch my attention was the professional bots. You can actually see that one going into affect. Many people today do not go to the doctor when they feel ill, they tend to just Google their symptoms and find a cure for it themselves. Technology is nice and it is amazing what the world has done, but we do not want to depend on it. We do not want to end up like the people in the film “Idiocracy.”

  6. These advanced technology cause huge unemployment, what are these people going to do when they do not have stable incomes, especially for these people who are in the manufacture industries? As not everyone can deserve well welfare from government, it would become a social issue.

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