About This Site

This is a WordPress website.  WordPress is normally used as a web log (blog) rather than as a website.  This is some kind of hybrid.  Blogs use posts.  Websites use pages. This site uses both.  Blogrolls are normally organized in descending order according to date.  The newest posts are always on top.  Blog posts are also organized according to categories.

Web pages are completely different from blog posts in that they don’t roll down below newer pages like blog posts do.  They are static.  They need another page to link to them in order for them to be seen.

In WordPress, pages don’t have categories; they have parents and children.  Consider, for example, if you click “Civics” on the main menu.  “Civics” is a page that has no parent.    That’s why it appears on the main menu.  “The Federalist Papers” is also a page.  “The Federalist Papers” is a child page of “Civics.”  For that reason, it appears under “Civics” on the menu.  Sub pages tend to appear under their parent’s page on the menu.  Blog posts will not appear as a sub menu item.  We have placed links to them on pages.  If you want to read Federalist #10, click on The Federalist Pages sub-menu item under Civics and select it.  If you want to find “A Modest Proposal,” don’t look for a sub-menu item under English 1A.  It is a post.  It won’t be on any sub-menu.  It has a link to it on the English/English 1A page.

We do not use a “blogroll.”  In order to have better control over how the posts appear, we specifically link to posts where we want them to appear.

This page will evolve over time as needed.  This is my first draft.  I hope it helps you.  If you have other questions that need to be addressed, leave me a comment at the end this page.  I will then modify this page to answer your question(s).


Richard Hollenbeck