Hope and the Change

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  1. If people would just be patience and believe in the man they voted for he will bring forward in what he told this country he promised. Have hope and the change will come.

  2. This video is absolutely on point. All of those who voted for Obama the first time around were fooled by his speeches given saying he ws going to change. And of course fooled people again in the 2nd election because they don’t know the truth. He has never cared for change. America isn’t going forward, we’re going barackwards.

  3. The blame game will always be played, and now that we are so severely in debt Obama gets all the crap for it. I do not think he fooled us all, but what is he suppose to do come in and rescue us all from every issue America is having? He just got reelected for another term, so he must have done something right, or “he fooled us all” again? really come on people.. Do not preach all this crap about how terrible Obama when he was just reelected.

  4. Its nice to agree with someone that feeds you things you want to hear. On top of that, the person is a different ethnicity. I personally don’t know why that could possibly change anything but history. But soon the person realizes that its all talk and no play. There is no magical number of time for someone to fix an issue. When you work on a solution or follow through on a promise that was made to America; then the people could see actual change!

  5. I know that obama did not do everything he promised to. He tried to bring up this country but the economic was really bad. I also think that he did a lot in this four years to bring up the economic.

  6. Sadly I know that even with four year you will not be able to obtain any economic results because of the great amount of dept that our country is in. I do also agree that he is not even a great president but there is nothing we can in such a short amount of time.

  7. I feel that Obama is getting a very bad reputation for not being able to fix years worth of problems caused by the previous administration. I know he had good ideas and wanted great things for this country and I also know he met a road block at every turn in his efforts to do his job. How can you expect a man to clean up 8 years worth of problems in 4 years with little help from congress?

    I believe he was and is a good choice, It’s too bad that due to our situation we are all playing the blame game instead of working together and supporting his better ideals. I don’t feel fooled I feel like we still have hope but we need to stand behind whoever is president.

  8. This is very sad to hear that story I understand how people felt about Obama because of his speech that hope this will be change. Therefore, they were very disappointed all hope and change wasn’t making successful. There are downhill and everything is losing: unemployed, foreclose, job cut, education cut. I doubt that people don’t want to get worse in other 4 year problem.

  9. I think people voted for Obama because he was different, or so he sounded different. He was all hope. He did not make any differences. That is why people are confused and say they won’t take another four years. His time is over.

  10. I dont know why people look up to this man. He has screwed up our lives when he said he would make it better. He is raising yaxes and now he is going against the constitution with obama care. He should no longer be president because of it.

  11. I don’t think we could go through another four years of this. We have already seemed to go so far downhill that if we voted him into office again, I don’t know what will become of us.

  12. This video reminds me of the debt generation video. Sometimes when you feel as if you made the right decision, you later realize it was the wrong one. Like in this situation. Obama was not able to completely follow through on his promise that he made four years ago, but sometimes it is easier said than done. I just hope that who ever gets elected into office this year can kept their word.

  13. Im with everyone in this video that Obam has not changed anything and that he has wasted his time as president.

  14. Since in 2008, All over the Nation of United States have been vote for Obama. Because the people have been watched awhile he was great in the speaker. For the president was in the 2009 of four years of terms as a promise to hope for the change and help in the America. A lot people would believe that he will be more focus to spend time for try to solution. As to take care of extreme debts, unemployment people, who graduated college people can’t find a job for them to be a career and many more issue of this matter problems. I felt that Obama’s did not promise to help America to solution. “He is fooled on us.” My perspective, we not need to go through another for these 4 years for him to as run again a president. It showed us proof that as he is failures. Obama might not be realizing that all over the United States’ people are sad to see tremendous hope and for the change it, as a president will lose for other 4 years terms. He wanted to doing again for a president, I don’t think so it is will not same as again before supposed to be his promises for help America. He should have been to used his time for the wisely.

  15. This is true. I believed Obama would actually make a difference but was let down when I saw we were only getting in a bigger mess. I believe he should of spent his time more wisely. Like the people said he was a great speaker but actions speak louder than words.

  16. Its sad to see people have immense hope for a president and to lose it all while he’s in office. Then again he didn’t keep up to his promises and help America.

  17. Its true how some of the democratic voters said “he’s a very good speaker”, and “he fooled us all”. in my opinion we do not need to go through another four years like this. i do,also, believe that he didn’t use his time wisely.

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