Hillary for President?

Thanks to the student who sent this controversial video. I remember when these events occurred and they are now relevant again.

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  1. I would vote for Hilary Clinton. Not because she is a woman, but maybe just maybe somethings can get done in the white house. If Hillary is elected as the President of the US, and things get done, she would no only make history, but she would make since of all the issues that are going on.

  2. Hillary has tried to run for president ever since her husband joined office so it’s no question that she is going to run again. I just hope people don’t vote for her just because she is a woman and now that we’ve had our first black president, and therefore believe they should vote Hillary into office. People should read their facts on Hillary and realize she should not be in office.

  3. I actually hope that hilary clinton actually does run for president, i have always like the kind of person she is. Although she is a politician, she seems to belief to do what is best for the country instead of just money.

  4. Of course media is going to be on their back after the American president had an affair. I can really see Hilary Clinton running for president but I don’t think she will win the democratic vote.

  5. Hilary Clinton running for president the next election seems very possible. I’m just hoping the next president will be able to fix up some of the issues America is facing today.

  6. I think its pretty clear Hillary does appear intend to run in this next up coming election. Since Obama cannot run for three plus terms unlike Franklin Roosevelt. Hillary would have a great oppertunity at winning the Democrat nominee in this next presidential election.

  7. Tjis report is not slander. Hilary and Bill were able to get a Federal Judge to agree that the film Hilary should be banned and the case worked its way to the Supreme Court–the Supreme Court agreed that “Citizens United” told the truth and allowed the movie “Hilary” to be shown. If she runs for President, it will be released. Many people have copies of this film and all the facts and Hilary’s distortions will come out. Don’t take my word for the validity of this report, investigate the facts for yourself. Bill Clinton lost his law license and had to pay Paula Jones hundreds of thousands of dollars for slandering her and can never appear as an attorney before the Supreme Court because he perjured himself in the Jones case–no right wing conspiracy.

  8. Even though slander has been around since man could talk, it has become so commonplace. The internet has expanded social medias ability to put out derogatory statements that criminalizes people thoughts and beliefs to the point that it is border lining infringing on rights of freedom of speech of whom the statements are being made about. All though there maybe some truths to those statements, but many of them are overly inflated and causes great damages to careers.

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