Here Kitty Kitty . . .

Subject: Please be a nice kitty.
Right place at the right time, he just wanted to look around and needed to get higher.


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  1. So, I’m a big fan of wild cats however, I’m not crazy enough to go near one. I happy they are i got a chance to enjoy a really great video. I’ve always admired people who could do something so for a lack of a better word, idiotic.

  2. omg i would have been scared for my life!but yet this is pretty cool and very smart kitty.

  3. This video is not popping up when I try to view it. I would like to see this video based on all the comments, maybe next time.

  4. Last year i went to Mexico and got to hold a lion cub. Super scary to be close to an adult sized one!

  5. This was such a cute video I love cats so it made me laugh.

  6. The video isn’t showing up for me 🙁 I was really interested too after reading all the comments. Darn it!

  7. It is always terrifying to vbe placed in situations that may result in death. It is intriguing for me to see humans being presented in dangerous positions because of animals. There is life out there that is more powerful then ours naturally and that should be respected.

  8. This video won’t show up for me. It just say something in French. I really want to watch this to, I love cats. Just my luck.

  9. It’s really crazy how the cheetah isn’t attacking the people. I would love to get that close to a cheetah and take pictures with it. Those tourists were really lucky to have experienced that kind of moment with a wild animal.

  10. I like cats. This video is amazing I would never do this though. I would be too scared to get that close to a cheetah!
    (sorry posted before i finished)

  11. If i were in that truck with those people, I would have been freaking out. The cheetah was beautiful from my computer screen! Yeah I guess its cool to be that close to wild life, but I don’t think its worth it.

  12. This is so incredibly neat! Though I know if I would have been in that vehicle I would have been so terrified. The gentlemen in the front had a lot of guts to be taking pictures of the cheetah so up close and personal. I loved when the cheetah was laying down, it totally seemed as if she was posing for the camera.

  13. That was so cool! I was not expecting the cat to jump onto the car. He just wanted to catch a ride with the people, all that running wore him out. Those must have been some incredible pictures that guy was taking.

  14. I would have been so thrilled to be that close to wildlife! What they experienced was truly a one in a lifetime experience.

  15. That’s great I wish that was me with a Cheetah There so beautiful I can’t believe it was just sitting on top of the tour truck. Talk about world wonders, they are lucky it did not ponce on them!

  16. This was so awesome! I am so glad I saw this video because so much joy came to my eyes! I am such a fan of cats, and to see this wow! It’s like the cheetah was trying to pose for everyone. I really hope someday I go on an adventure like this because this to me is so amazing. The relief of sigh they all do after the cheetah jumps of is hilarious!

  17. This is a really awesome video. If i would of had been there i would been so scare that the cheetah could have done something to be. It is so fuuny that he went up the car and sat there so that everyone could of had taken a better look or picture. It really surprise me that the cheetah was so comfortable to be around people.

  18. This is such a cute video!! I was smiling the whole time.

  19. That cat is an absolute thug!!! It clearly just wanted to get some higher ground to see better. That cat is pretty and it knows it. This is proof that cats are way too smart for human comprehension. I just wish that it could talk so we could know what it was thinking when it was up there.

  20. I wonder why none of these people thought it was smart to slowly back up from this wild animal. It is funny that this cheetah just wanted a higher place to observe from, we assume that these wild animals are always trying to attack.

    • It is incredible that this wild animal was just as curious about the human race as the humans on the tour were about the Cheetah. The cat just wanted to get a higher viewpoint to relax. Most of them assumed that the Cheetah may have the intentions to attack but they were amazed when she did not. I am so jealous of their experience to get to be up so close to see such a beautiful creature.

  21. This man remains so calm throughout the entire clip. I would be screaming with fear and excitement. This is incredible. What a gorgeous kitty!

  22. Wow this must have been a crazy experience for these tourists. I would have been freaked out if there would of been a cheetah that close to me. When the cheetah jumped onto the truck I thought it was going to do something to the passengers but it didn’t. It was sure funny to see the cheetah relaxing on top of the truck.

  23. It must of been very scary for the people that were in that little bus. I can imagine everyone staying still with no sudden movements. That cheetah left those tourist with great pictures and an incredible experience. It was funny when the cheetah laid down and was about to ride the bus. When the cheetah jumped off, you can hear the relief of the passengers.

  24. This would be an amazing experience! Obviously it would be really scary at the same time but, who can say they stared into the eyes of an untamed Cheetah?

  25. This was an awesome video! i would have been so scared. When the cheetah jumped on the car everyone was so freaked out. The cheetah gave them plenty of time to take very nice pictures. When the cheetah laid down on the car i thought that was the funniest thing. The fact that the cheetah was that comfortable with them just amazed me.

  26. This was a funny video video because the cheetah figured since the tourist wanted to take pictures, the cheetah was going to pose at the camera for a long time and give them something to look at. I could tell that the tourist edited to make it look shorter because the cheetah was there for a long time. First, he was on all his four legs then he had lain down to pose for the camera. Just like the the last pose because he poked
    his but out to give them something to shoot. Great footage.

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