Helpful Suggestion from a Student

A student suggested a free anti-virus.  Here is the message:

Here is the link to the website for the download of the software called

Avast! Antivirus:  .

Of course, it doesn’t have everything a paid anti-virus would have, but it is the best free one I have had! I never had a problem with it and it shows an icon on your computer that alerts you when you have entered a sight or when it detects malware or spyware. It also protects against malware and spyware. It saved me several times and is very reliable and easy to use.  ..The Android version can be found in the Google App Store on their phone.  I hope this is helpful!

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  1. Wow!!! Thank you for passing on this information. Another tool to use to protect us is always appreciated. thankfully our internet provider offers us a free antivirus program as a customer, however, its only good for three devices. this will come in handy

  2. oh I have a virus on my old laptop that doesn’t really work anymore because of the virus. Maybe this will help my situation and I can have better use for that laptop! This is really helpful Thank you!

  3. Nice. I always get some kind of viruses on my computer because of certain sites, which then makes my computer act slow. I will definitely try this out, especially since it is free.

  4. This is pretty neat! It is always nice to find something useful for free. I will have to download this and give it a try. It’s always good to be safe, because no one wants people getting a hold of their information.

  5. I just downloaded this app right now! This information should be spread to everyone that has a smartphone! If you dont have any protection hackers will get you and steal all sorts of your information.

  6. So glad I heard about this because I have an android as well and I definitely do not want my personal information to be hacked and my identity to be stolen, I am downloading this app as soon as possible!

  7. I just download avast! for my MacBook and it is wonderful. It has a cool statue bar in the corner of my Internet page to tell me if the sit has been rated safe or not. I was looking into it and they also make an app for the iPhone. Even though apple should be trust, you can never be too safe so I might just have to download the app too. Thanks for sharing.

    This is a link to a wiki page with a list of a bunch of antivirus, and whether or not you have to pay, and a ton more options.

  9. Microsoft has a free security system as well. The Microsoft security has worked well for my family. Quick scans can be performed daily or as often as needed. Long scans take approximately 5-6 hours. I have been performing long scans monthly. I do not have the name of the security system. I believe it can be pulled up within a search engine Microsoft Security.

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