Shakespeare’s Hamlet by Thug Notes

6 responses to “Shakespeare’s Hamlet by Thug Notes

  1. As is known, Hamlet is a complex drama and contains many characters. Shakespeare makes all of them alive, which nevertherless makes the story complex. Thanks to Thug Notes uses a simple way to introduce the whole story of Hamlet’s life. This is the simplest introduction of Hamlet I have seen.

  2. This guy really knows how to put something as complex as Shakespeare into a simple version that is easy to understand.

  3. Too funny. I have never seen this! This really communicates something that alot of people couldnt really understand into simpler terms that they can understand. I would agree Hamlet is initally hard to understand for some but this makes it a lot less of a mess of words.

  4. I think by understanding the plot of Hamlet people will be able to know that it is a Shakespeare story. The love, heartbreak, and death all are signs of Hamlet. I can’t believe that multiple people died in this play.

  5. haha Thug Notes really puts Hamlet, a rather difficult play to understand into simpler version that many people could understand.

  6. This guy is just to much for me.

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