Guns: Virtual State of the Union 2013

This is one of the issues you may select for the midterm bluebook.  Watch now and be better informed on the issue.  You will notice the audience is made of Democrats, Republicans, Homeland Security head, etc.


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  1. Okay guns are very dangerous but they do not have the power to take lives because it’s the people that have to pull the trigger. Guns have the ability to make people feel safe. The person pointing it makes them seem dangerous. I’m saying they should not be banned because they provide safety when it’s most needed. People give them a bad name.

  2. I understand that weapons are dangerous from knife to guns, I get that I really do. But I will not agree with the idea that guns should be banned or taken away from the citizens of this state. I don’t like the idea that only the government and the bad people out there will have guns and for me to have nothing of that magnitude to defend myself. I understand that there has been numerous events were this right, to bare arms, had been taken out of proportion and people have done bad things but, that doesn’t represent the majority of people who live worried sick and know that this right is the only thing that protects them.

  3. This guy has some good points, but to be honest I am a little bit leary about him. Politicians are not exactly known for being honest and always giving out facts that true. This guy could be a highly skilled propagandists aiming to win people over to the side of the gun fanatics and the NRA and such. ..but he is good, I will give him that.

  4. It is crazy how knifes kill five times as much of individuals, but is broadcasted less by media. This obviously proves that even if guns were banned violence cannot. I don’t think fire arms are the issue, it is the indivduals who abuse these rights. We need to continue to value our consitution. This video contains great information, and can help one understand both sides of the issue.

  5. I believe people should have the right to own guns. It has always been a right of the people to own guns so why should it change!

  6. gun control violates are rights as Americans. Based on Violent tragedies gun control is felt to be a necessary decision, because it is felt that guns are promoting violent behavior. This is wrong the government cant punish all for the actions of a few.

  7. The first couple statements to this video say it all. People killing with knifes, their hands, and anything they can grab have a higher murder rate than those with guns. People should have the right to protect themselves and should not have to worry about braking the law. This is a serious situation that needs to be taken care of.

  8. The very first point about the human condition is absolutely perfect because the government always looks for something to blame. No government in the world can ban things like violence and insanity, the real killers, because it is a part of our nature as humans. So many people have died in communist and socialist countries that it is appalling that our government is even considering taking weapons away from Americans. It can not happen, and as long there are people willing to fight for their rights, it won’t.

  9. It’s crazy how he makes the reference that knives have killed 5x more people than rifles combined and also hands and feet have killed 2x as many. Getting guns taken away from people is just another way that Obama is trying to control the people and get our country to go down the drain.

  10. Yes, yes, yes, now to get these common sense messages to drown out the nonsense that people spout out in popular media.

  11. Great Video! Very strong points he had backing his argument that gun control should not be allowed.

  12. I agree that guns can promote violence , but isn’t in the constitution the right to bare arms? Some people like the idea of having guns to feel safe. There is a lot of crazy people but it is of the choice on how to use a weapon.

  13. on one side of the argument, they are fighting for their right to protect themselves but in all reality if your being mugged all it takes is for you to pull your weapon out, nine times out of ten the criminal wants to score quick cash, he does not want to have to fight anybody and that other one time it just takes one bullet one shot, I don’t understand the need to arm yourself with an arsenal of semi automatic weapons in order to “protect” yourself. I don’t want to disarm the public but there has to be a safe guard implemented into the acquisition of weapons that could be used in mass killings. Another things that bothers me is the idea of placing weapons in our schools, why!? specially in our high schools, these kids are at the mercy of their hormones, why would we place a weapon at they’re reach.

  14. Gun control is a very hard subject. Yes, if we take guns away it may be safer but there are many restrictions on things and people still obtain them. For example, their is a law against under aged drinking. However people underaged still manage to get alcohol. If we select a numbered few to allow guns what’s to say that will stop people from get them illegally like alcohol. I believe you take something away then people just want it that much more.

  15. Awesome video he was spot on. The second Amendment is to protect the people from the people. We cannot pick and choose what we like or dislike about the Constitution. We must protect all of it. All of the Amendments working together have built this thriving Nation. To change any part of the Constitution now can result in epic failure.

  16. I wish we had a real president like this. I wish we had people who could realize the truth that removing weapons from an individual does not make them safer. “Weapons, even in the lowest case prevents crimes 100 times more then causes it.”
    There will always be a chance some random person will be a lone nut picking up a gun and firing into the crowd, but if that crowd is armed with guns as well, the jack ass might not think twice about pulling the trigger but I promise you he will only be able to pull it once.
    Near the end, bringing up the mass shootings of unarmed citizens of other countries. I full heartedly believe if we allow Congress to take away the right to defend ourselves, they would fire on us if we ever tried to stand up and revolt there after. I don’t understand how people can sit there and say “No they wouldn’t this is America, they’d never do that!” WHY? Tell me why they wouldn’t try to defend the power you allowed them to get into their hands for the “ideas” and “hopes” of safety while you were scared. America is a super power only for ONE reason, not manufacturing goods, not exporting goods because you need factories to make goods and we don’t have those, we are a super power only because of our Military is massive and our troops are heavily armed. Heavily armed masses of troops with the ability to claim “they were just following orders” is how these horrible mass killings of millions of unarmed citizens happen, and you think Congress WOULDN’T order a shooting of “terrorists” (because that’s what Congress would call anyone attempting to revolt because they’re rights have been stripped from them unconstitutionally) to maintain their “power” we allowed them to allocate over the many years of living in fear that other’s may arm us and we have no control over it. With a gun, you do have some control over it, especially if you’re alone!
    There is so much that was said in 7 minutes, all completely true. Remember, the Constitution was written to allow us to defend ourselves and our freedoms we so please, and if the Government tries to remove those freedoms, we SHOULD revolt, our constitution says if something is being done that is beyond unconstitutional we should start a revolution over it, just as we did when we were colonists living under a king.

  17. As a child I remember hearing “Guns don’t kill people, people kill people.” I never understood this quote till now. There are sick people in this world, there are illegal drugs and legal drugs being sol illegally on the streets, and there are people abusing these drugs. It seems the thought process of the United States is a bit off track. We want drugs off the streets, but we are handing drugs out to make people feel better. We need to start talking! Just like we tell our kids, “We need to use our words.” People are killing innocent people with weapons that were initially made for use in self-defense. It’s not the weapon, it is the people! America needs another revolution.

  18. This video is awesome. I am still not too sure of my position on this issue, but I definitely agree with when he said we should have “gun control instead of crime control.” In my opinion, gun control would in fact control crime in a way that only the people qualified to have guns would have them. I am a little confused with my views on the subject because I have heard some interesting arguments defending either side. I will have to think about this! The specific argument from this video that I found incredible is the young girl from UNR. It makes you think about the issue more thoroughly.

    • Katie’s discussion brings up some good points. The rules for all amendments are the same. An enormous portion of the people need to approve any changes to the constitution and this new gun control law does violate the constitution.

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