Governor “Moonbeam” on the California budget he vetoed

The following video was posted on YouTube with commentary from The Huffington Post.

Taxed enough yet? Jerry says, “No!”

34 responses to “Governor “Moonbeam” on the California budget he vetoed

  1. Our debt ceiling is constantly on the up-rise. While our jobs available have taken a decline. Finally when people do get jobs they now lose a nice portion of our checks due to taxes. Its an outrage to continually be taxed unfairly by the government . Our nation will continue to spiral downward and raising our taxes wont help us at all.

  2. I know we pay taxes to slove our money problems but we shouldnt be taxed more for something that we didnt cause its all the goverment.

  3. why would they raise the taxes when where already the country with the highest tax rates. I also feel that raising taxes to fund programs and new buildings is ridiculous for example the new gym on campus. the city of Riverside raised local property taxes in order to fund this gym i think that is horrible.

  4. Raising taxes on a state that already has one of the highest tax rates isn’t too bright. On top of that using the taxes to fund unreasonable programs is crossing the line.

  5. Jerry Brown is doing the wrong thing by trying to raise taxes in California. I personally take it as an insult to myself and the rest of the people in this state. I believe we pay enough taxes already, for the state to keep on spending it the wrong way. If they do raise taxes it is only going to cause more problems and the debt spending will remain the same if not continue to grow. This is nonsense.

  6. Everything adds up. Our spending habits, government’s financial awareness, and even our awareness. History repeats itself; we’ve seen recessions and depressions time and time again. It would be amazing to come up with certain policies that would help avoid these harsh times from reacurring.

  7. I am not sure which one the answer is, I can say that taxes irritate me but the usage of funding and what we spend our money on seems like a bigger issue.

  8. I don’t think that increasing taxes again to increase spending is going to help one bit. We should be paying off debt not adding to it. This is really a selfish move by the government. It’s a great way to tell citizens that they could care less about us and what we want.

  9. These battles seem to hurt everyone if nothing gets done. Chances are taxes will be getting raised but it probably won’t help out our economy.

  10. I dont understand how increasing taxes is going to help California out. It seems like they just want to keep taking money from us, thus making our living situation worse. I love California but honestly, how is someone going to be able to afford to live here?

  11. He has to cut taxes and balance the budget, the liberals will probably defeat him.

  12. Increasing taxes in California will not make our situation any better. California is a tough state to live in because of how expensive our homes are. If brown chooses to increase taxes it is only going to drive out citizens to move out of our state.

  13. California does not need more tax increases. This state is suffering mite so than other states. We should not have to bail out Sacramento because of their poor spending.

  14. If taxes are needed, so be it. But by the looks of our economy specifically in California, I do not agree on increasing Taxes. Maybe more re-alignment will do the job.

  15. Similar standpoint as everyone else. If tax increases are needed, so be it, just don’t waste the money, and spend it on unnecessary things.

  16. Tax increases are definitely the last thing we need to see in this state. Especially because it means more government spending and less income from citizens.

  17. I agree with my classmates we need to focus and better the usage of funding. ^^ Rusk’s comment made me laugh, but very true.

  18. He says “we are not taxed enough,” It pains me to see my paycheck with at least $100 taken out of it depending how much I make in two weeks.

  19. Wow, Taxes are not the answer, redirection and better usage of funding is more needed

  20. Wow, Taxes are not the answer, redirection and better usage of funding is more needed

  21. I still dont know about this clown…Meg Whitman didnt seem like the best candidate either but we have what he voted for. I understand having to cut but there are some necessities…education being one. Why cut education funding? Education equals a degree which equals a job….makes sense to me…evidently they ( the government) dont get it!!

  22. These videos are always going have facts that try to worry citizens into believing their cause. They will say anything to get followers.

  23. Same old stuff, from this governor, he has to take more charge and lead by example start cutiing from with in his salary and his personel and then come to the californians with much different talk. All of it right now is all hog wash.

  24. I think people would be okay with higher taxes only if it provided for something productive rather than spending tax money on useless items.

  25. Sometimes its not what they tell us but it’s what they don’t tell us. I hate the feeling that i am getting lied to and that’s what i feel when hearing these guys.

  26. I think Americans are opposed to a tax increase because of all the wasetful spending that we have witnessed in the past; and all the wasteful spending we continue to see today.

  27. I don’t see why there should be an increse in taxes if its only to increase the spending. We should first be concerned with paying of the debt that we have to other countries.

  28. goverment spending is out of control, they need to realize there budget comes directly from my pocket, so the decisions they make and what they want to fund best make since for the good of califronia and not there own self interest.

  29. Wow what a good plan Jerry brown, but keeping it honest would have sounded more like this.
    “I am going to cut funding for colleges, raise taxes, cut social programs, close parks, and cut everything but the state government itself. If you want to trim the fat Jerry Brown start with your own plate.

  30. When people hear “tax increase,” they immediately reject it because it’s more money out of their pockets. However, don’t they see what it’s used for? On the other hand, the government makes bad decisions on what to use the money for, which is probably why people don’t want the tax increases. Where would all their money really go?

  31. Taxes are never a fun thing but they are used to fund many activites and programs. It is always fun to spend almost all your time working and see a large amount taken out by taxes. I think there should be more accountablity to the people as to how their money is being spent. I would have no problem it going towards schools or the funding of parks and other community areas. I would just like to for see how my tax money is really being spent instead of the excuse that they use.

  32. Its all about how you spend the money. If the government weren’t so greedy towards certain things we would be in a better shape. The capitalist mentality needs to change or tone down so others can benefit also or some other nation will take advantage of us in the future

  33. I don’t think it’s taxes that upset people but rather wasteful spending. So when you ask for more tax money to solve problems, people reject it because they have wittnessed the past.

  34. I think that taxes are a necessary evil in the state of California. I think that things such as cash aid, and food stamps should only be available to US citizens. Programs are giving illegal immigrants what we work so hard for. My parents immigrated from Holland and it was a 4 year process and had to have a sponsor. If they can do it the right way so can everyone else. Taxes are needed right now to fund the schools, but if my taxes are going to programs for illegals that makes me upset.

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