Government House Call

5 responses to “Government House Call

  1. This is horrible that a society can become overwhelmed by greed and in turn employ people that can carry out such atrocities to their fellow man. Its those in power right now that are setting up that type of future for those that arent seeing it coming.

  2. In honesty, I found this video a little interesting because America as a nation is in debt, along with the state of California. Eventually, if this generation does not pay it who will, the next generation. I think the government and voters need to consider the future finance and the government needs be more careful and consider how money is spent more seriously.

  3. Its truly unfortunate that a lot of the systems that are being put in place by the government are going to damage the next generation of tax payers the most. I see that its necessary as American citizens to pay our dues however it is extremely disheartening to never truly know when the government is going to put a ceiling on how much they want to take from all of the hard working, loyal contributors of society.

  4. This reminds me of the sequester that was such a big deal a few weeks back. We have all cut back and it’s time for the government to cut back as well.

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