“It’s got what plants crave.”

It’s got electrolytes.  Hopefully,  you saw the movie, Idiocracy, because if you haven’t, you may not got the  “in  the toilet” cure for America’s problem:

Write your favorite example ere of Idiocracy you’ve witnessed yourself in current culture.  We’d all like to know about your observations.

15 responses to ““It’s got what plants crave.”

  1. Haha this scene was comical. Plants crave electrolytes; do they even know what an electrolyte is?

  2. The ideas presented in this scene are the result of a society riddled with blatant consumerism. The president’s cabinet, the people most responsible for the well being of the country and its inhabitants, have been so influenced by large commercial business that they forgot the fundamental resources that people need to survive

  3. This scene was hilarious. It just goes to show how many people believe the rumors they hear without researching it.

  4. It just goes to show what might happen is the world keeps going down the path it’s going. If people don’t stop to think what the consequences will be for ignorance and stupidity the world will surely end up like the one in Idiocracy.

  5. The best example I can think of for Idiocracy in today’s society is how easily we buy into biased propaganda. Not even in a political nature, it is seen that we trust the name of a renown celebrity over that of a trained specialist or connoisseur. Purely based on the fact that “Oh, I know that guy”, we take to heart the words of a person who knows little to nothing about an idea because we are comfortable with the image that is feeding us that thought. About a month or so ago I heard news about a scandal where Dr. Oz, a nationally accepted specialist in giving health advice, informed his viewers of a “miracle product” that would have unbelievable benefits for its consumers. The issue of the case was that countless viewers bought into this advice and the company selling that product resulted in an explosive increase in demand immediately following that episode. We are individuals with properly working minds, so we should be actively thinking instead of conforming to a generalized mindset. If we continue to accept the things we’re told to be true without a second thought, we will eventually become the world of Idiocracy.

  6. These people represent what could happen if education is removed or not done right in this country.

  7. The only part from “Idiocracy” that grabbed my attention was when the main character Joe was taken by authorities to get a tattoo of a barcode. I have noticed that in todays society we are being treated like just a number. My experience in the military has definitely reinforced that thought.

  8. From the movie Idiocracy the scene that stood out to me the most was the hospital scene when the recepionist didnt understand what he was saying. He starts describing to her how he’s feeling. He begins with: my head hurts, he’s confused, his joints hurt, and so on. So when he is describing to her what he’s feeling she has all these pictures to choose from and doesn’t even need any thought process at all. And her nametag even talks for her! She doesn’t even need to say a word, but just stand there.

  9. This is a hilarious example of how we can be brainwashed by the Media! There have been so many health trends that have been carried out through television shows. From finding out that chocolate causes cancer and then later discovering that it doesn’t really cause cancer, to convincing the public that gluten free is the way to go even if you don’t have gluten sensitivity. I have become skeptical to most dietary trends because I have a feeling that it’s all about increasing profits through strategic marketing tactics. And boy, do they work!

  10. “It’s got what plants crave! Its got Electrolytes!” oh yea and I’m pretty sure the plants told you what they craved. i thought this scene in the movie was pretty hilarious because they (the White House Reps) couldn’t understand why Brawndo wasn’t any good for the plants. In fact, they just kept referencing the Brawndo slogan/quote. This also shows that they take any form of brand advertisement quote or slogan literally instead of doing some serious thinking; which i am afraid they are not able to do.

  11. The scene from “Idiocracy” that I love and know to be a real problem is the hospital scene. The doctors of today do not really know what is wrong with someone. When they can not figure out what is wrong they just give you a general diagnosis and send you on your way. It is sad to say sometimes it is easier for one to do their diagnosis. My father was sent home with just a “stomach flu” three times before he became paralyzed and then they actually treated him correctly.

  12. Great representation of how monkey see as monkey do in the “Idiocracy” society. No original thought and completely brainwashed with malarkey. Everyone thinks they know what they are talking about when in actuality they just repeat what the other said. I guess majority rules. It reminds me of an experiment in psychology about conforming. A couple people were part of an experiment to be with a group of other actors in on the experiment. They were asked a question and one by one they answered. Majority of the questions were simple but the actors purposely chose the wrong answers and of course the other two followed in the footsteps for fear of being different. “Idiocracy” was a funny but all too haunting film.

  13. “Idiocracy” occurs all throughout the world. One account of “Idiocracy” that I have encountered in my society is when somebody deliberately speeds up their car when a light signal turns orange. They are risking their life and possibly many more.

  14. The White House “Representatives” have used Brawndo for so long as a food source for plants, there first reaction is to question and deny the use of changing to water. Besides there obvious “idiocracy” they’re resistant to change, even if it might actually help the plants grow. We as humans and an society are usually also resistant to change. We like to stick with tradition and the same customs.

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