Gosnell Verdict: Guilty!!!!!!!


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  1. Only three out of four? Why he was not convicted on all of them? I do no believe the death penalty should be brought against him just because it cost way more to have him on death row then it dos to have him in person for life. He needs to rot in a cell for the rest of his life. I would be interested to find out if PA is a “save surrender state” because there is no reason to kill a baby like that especially if there is a safe place the baby can go with no questions asked.

  2. Good! I say we toss him in a hole, leave him there, we don’t need to pay for these individuals with our tax money! I’m amazed that he didn’t get the death penalty, then again that would probably waste more taxes in our ass backward country! Either way, main point, Good, Jail for life.

  3. I can’t believe how a man could do this and still live with himself. There is no excuse for what he did and he should get the worst. He really is guilty and knew exactly what he was doing. Being sent to prison is better for Gosnell then death penalty because he would suffer more than the death penalty.

  4. Of course he is guilty he knew exactly what he was doing. who does that and gets away with it I believe he should pay for his evil actions.

  5. His actions were just plain evil. There is no excuse for what he did and he should get the worst. I’m very glad he was found guilty, I’m just curious to see what is in store for him…

  6. I don’t understand how someone could ever do something horrific as this..just so disturbing. He deserves the maximum sentence. It’s just so saddening how this went on so long and unnoticed.

  7. Gosnell murder innocent people and babies and should have gotten the death penalty. I can’t believe a man could do this and still live with himself. At least he is in prison where he can’t hurt more people.

  8. Thank heaven!! I thought for sure there would be a liberal jury who would sympathize with this creep. But, this is indeed fantastic news that there was a sensible jury who felt justice should be served for the innocent lives that were taken by this monster. Yes, I believe he is a monster!

    • It is a relief that this man is convicted guilty . This makes me so upset 8 of his coworkers pleaded guilty but him . I think that people need to step away from the moral and social issues of abortion which is and forever has been controversial. They need to purely look at this as murder of a human. These baby’s were given birth too and then killed. This man deserved the death penalty according to todays system. I believe he should get the electric chair as cruel as that sounds this man does not deserve grace.

  9. So, what about the illegal abortions being performed? The courts should have matters covered in the case of Gosnell. We, as a populace, perhaps should focus on why this type of shit is allowed to happen. The health inspectors and anyone else who facilitated this behavior should be tried under the same penalties. Anyone who knew and did not a fucking thing should be tried. Fuck this asshole

  10. Good! Personally I believe he should be on death row for his awful crimes. If a person were to go into houses and kill babies the way he did there would be no question about the death penalty, but just because he was performing “abortions,” pro choice advocates would be upset about the death penalty because they are afraid that it gives pro life advocates too much power.

  11. Being sent to prison isn’t enough for Gosnell, he should defiantly get the death penalty for what he did. He stood trial for his crimes and justice has been served but personally there should be more than just being found guilty for the murders he committed.

  12. Justice was served to Gosnell for his crimes and for the lives of those babies. Killing is an ugly act that makes the world a darker place and this man created a cloud over the lives of far too many people. Those babies could have been future heroes and leaders of this nation but now , no one will ever know. His death should not come easy, he should pay for what he has done to those babies and I don’t think jail time will be enough of a punishment. I believe the punishment should fit the crime.

  13. Well of course, Dr. Gosnell is guilty! I’m not sure I would want to live in a world where this man was proved innocent! Haha

  14. This guy is sick, death penalty should be highly sough after. Beyond his horrible actions, which will be justified in this life time or the next, I don’t think he is the only guilty individual here, where was the health department? This makes me sick, I don’t know how baby’s in the fridge can go undetected for years. sad.

  15. Like the other posts here, I believe that Gosnell should be imprisoned forever, or just exterminate him for his crimes as a baby killer and unsanitary work environment. His decision to even continue doing his line of work after numerous times is horrific. He deserves nothing less but guilty.

  16. It does seem reasonable for him to get the death penality after all the horrific and awful things he did to people, it just disgusts me!

  17. I think that it is very sad for someone to this, especially him that he was supposed to be helping patients. I believe that doctor Gosnell should get the death sentence for these murders he commited.

  18. Don’t know what to say this is a disturbing case. Dr. Gosnell has committed murder and stood trial for it. Justice has been served.

  19. To me personally after seeing what he did to those babies I think that he should definitely get the death penalty. There should be no sympathy in the way the courts deal with this situation, he decided he would end babies lives illegaly. Therefore, he should have his life ended.

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