Go for Launch!

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  1. It still amazes me how people come up with this kind of genius technology. It really makes me wonder what kind of technology will we have in 100 years or 1000 years. Truly amazing.

  2. very please that I was able to see this video because it makes me appreciate technology a lot more. Its crazy to see all of this technology and how so many people are apart of it, its definitely a sight to see its just to bad I will never ride in one.

  3. Watching a time lapse is always fun for me, especially in things that take months or even years. It not only saves time but still give you a lot of information in this case how thing are done. It is very impressive to see how advance technology can go but to this day there are sill millions of things being explored.

  4. it is crazy to see how many people are involved in moving the shuttle. i always though it would be pretty cool to ride in one of these, however i will never see myself becoming an astronaut.

  5. It is pretty crazy to see all the people involved with every step of moving this space shuttle. Technology is getting better and more advanced every single day and it is interesting to grow up in these times.

  6. How awesome was this?
    Maybe one day we will all be flying spaceshifts ๐Ÿ™‚

  7. Wow it takes a lot of preparation and time just to get a space shuttle ready to launch. I would love to see one in real life and witness one take off, People who get to do this for a living must enjoy their job. I could imagine the people who get to travel in to space, that would be the greatest moment in life.

  8. Rosamaria Valdez-Lopez

    It is amazing how we have come so far from what we were before. It really shows our persistence in advancing and I would love to see one of the launch off in real life. It probably would not be likely that I would see one, but it would be phenomenal.

  9. That was a pretty cool video. It would really cool to see one of these giant monsters for myself.

  10. I actually got a chance to see the Endeavor Space Shuttle at the Science Center in Los Angeles, I feel like I can appreciate this video a lot more after actually seeing one of these things. They’re huge, absolutely breathtaking.

  11. Such an amazing video! I have seen many space craft preparation videos before and this one was really great. Loved all the camera angles, and then at the launching you here sound. If it took a whole day just to get the space craft mounted with the turbulence jets and the whole thing out to the launching site, then can you imagine how long it must of taken to just build the space craft it’s self!

  12. It crazy how much time and skill this takes to get everything just right!

  13. It’s crazy to see the things we’re capable of, creating a vehicle that can travel outside of our planet in a matter of seconds is really amazing.

  14. Pretty cool!! to see how they set up the space shuttle.

  15. I listened to some music while watching this that went perfectly with the video and made it even more amazing. I love time lapse videos like these. It must have taken a lot of effort to get all the shots.

  16. This video is so amazing. You can see all the different steps to get the shuttle lead into the launch pad also, a lot working to doing the attached the shuttle. There are so many countless hours spent in preparation of launch. The process is a amazing phenomenon to watch.

  17. The process that the shuttle goes through to get into launch position is quite unique. There are so many people involved in that sort of work. It must be expensive as hell for maintenance of the facilities and everything.

  18. The amount of engineers required to build this is mind boggling. I have friends who have visited the Kennedy Space Center and said they enjoyed the experiences and learning space travailing factoids. It saddens me to know their is a lack of funds for space travel in modern time. There are so many things that have not been observed in outer space and with technological advances we are gaining more knowledge about the universe we are apart of.

  19. I loved this video because it shows you how much we have grown with technology and the things we can do with it.

  20. This is a pretty neat video. The standard kid fantasy is to go to space one day so this video would appeal to most. I love the camera angles and the way the video is done. It shows it in fast forward but makes me realize how careful they are about getting that shuttle in the air.

  21. I think it is amazing to see how far technology has come. It is crazy to think how much work it takes to get a shuttle to launce. This is an amazing thing to watch.

  22. I enjoyed this video because it shows how far and advance technology has come.

  23. It’s amazing what people can achieve and how far we have come with technology.

  24. It is amazing how complex it is to do something like a space launch! In the movies we just see them push a button and it just happens but it is so much more than that.

  25. It is amazing how complex it is to do something like a space launch! In the movies we just see them push a button and it just happens but it is so much more than that.

  26. Wow there is so may steps for a lunch. It must be amazing to be part of that process. To be able to be in space must be incredible.

  27. What a cool but long process it takes to launch a space shuttle. You have got to have some brains to pull that off!

  28. It was pretty cool to watch the process in which the prepare to launch. It doesn’t seem easy.

  29. Technology at its finest

  30. This video made me feel as if I was actually in there, viewing this live, very amazing might I add. I am still waiting for flying cars…

  31. That was cool to watch the process. It takes a lot of people just to move it, set it up, build it. I’m sure they felt helpful and thankful to be part of the process.

  32. It is always neat to be able to see the process of something is able to work. It is crazy and amazes me on how far technology has come, and the things people are able to achieve. Overall, seeing how space shuttles are launched was quite interesting.

  33. this is cool video showing you what it takes to make a space shuttle ! from start to the end. how much work and detail goes into it .

  34. Wow! After I watched this video about the shuttleโ€™s building and bring them to the launch pad. What is so amazing to see all the different steps to get the shuttle lead into the launch pad also, a lot working to doing the attached the shuttle. My eyes are seen into the tunnels on the video and felt alike that I am very small a person into the huge the building and the shuttle hang in the air and pulled it up amazed! This is very high technology! It was very incredible to see all new things into the technology. I wonder what will be happen in the future change to new thing into the highest technology.

  35. My initial impression was that of amazement. Then I remembered that we don’t have a space program anymore, and that an American Icon has dissolved. NASA has turned over to private companies. While the rover is exciting, it remains to be seen whether this will actually be for the better.

  36. This is amazing seeing all the different steps to get the space shuttle on the external rockets. I did not realize all that work was required to attach the shuttle. I love the different camera angles as well. The camera angles that really stood out were the ones used on the crane portion of attaching the shuttle.

  37. It is just so amazing what humans are capable of doing nowadays and how quickly too. This video opens my eyes and really speaks to me that anything is possible in life we just have to work hard and we will get there eventually.

  38. Technology is what keeps our society complex. It’s what helps us advance. People who study or contribute to this in some way are truly the leaders of tomorrow.

  39. Technology will be ever changing and that is what is fascinating about it. The people who keep inventing and reinventing are like swimmers. Swimmers want to keep getting faster and bettering their time, Inventors and innovators keep wanting to come up with new technology, to be better than their last advancement. Progress is the future.

  40. I love watching time lapse things like this. It is truly incredible to see all of the advancements in technology is recent years. The people who make these advancements are so incredibly gifted and I am so grateful that they are doing this and not me ๐Ÿ™‚

  41. It’s amazing how far we’ve come with technology! It’s just gonna keep expanding more and more! That was a break though for NASA and they’ve done so many great things.

  42. look what happens when people work together. I think that the work and the brilliance that allows us to have these opportunities into space. I’ve always wanted to see this in person.

  43. It’s crazy to think that this much of mass weight is able to launch into the air. The process of conducting a rocket and making sure everything is productive is mind boggling. But hey, now a days anything is possible with the technology we have.

  44. Their is so much time needed forp projects like this. Everything has to be exact or else someone could get hurt. Its really interesting to see a quick video of how everything is done.

  45. That was pretty gnarly! I liked how for the whole video there was no sound until the end when it finally blasts off!

  46. A space launch is really cool and it takes a lot of time and effort to make sure that everything is perfect! Personally I would love to actually see on in person and hear just how loud and exciting it truly is.

  47. This is so cool. It’s amazing how these things can be built. The skills and thought that goes into it is incredible. I love to get a chance to ride one of those things.

  48. Its incredible how much time, effort and skill is put into something like this. I could not of done anything close to this.

  49. Just the sound of launching makes me so excited! I can’t even imagine how many people participated to make this. It is just amazing how much human being developed the technology and sciences. Dream can come true!

  50. Technology continues to advance and it advances so much and so quickly that its almost scary! My five year daughter talks about she has to check her email and know what a email is…

  51. is quite impressive how poeple are able to move so fast and create something like that with such grate care and detail.

  52. I think its amazing to see how much time it actually takes to launch a shuttle. There are so many countless hours spent in preparation of launch. The process is a amazing phenomenon to watch. I hope many can take the time out to see this video clip.

  53. Wow this was so awesome to watch. I never realized how they actually moved everything around and set all of this up. I couldn’t imagaine the years of planning and engineering that goes into space shuttles and their launches.

  54. Technology is insane! It makes me think about, what if people like Benjamin Franklin, and Thomas Edison didn’t exists!

  55. Technology is quickly becoming so advanced, this video just proves that. The sky is the limit to what we can do now.

  56. its cool to see the process of how the space shuttle launch

  57. It is amazing to see what we can accomplish when we work together. It is sad that the shuttle project has been decommisioned.

  58. Human kind really is capable of accomplishing some amazing things and this is just another example of that. We have done the impossible and have learned so much. it is really cool to be able to see the actual preparation it takes to launch a space shuttle and all the people involved

  59. It is truely amazing the advancement in technology we have experienced throughout a lifetime. The brain power, time and energy it takes to put something like this together is impectable. It just shows how dedicated and brillant Americans are. Good for them!

  60. It is amazing how much techonology has evolved during the years. What is more fascinationg is that human-beings are capable of this and much more. Technology is only going to expand more and more over the next years.

  61. I wonder how long this took without the time lapse.
    Time lapse videos are always enjoyable.

  62. The video summed up all the effort it took to get the shuttle to the point of take off in about three minutes, but I would imagine it must have taken so much longer in reality. Every detail needs to be spot on so there is no rush to do something.

  63. This was an amazing video that shows how far we have come along with technology. Incredible!

  64. Its amazing how all of that was put together. I always wondered how they got the space shuttle to the launch pad.

  65. It is incredible to see how every single little piece that goes into a space shuttle. If one piece goes wrong, the flight could be disastrous.

  66. Yeah I have watched time lapsed video on the moving of the shuttle launch pad. Its really slow, but its fascinating how great our engineers are at creating innovation. I got a question how much of tax payer money does NASA spend moving that launch tower into position?????

  67. do you know that the speed of the transporter that carries to shuttle out to the launch site moves at a speed measured in inches per hour.

  68. there seemed to be so many details associated with this. I kept thinking that the slightest mistake could have a huge impact. Either way it was interesting to see the people move by so fast.

  69. It’s amazing what the human spirt is capable of.

  70. The time a skill that it would take to make something like a space launch possible is hard to gather. I’ll stick with English thanks ๐Ÿ™‚

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