Global Warming: Fact or Fiction?

Examine the Facts and the Fiction….

16 responses to “Global Warming: Fact or Fiction?

  1. Sorry but this is video off topic. If you play both of the videos at the same time it seems like the world is coming to an end. Wait… maybe its not so off topic. The way these reports are blowing things out of proportion shows that the media is just trying to scare me. And its working.

  2. I believe that people in America need to pay more attention to their surroundings and realize the impact they make on the Earth. In saying this I don’t believe in global warming, but I do believe in climate change. The worlds climates are beginning to change.

  3. There is so much controversy around this topic, and there are so many arguments for whether global warming is real or fake. My personal opinion is that it really isn’t true, but i don’t think all the pollution we are creating is helping our environment one bit.

  4. I believe the people are the cause of global warming. With out us burning fossil fuels and trying to advance our society it wouldn’t be happening ..

  5. Some people just go way into the extreme about global warming. Yeah I believe it is happening to some obvious extent but nothing to get too hyped up about.

  6. I believe that people should stop arguing about global warming and instead should focus on the future and how we can improve it for future generations.

  7. Humans have only inhabited the world a fraction of its life, what makes us think we can save it from our selves. The world has its own methods to rid of the pesky pet that is the human race: earthquakes, tornados, and anything weather related, do you think all that happens by accident? Feeble minded by the idea that we are more than a mere spec of sand on a beach.

  8. There are reasons behind every legislature and taxes are behind global warning. Science has not been able to endorse Al Gore’s theory. I feel Gore needs to support industry interest outside the USA. By going green he can increase taxes and support his other interest; While lowering emissions.

  9. yeah I would say that global warming is not happening. Just like this guy said the media runs off fear and that comes from society.

  10. These videos are very interesting. But I would disagree with the following comments above. People are trying to preserve and protect nature, and its has been an ongoing debate for a long time. By preserving plant life, birds, bugs and other living organisms, it allows scientist and environmentalist a chance to protect the lands and natural water resources that all living organisms need in order to survive. Many people believe global warming is fake, but people aren’t making a good case for why its is fake, and there is not much evidence to support those claims.

  11. I believe we are making our world less inhabitable with our consumer society. It’s like society as a whole has an out of control addiction, but in the end we are going to be the ones most affected by our mass addiction. Like George Carlin said, the earth will just get rid of us if we get to be too much for it. I don’t think anyone can really say for sure what the consequences will be for our out of control fossil fuel dependence. Until we start seeing some real threats to our existence on earth, society isn’t going to stop doing what has been working so well for it for so long.

  12. I agree with what the lady said in the middle video! She said, “You’re comparing plants with people! You’d rather save the bugs, and lose the people.” So true! All of the people out there that believe in this are basically trying to save plants, bugs, and other things, and don’t necessarily bring the people into account.

  13. I think global warming is fiction. It’s a way rich people make the poor people save and be more cheap. Back in the days factories filled the air with pollution and you did not hear them complaining.

  14. global warming is all a scam we cant do anything to control the climate of the world so we should all just quit worrying about it.

  15. So many people believe in many different things on the cause of global warming. If people were talking about global cooling being the issue and now global warming, it’s like what do they want us to do about it?

  16. i do not believe that global warmimg is happening. i think that people are making this up to stop factorys from being built.

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