11-year-old girl goes on vacation alone

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  1. This sounds kind of crazy to me. The fact that the 11 year old is traveling all alone is pretty unsafe. But its even crazier that the parents are OK with it. How in the world is an 11 year old going to be able to know better and know how to protect herself? This is just bizarre. Even at my age 22, my parents worry when I take a trip. Now imagine I was trying to do so at 11 all alone, no way.

  2. Travelling is not exactly a difficult endeavor. This girl was merely allowed to have independence on where she wanted to go and what she wanted to do, but at the end of the day she always had someone staying with her. Judging from her editorials, it’s easy to draw the conclusion that even though she’s only 11, she still has the discipline (and presumably sense) to do this sort of thing on her own. It’s hard to be in danger in the middle of a crowded street.

  3. if the world was a better/safer place, it would be bad for an 11 year old to go out on his/her own. Yes, it would build up their confidence, but in today’s society, NO. HELL NO. it is a bad idea. Some random guy in a white van would kidnap those kids. or something worse!

  4. This eleven year old girl is extremely brave. I admire her for traveling by herself and making good decisions while she was alone. She was not staying with random people that she just meet or at hotels by herself. She was sight seeing and meeting up with family when she was done sight seeing. I really liked her philosophy of “sooner than later you have to stop traveling with your parents and I choose sooner”. I can see how this could be a confidence builder because it is a great accomplishment to travel by yourself and at such a young age. She deserves a round of applause.

  5. Well seeing as how I do not have children of my own I would imagine it could be very difficult to allow your daughter to go the bathroom in a restaurant alone. However, I feel that this is an amazing idea in the sense that it does allow for the child to control the decisions she makes and this in turn allows for more self confidence. Just think your 11 yr old daughter NOT looking up to the likes of Miley Cyrus or whatever other horrible prepubescent girl role models that are out right now.

  6. It is crazy to know that there are parents out there that were willing enough to let their 11 year old travel a whole summer alone. However I do not see much wrong with this. She was going from family member to family member sight seeing in a sense. To me what she did is the same as if a parent bought their child a plane, train, or bus ticket and sent their child off to go meet family at the other end of that ticket. Another reason why society finds this to be a huge deal is for the fact that it is a young girl and girls are more delicate and need to be more careufl. I honestly believe this topic would not get much media attention if it had been an eleven year old boy. If the child would have planned it all on her own and stayed at random places then there is a problem.

  7. This world we live in today is crazy. I am a very paranoid person I could never let my child who hadn’t even reached PUBERTY go out and travel alone. If my child wants to travel she’d have to go with me botttom line. No buts no cuts no coconuts.

  8. Of course it’s a great danger, but when you plan to trip, the parents know exactly where theya re going (planes, destitination, etc). They can keep an ear out, for the daughter would let me know where she is at all times. And sheis staying with family and not in a hotel. I would definately let my child travel if i knew what was going on at all times.

  9. As smart as this (child) is, this is a no-no. Just because an 11 year old knows how to get around, this does not mean they should be left unattended. Especially not for no Dang vacation. OMG, I could not imagine this for my son or daughter when they were small. As a parent, this is a no-no, no matter how smart an 11 year old is. Nope! Uugh, now what if something had happen to this child, you can undo a situation. Nope! Nope! Nope!

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