Girl Plays Piano With One Hand


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  1. This is amazing. Beautiful, just beautiful.

  2. she plays beautifully
    this is speaking to my heart right now
    just by hearing the tune i would never guess…
    this is truly inspirational
    i needed to see this
    thank you

  3. This video was truly inspiring for me. Although she was disadvantaged, she persisted in doing what she loves even though it must have been very difficult. It makes me happy to see someone who has the determination like her strive to be the best that she can be.

  4. This reminds me never to be grateful and thanks for my body. I really hope many people who see this video will be inspired wether they are disabled or not disabled to purse their goals with out giving up. It is awesome to see how this individual didn’t let anything stop her from her goal, and practice is defiantly important.

  5. This girl is an inspiration to all those with any type of disadvantage because she clearly demonstrates that nothing is impossible. She plays great with only one hand, which many people including myself don’t even know how to play the piano and she makes it look all so simple. Major props to this young lady.

  6. I like this video because it’s so inspirational. So many people want to give up on things because they are difficult. Then you have people like this young lady who has one hand and dosen’t allow there phsyical handicape to stop them. She definatly killed this solo.

  7. She is stupendous! people make excuses when they cannot do certain things, but this girl has a disability and does not use it as an excuse. Man all I have to say to her is keep it up.

  8. Katarina Ponomaroff

    This video is a video of inspiration. This girl proves that even those who have disabilities and disadvantages can still achieve their dreams. Overcoming life changing experiences can be difficult but it can also be done. She actually plays the piano very beautifully it makes me happy to see her succeed despite missing one hand. Never let anything get in the way of your dreams!

  9. A disability really cannot hold people back if they have the hard determination to succeed

  10. what an accomplishment! shes overcome a hug obstacle and is very talented to do this. a little determination can take you a long ways!

  11. Wow, I love that this video shows how people can overcome the obstacles they have in life. This girl has wonderful talent even though she has no fingers on a hand. Determination can get you many places in life.

  12. Very inspirational piece. Im amazed how she has overcome the odds and applied skills with one hand that ordinary people can’t do with both hands.

  13. WOW, words can’t describe this amazing talent this girl holds, to see someone play the piano and being disabled, yet she had determination and it wasn’t going to stop her from playing. It makes you realize that you can do all things if you put your mind set to it.

  14. Inspiring to see that one can do anything that one sets their mind to do, no matter the different kinds of difficulties one might face. That shows dedication.

  15. So inspiring to see how people faced with challenges can overcome them!

  16. Her talent and determination is incredible. Even though she has one hand, she overcomes that and does not give up. Truly inspirational.

  17. It’s amazing what you can do when you’re used to living a certain way with a certain disability. I’ve spent years trying to learn how to play various musical instruments, from the flute to the piano and the guitar, and I know how hard it can be for anyone to learn. I have insane respect for this girl.

  18. Great video she is amazing and very talented.

  19. As a fellow musician, I must say this is absolutely mind blowing. I grew up playing guitar, flute, drums, and piano. I don’t think I could play at all if I didn’t have a hand, I mean I rely so heavily on my fingers, I don’t think I could do it. It is remarkable that this girl can do this.

  20. This would be difficult for someone with two fully functional hands to play. It’s just astonishing how much people can accomplish and overcome when your whole heart is in it.

  21. I think she played amazing. She has determination even with her struggles.

  22. I love seeing people accomplish remarkable things through tough consequences and limitations! It gives me and I’m sure others hope that even when it’s hard, it doesn’t mean it’s impossible.

  23. The fact that this young aged girl is able to create such beautiful music despite her set backs is truly an inspiring thing to have watched. This video just goes to support the idea that you can always achieve your dreams if you are determined to do so.

  24. For a person to accomplish something that most people without such a life-altering disability can not accomplish is truly impressive. If i had not just seen it with my own eyes i would have never thought it possible, this girl is a great inspiration and serves as an example of how hard work can get you anywhere in life.

  25. This is so inspirational! it makes you not want to give up on your dreams no matter what the circumstance is. Be truly greatful for what you have.

  26. This is so inspiring! It just makes you realize you can do anything you want if you put your mind to it no matter what restrictions you have. This girl is truly amazing!

  27. WOW! This girl is the very definition of inspirational. If you close your eyes and listen you would never know that she was that talented with only one full hand. Its people like this that make me realize each and everyday how fortunate I am to be healthy and limitless. She has been able to take allow her struggles to only fuel her passion and it is truly remarkable to see her so content with her disability that she never lets it stand in the way of her goals. I aspire to be like her.

  28. This young lady is truely remarkable. She has a wonderful gift and it is nice to see that she doesn’t let the fact that she’s missing a hand hold her back. I’ve always wanted to learn how to play the piano but I always thought it would be to hard so she is a true inspiration for me because it goes to show that nothing should hold you back from your goals.

  29. Wow this inspiring to see a little girl who has a gift like this. This shows me that you can do anything if you put your mind to it. She has one had and with the other she somehow makes it function. She’s amazing; I hope she becomes famous because she is in inspirations to all people.

  30. Wow this inspiring to see a little girl who has a gift like this. This shows me that you can do anything if you put your mind to it. She has one had and with the other she somehow makes it function. She’s amazing, I hope she becomes famous because she is in inspirations to all people.

  31. This young lady is so graceful, even while playing the piano with her hand with no fingers. I find it difficult to play the piano with both hands, but her work is truly remarkable. The handicapped hand is obviously not an obstacle for her one bit and I hope she pursues a music career because that was incredible!

  32. This young lady is talented. Simply blessed from God. I wish that I could play like that. This video goes to show that individuals who are disabled theres not anything that can stand in their way,especially if one wants it badly.

  33. People who are given limitations adapt. This young woman is truly talented and is an inspiration to other individuals with disabilities.

  34. Its truly amazing what this girl can due even though she doesn’t have one hand. I play piano and its challenging sometimes and to see her do that with just one hand is really astonishing.

  35. She played absolutely beautiful music. It is insane to see how talented some people are. What is even more insane is to see how people can overcome the obstacles in their path. She probably inspires a lot of others that have disabilities.

    • Her piano playing is absolutely beautiful. It goes to show that anything can be done even through challenges . I have so much respect for her going and playing in front of so many people. That is true dedication to something.

  36. Just by listening to her play I would have never guessed she had one full hand. By her playing the piano she is letting others know that anything is possible. This is truly amazing.

  37. This girl is very talented and very strong willed. She did not let her disability overcome, but the other way around. She rose to take this opportunity and strive to overcome it.

  38. She has such amazing talent. I was very impressed. Watching someone overcome his or her disability and play beautiful music is so inspirational. She desires a golden piano for that one.

  39. So much talent! I have a hard time playing piano with two hands let alone one! Things like this are so inspiring. I have even seen guitar players with to hands playing with their feet.

  40. This video makes me smile. I love how people going after their dreams even if odds are against them.

  41. Wow her talent is amazing. I’m alwasy happy to see those with a disability go after what they love to do and not have any reason to quit doing so. She has such an awesome gift playing the piano and her music was beautiful.

  42. I was not expecting that. when i realized what she was doing it just became that more amazing. The music was beautiful though. She looked like she was very passionate about what she was doing and the face that she pursued that was great. A lot of people could not play that song with all of their fingers. She was AMAZING!

  43. Wow this video is really touching. This girl who doesn’t have fingers on one hand is still able to play the piano very well. She is very talented and she shows others that although she is missing fingers on one hand, she can still accomplish her dream.

  44. This young woman is remarkable. Her ability to play such a beautiful song on a piano that requires the use of both hands is way beyond anything that I have ever seen before. Her struggle made her whmo she is today, a wonderful musician.

  45. I love this video! Not to mention that the virtuosity is fantastic, but the fact that the girl has no fingers on one hand is remarkable. She kept to her dreams and proves anyone wrong that may have told her she could not play the piano.

  46. Goes to show you not all heroes wear a cape.

  47. This is another example as to why having a disability or facing an obstacle is no reason to quit. This girl overcame her disability and learned how to play the piano with out fingers on one of her hands. It is amazing and inspiring to watch this girl perform.

  48. It is incredible how people with disabilities are overcoming their obstacles. Just because they might look different does not mean they can’t do the same things we do. They sometimes can do more things than us or do things better than us. This girl is outstanding! She shows how determined she is to get to where she wants to get.

  49. The beauty and talent she shows is unexplainable in words since these words that I use do not measure up to her performance. To play with such grace and beauty is remarkable while her physiological deficiency is no barrier to her performance as she could easily overcome this with a gift that is extremely rare to a mass population.

  50. This girl is extremely gifted, even though she has no fingers on her right hand, she didn’t pout or cry about it, but she learned to stay strong and overcome any obstacle that stood in her way.

  51. Beautiful, this girl is very talented and gifted. Instead of being sad and thinking shes not like everybody else, she puts herself out there and does extraordinary things like these.

  52. How inspiring! It makes me think of a team we played against in volleyball. One of the girls only had one arm, but she did not let it stop her. She learned how to do everything that every other volleyball player was able to do, and she did it just as well. She did not let anything keep her from what she wanted.

  53. There are many with out limbs and can still manage to write run swim and do regular things like those who are bless with all 10 fingers and tows. So why do we complain when we say we cant do things? People like her inspire me and I check my self from time to time I have no excuse at all 🙂

  54. This video is so beautiful and inspirational. This woman is very awesome play piano with no finger. Seems she is not give up her life that could not do anything. However, it can! It example of disability can opportunity to do their desire

  55. She is definitely inspirational to people with disabilities and without. This comes to show that anything is truly possible.

  56. This video is so beautiful and inspirational. She played the piano so amazingly. This goes to show that with dedication, courage, and heart you can still accomplish what it is you want.

  57. This is so amazing, I really enjoy to watch videos like this one because I like seeing people who don’t have everything in life but yet never give up. It makes me appreciate everything that i was gifted with.

  58. Truely standing ovation worthy. It’s very inspiring to see disabled people do the unthinkable like play piano with one hand. It must have taken years to develop the skills she needed to play that wonderful piece.

  59. Wow! This lovely girl is amazing doing in the play piano with her one hand. She is very good not let anyone or stop her doing because of her one hand. She will be successfully in the future. We need more people disability able to do in this world. This is so inspirational to me and it will make proud of her mom with her vision on her. This is very preciously!

  60. This is so amazing and really inspiring. This shows that you can do anything your heart desires, no stopping you.

  61. This is so inspirational. It shows that no matter what if you put your heart to something it can be achieved.

  62. This girl is amazing. What she is doing is amazing. She is very talented and determined. She will not let anything stop her, not even a disability. We need more people that are as strong as her in this world.

  63. Such a beautiful song and remarkable how on could adapt to play the piano so beautifully with just one hand is amazing. This girl is very talented and has a great career ahead for her.

  64. wow, thats insprational if she can do that with one hand and i can’t with everything.

  65. Wow, this is another example that practice is key. To be able to do something so hard, like playing the piano, with only one hand is truly amazing.

  66. wow thats pretty awesome. and to think, i cant even play with two hands!

  67. Wow, speechless this just inspires me to take on challenges. Modivation is the key to this video, there will be difficult obstacles but I believe, since this girl did it, I can too.

  68. She is an amazing individual. She is able to play eloquently and swiftly, in spite of no having a hand. Her music playing is superb. I hope to work as hard as she has in whatever fancies me. Probably not with the piano though.

  69. This girl has turned a disadvantage into something that brings happiness and encouragement to others. Its fascinating what one is capable of.

  70. People like her are very inspiring to everyone out there. This is proof that with hard work, you can accomplish absolutely anything

  71. Remarkable, this young girl must of had to overcome many obstacles to be able to perform so well. Props to her.

  72. WOW , I took piano lessons as a child and struggled. She really shows that anybody can do anything if they set their minds to it and work hard. I am beyond impressed at her piano skills.

  73. dang that is amazing i would never think someone could play the piano that well with only one hand. I have tried to play the piano and i have two hands but it was way too complicated for me. This girl has to be very intelligent because she has to teach herself how to play the piano with only one fully functioning hand.

  74. It is amazing to see how much this girl can overcome with all of the challenges she has to face. The amount of dedication she must have put into this is probably more effort than most can imagine.

  75. Even though she only has one hand, it is amazing how she creates such beautifu music!! I’m amazed at her talent and how she doesn’t let one hand stop her from playing the piano.

  76. This is honestly an inspiration. Just because there is a disability does not mean you cannot persue in something. She obviously loves what she does and performs in passion where she does not let her hand hold her back. A perfectly able-bodied should not hold themselves and their capabilities back when they have no excuse to use.

  77. Wow, this is amazing it brings tears to my eyes. She obviously loves to play the piano and she didnt allow to he disability in her hand to stop her from playing. She is an amazing pianist and it will be interesting to see how long she continues to do it. Her story may be very inspirational to to young kids will similar disabilities.

  78. Crazy to see all this talent over the world and the dedication by people and kidsof such small ages to accept their disabilities and be able to do such amazing things. It makes you feel guilty to quit so easily on things because you feel like you are not able to do it.

  79. This young lady is an amazing inspiration to all people. She chooses to embrace the fact that she is different with confidence and grace and hasn’t let her “disability” stop her from accomplishing great things. Makes one think twice before saying “I can’t”..

  80. Again on the talent thing… You don’t have to be “perfect” to be great at something… This goes to show that anyone can do anything they put their mind to; being grounded, completely focused, and determined are incredible characteristics to have.

  81. …and my complaints for playing the piano have just been voided off. This girl is EXTRAORDINARY. Now I want to go home and play with my keyboard.

  82. People can do remarkable things even with disabilities. This just goes to show you if you want to do something you can you just have to have determination.

  83. Anything is possible. This girl shows dedication in her craft. She can play the piano better than 99% of people that have both hands. This girl shows no excuses.

  84. Props to her! That is remarkable and very inspirational to others. Nothing got in her way and nothing will stop her and that’s so good to see in others.

  85. It is so amazing how resilent the human mind and body can be even at a young tender age.

  86. Wow! This is so amazing. It just shows that anything is possible if you really love it. This should be inspirational to a lot of people.

  87. This is so amazing to me! She does not let her disability stop her from doing something she loves.

  88. This is truely amazing. It shows that there is nothing impossible for us if we put our whole mind and soul towards the goal at hand. This little girl has amazing talent and it is good to see that she isn’t letting her handicap keep her from doing what she loves to do..

  89. This definitely goes to show that no matter what you are going through or how tough you think you have it, there is always somebody out there that has it 10x worse. She is making something out of her one hand and it is so inspiring.

  90. She is an amazing individual. She is able to play so eloquently and swiftly, in spite of no having a hand. Her music playing is superb. I hope to work as hard as she has in whatever fancies me.

  91. Oh my goodness, that was fantastic. She is such a talented young lady. it goes to show that with a lot of dedication, you can accomplish ANYTHING, regardless of your circumstances!

  92. Amazing! I envy people with musical talent, especially piano players and this girl is mesmerizing.

  93. This story is just so inspiring and it just makes me think how people can really do what they set their mind to. This is an incredible young lady who against all odds plays the piano so beautifuly. It makes me feel positive and good inside. She is an inspiration.

  94. The way she played seemed like she was telling a story with her notes and hand instead of her mouth. That was pretty inspiring.

  95. She played piano so beautifully! It was pretty and touching. She can move thousands of people just with playing piano with her one hand and the other one.. and she is spreading the hope in the world. she is gifted.

  96. This video is amazing . Many kids may have just given up on life when dealing with such a issue. However she has made the most of it . I hope many kids around the world that are dealing with her same issue may watch this video and become inspired.

  97. To me this video was extremely uplifting, showing us a prime example of a girl who went through the tragedy of losing a hand but overcoming it and accomplishing something truly incredible. She could have easily given up but instead, she accomplished what she set out to do, despite the odds set against her

  98. this is a wonderful video and it show how people learn to deal with there disabilites and live there everyday life.

  99. If she can play the piano with one hand than she is showing the world that anything is possible. You can achieve whatever you set your mind to.

  100. Wow, this was amazing to watch. This is a true example that anything is possible, no matter how tough things may seem to be.

  101. this is very inspiring. the fact that she is able to overcome such a physical challenge and perform such beautiful works of art. The only question that came to thought was “I wonder hong long has she been playing?”

  102. This just goes to show you that no matter what kind of hardships and obstacles there may be in life, you can do anything you set your mind. Dont look at the things that are holding you back, look at the things you can do to push you forward. This is a great philosophy to hold onto throughout life.

  103. It just goes to show that people can achieve anything they want as long as they set their minds to it! It may have took her a little longer to learn to play the piano, but she work on it and now she’s playing on tv and in front of an audience! Life comes with obstacles that we have to overcome!

  104. . Its important for women like her to continue leading an excellent example of showing children that they can do anything they set their minds to.

  105. this is amazing! She is extremely talented and put a huge smile on my face by watching this.

  106. This girl sounds really good and watching her put a smile on my face. This video made me realize how lucky I am to be this healthy and it goes to show you that life is to short and anything can happen. If this girl can play that well with one hand why shouldn’t I be able to achieve anything I wanted if I put out the same amount of effort.

  107. The human spirit never stops amazing me.

  108. This is an excellent example on how the sky is the limit. Just because one is born with a hand does not mean he or she cannot play an instrument or if I was born with only one hand does not mean I cannot play basketball because I seen it happen and this people overcome their dissability. So if they can achieve goals, then the rest of the people who are “normal” have no excuse in achieving any goal themselves.

  109. Just goes to show how anything is possible.

  110. Her treble cleft playing is better than mine, shows how much more I need to dedicate to practicing. The piano is such a great instrument.

  111. I am speechless how can someone play piano with just one hand. I took piano and i could not do it. It just show much people are talented nowadays and you can not judge a book by its cover. Just because they look like they cannot do it does not mean anything. They might surprise you and very much be very very talented.

  112. I love how this young woman did not let her physical limitation get her down. Her talent shines through regardless. It’s amazing how hard work and dedication can take anyone. I wish the best for her.

  113. This video is just so inspirational. It just goes to show that there is little that can stop us from doing something so long as we have the dedication to do it.

  114. What a great video. This just goes to prove that you can’t let anything get you down and that anything is possible.

  115. I have always wanted to learn how to play the piano; it sounds so beautiful. This girl plays the piano in a very extraordinary way. I could only imagine all the hard work and time she has put to learn how to play the piano with one hand.

  116. There are no limitation to what people can accomplish when they set their minds to it. Handicap is a title that society uses to label things that they do not understand. I cant play a piano with two hands does that mean i am handicapped.

  117. This is inspiring on several levels, but makes me feel a little disappointed. I’m upset that so many people complain about little problems they have and because I never continued to play the flute once i got braces in elementary school because I felt it was too difficult to play.

  118. That is amazing. She is a very strong women to pass her disability to do something that no one would imagine.

  119. That must have taken an immense amount of practice. Even I can learn to play the piano, if I exert as much effort as this girl has.

  120. Passion and determination can help one overcome many obstacles, this girl is amazing.

  121. there is no excuse on what we can establish in life. here is the big example.

  122. She is the definition of courage, passion and desire. Inspiration like this motivates me to set my next goal. Maby a marathon….

  123. This young woman plays the piano beautifully. It just goes to show that we can do whatever we put our mind to regardless of what is holding us back. I love seeing people exceed their worldly troubles and push past and just do something they love.

  124. This really inspires me. If this girl can play the piano beautifully with only one hand. What excuse do we have when we poorly execute many tasks in our daily lives. This was just beautiful!

  125. This young lady truly shows no excuses. From what I have seen in this video she has nearly perfected playing the piano. Even most people with two hands are not as dedicated to learn to play the piano like her and she doesn’t even have all ten fingers.

  126. This young lady has and still is utilizing a great percentage of her mental capacity. as said by Einstein we only utilize .02% of our mental capacity on our daily tasks. now imagine if we were to unlock the rest what will be capable of?

  127. to a weak minded person almost impossible, this truly exemplifies what we as humans can accomplish with our God given talents! we were all blessed with them. unfortunately only a few of us use them to the full extent.

  128. This girl played the piano wonderfully. She didn’t let anything hold her back from doing what she loves. I can tell she practiced really hard to become what she is today.

  129. This is really beautiful to know that this young girl took the time to learn a skill that many who have 10 members can not even master. I wonder if i would have even tried to pick up a basketball.

  130. This girls shows outstanding commitment to overcome her disability so that she could do what she loves to do. She shows that people can overcome any obstacles to achieve what people desire.

  131. This is incredible. I feel guilty that I did not play my saxophone well with my healthy hands. It is not about the physical condition but the mind.

  132. I agree. Like the audience I cried when I watched this video. This girl exhibits the best determination and positive attitude the human spirit is capable of attaining. I applaud her.

  133. This is pretty remarkable what you can accomplish even though you are placed with limitations or restrictions.

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