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Newt Gingrich Lecture: George Washington, ‘The Indispensable Man’
As Speaker Gingrich explains:

George Washington is unique in our history. The historian James Thomas Flexner called him “The Indispensable Man.” Thomas Jefferson said he had a character “of which the history of the world furnishes no other example.” In fact, without George Washington, there would be no United States of America. Washington was the only man who could have guided the Continental Army through a long and difficult war, repeatedly defying failure by sheer force of will.
For eight years, he held the Army together through very slim hopes. Washington was perhaps the only man who, after winning that war, returned home to his farm, Mount Vernon.

King George III, told of Washington’s plan, commented that if true it “placed him in a light the most distinguished of any man living” and made him “the greatest character of the age.” Washington was the only man who could have been elected unanimously to serve as our first president. And he was one of the few who would have restrained himself to two terms, setting a precedent for the presidency that held until the mid-20th century. His presence in his time and place was truly providential.

 George Washinton’s Presedential Library

The New George Washington Presidential Library has opened–find this and may other videos on Your Tube and CSPAN.

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  1. George Washington was a ambitious and brave man who conquered a lot of obstacles in his life. Many people just know him as the first president and only that. But not many know that he was in the Virginia militia and tried to become a high ranking officer for Britain’s army. It’s kind of ironic that George Washington was elected to be president because this wasn’t much of a dream of his to be exact, yet he made the most important impact in the history of the United States.

  2. Many people know George Washington as a slave owner, a man with wooden teeth and being the first president. He was known as more then that also known as the father of the constitution, a man who would try everything to make everybody happy and also a man to make it through the war.

  3. Most people don’t know much about George Washington but he was a brave man. He had wooden teeth and he served as president for two terms. He turned down a third term and set the president for two terms as a president.

  4. George Washington was the first president of the united stated. He is also known as the “Father of our Constitution”. During his presidency the Bill of Rights was adopted. George Washington was a man of many ambitions, and without him the United States of America would not be what it is today. After serving two terms of presidency he refused the third, which led to John Adams becoming president.

  5. George Washington was the first revolutionary president of a brand new country. He served two terms of presidency. Washington was an extremely big risk taker and he was looked at as immature to some and a hero to others. When it came down to it though at the constitutional convention Washington was well respected and easily selected president. Even though Washington was the right man for the job, he desired fame but feared failure so he had to take a big risk when becoming president. As a patriot though, he couldn’t refuse the call of duty. George Washington died on December 14th, 1799 and was 67 years old. He will always be remembered for being the great unifier. He believed the answer to personal freedom and liberty is through a strong unified government.

  6. George Washington was the obvious choice for first President in the United States of America for both federalist’s and anti-federalists despite being a federalist himself. He served two terms, declining a third one, which set the limitation for two terms as a President. Being an ambitious and brave man, he joined the Virgina militia before being elected to the Virginia House of Burgesses. He spoke against British policies. Later on he became commander in chief as he led the Continental Army to victory over the British in the American Revolution. Putting his country always before him, he is considered the Father of the most powerful nation in the world, the United States of America.

  7. George Washington is known as the father of the United States of America. He was the very first president of the U.S. when it was a brand new country. Washington was a very dedicated and motivated person even as a boy. He worked his way up through military ranks, fighting battles, and fighting his way up to lead our country.

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