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I like to report on the side of an issue not reported by the main stream media. I posted a report on the Bakken oil fields in Montana and North Dakota–I should have included the Wyoming and Colorado natural gas fields. These projects are being funded by private industry, not the government. These projects earn money for the government, but Barrack Obama is opposed to them and to the Keystone pipeline. Now that he is in trouble with the public on his energy policies and crony giveaways to his campaign donors, he is trying to tell the public that he created these jobs and oil supply.

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  1. It’s absurd how the gas prices keep raising and they expected us to pay more there just using us because they no a average person needs gas to go to work so they know well just have to keep paying no matter how high the prices unless someone stands up and opens there mouth .

  2. Gas prices only tend to be rising! The government itself does not know how to properly solve this problem. Many people tend to point fingers saying it was so and so’s fault, but never go deep to solve this problem. The next thing you know we will have to pay double the price if we don’t fix this problem.

  3. Gas prices are high and they are not getting lower. This gas price high spree is outrageous. We have plenty of enough oil but the government is being greedy and using other countries instead of using our own it would make the American lives much easier.

  4. I agree with Steve when he said “They should stop blaming who did it, and just solve the problem of high gas prices.” because gas prices are too high, however, at the same time I believe it is easier said than done. If it were that easy to fix I think it would have been but politics play a role and just like everything that deals with problems money is issue. I personally can fill my little Dodge neon with about $30 but I know that for the people with bigger vehicles cost more than double to fill, it isn’t fair. I also found Obama a little insensitive when he began to joke about the audience member with the family of 10 and gas problems but again at the same time this video was biased and lead my thoughts against Obama from the beginning.

  5. The Obama administration is using perspective to try and switch the roles of who is good and who is bad. Why do they care so much that Bush messed up, and that Obama is supposedly helping the lives of U.S. citizens by the increase of cost for gas. They should stop blaming who did it, and just solve the problem of high gas prices.

  6. Gas prices are probably always going to rise. I remember when my parents were able to put in 20 dollars and get a full tank. Now when I drive 20 dollars barely gets me a quarter of a tank.

  7. Gas prices have undoubtly continued to rise over the last few decades. George Bush had some radical views, however i see our current president Obama as a more liberal man with no conflict of interest unlike the oil Family of the Bush’s.

  8. Rosamaria Valdez-Lopez

    I do not think there is ever going to be an equilibrium on how the gas prices should work properly. Of course, we as the people do not want gas to go up, not even one cent. And for our government, they want to gain more money, so of course they take action to raising it.

  9. Samantha R. Cimilluca

    I used to be able to get half a tank with $20 and now it takes $30 to get half a tank. My car went from a $40 tank to a $60 tank. $20 definitely makes a huge difference for me. This $20 difference makes me want to drive less and buy less stuff because i am not putting my money where i want it, therefore I rarely participate in economic growth because all i do is say to myself “I do not want to spend anymore money.” All this talk about how higher gas prices is good, sucks, and I don’t think Obama ever “understood” how people felt about gas prices. It was just a way to tell people what they want to hear to get elected.

  10. The insanity of gas prices has been an ongoing problem for years. It’s unreal to imagine that at one point in time our gas was 1.87 per gallon, compared to out ridiculous three to four dollar prices today. However i feel the problem isn’t just the result of a single person, it’s a variety of factors that all contribute to these terrible inconvenient gas prices of today.

  11. I was talking to my Dad about this the other day, and he was telling me that at his age gas was only 70 cents per gallon; my Dad was going on and on about how he felt so bad for our generation because we’ll never know what it’s like to not have to take gas into account when organizing a budget. I find it ridiculous that the prices have gone up so high, that I end up spending $160 at the end of the month, when our country could be taking other initiatives to make gas cheaper.

  12. its been a long time since i have seen gas prices at $1.87!!! It seems like so long ago that it was actually that cheap for a gallon of gas! I think its absurd what Obama promises people during his campaign that he is clearly unable to follow through with while president. and ignorant people view obamas rising gas prices as okay and beneficial but they scrutinized bush tremendously. it is just ridiculous to see how purchasing oil over seas affects americans lives and how little obama cares for the livelihood of his citizens. he can stand on that stage and make funny remarks about SUVs and 8 miles per gallon cars but people wouldnt have to worry about purchasing a prius if he would just solve this awful economic strain. people do what they can to get by, and until he knows what its like to work half the day to spend 3/4 of your pay check on gas, then he may not be so quick to make jokes about this ridiculous issue.

  13. So, how exactly do high gas prices save 1,000 people a month? I never realized how low gas prices were before Obama was president, probably because I wasn’t driving then, but anyways. And it’s crazy how his answer changed when asked the same question over the course of years, he went for sympathizing with us to making fun of the same issue. Pathetic.

  14. i feel like gas prices will always be changing over the years, but the video really just proves how someone trying to gain a position of power will say anything he needs to say to gain that power.

  15. It is crazy how gas prices keep on going up and up. I was never really aware of the prices for gas before but ever since I got my car I understand now how gas prices affect everyone. I believe gas prices are going to keep on increasing rather than go down.

  16. For some reason, I cannot believe gas was fewer than 2 dollars when Obama was president. What happened?? It’s more than double now sir, it has tripled. I found the end kind of funny. Its true when he said that high gas prices with Bush are bad and high gas prices with Obama is good. Obama has done nothing better than Bush with this situation and never will. High gas prices will never be a good thing and the person saying it sounds stupid.

  17. I just feel that the gas prices are not getting better. The gas price has been an issue for several years and this will probably continue too be the same over the years. I also feel that Obama is not doing anything to fix the problem with the gas price. I f the price continue to go up it is going to be really hard for some people to get around. Imagine $5 or 6 dollars a gallon of gas and they only get pay $8 dollars an hour what would that bring for them.

  18. The news is so one sided, it is ridiculous. I believe it is true of every president to be called out on what they claimed to do before they were in office, but how Obama responded in the more recent clip was irritating. To think that gas was under two dollars a gallon before he was president seems unreal now that it varies between three and four. High gas prices are nothing but a curse to those who want to go out and try to make something of themselves in the world. Transportation plays such a big role in how we live our every day lives and if gas reaches five dollars a gallon, it does not mean people are going to sit at home and pout, but it does mean that it will make the cost of living that much more difficult to obtain.

  19. We shouldn’t really blame just one person for this problem. I feel as if Obama hasn’t really accomplished anything for us since his presidency but I believe it is wrong to just put all the blame on him. If the gas prices are $5 dollars by this summer I might just curl up into a ball and cry though, seriously though minimum wage is $8, that is absurd!

  20. I actually find this kind of funny. It just goes to show how liberal today’s media is. How are high gas prices with Obama any better than they were with Bush? It is pretty frightening how liberal the media is today because the news is how a lot of Americans get their information. If all they hear is a biased point of view, they will have no way of seeing the other side and no way of making an informed decision when it comes to our government.

  21. I am not seeing any positive things coming from gas prices. what Obama said at first was just to get reelected and now that he is president again he shows what he really feels about the issues in this country.

  22. The President just said promises to get reelected, his second term he basically blames the people for there choice of vehicles. I don’t believe there is any benefit to having expensive gas. Hybrid cars batteries cost about 5,000 to replace.

  23. The President just said promises to get reelected, his second term he basically blames the people for there choice of vehicles. I don’t believe there is any benefit to having expensive gas. Hybrid cars batteries cost about 5,000 to replace. There is no saving and this is all a scam.

  24. Gas prices have been talked about a lot within the past few years and will continue to be talked about in years to come. It doesn’t seem like anyone has a way to fix the problem. It is frustrating to see the high gas prices because everything in our lives involves transportation of some sort.

  25. Every time I click the next video down, I really start to hate Obama, I thought Romney would be the end of the world, but forgot to recognize that Obama will be the end of America. Here is your “change” people, now all you have is some loose change in your pockets.

  26. Gas prices are just ridiculously high in general! Before Obama gas was incredibly high as well. But in our Economy is doesn’t seem like any president can fix it. It is very frustrating and makes me want to walk everywhere I go!

  27. The gas prices were high even before Obama, so it’s irrational to say its all his fault. I feel like he was misunderstood, a little, in this speech. What I feel, and what I feel he meant more, is that the cars we drive aren’t what’s making the gas prices high, but that if we drive cars with better gas mileage and invest in green economy we won’t need as much gas! Gas is a natural rescource and there is not an infinite amount of it. Eventually it will run out. It is already starting too. Gas prices are high because there is a DEMAND for it. Lower the demand and you can lower the prices.

  28. Frustrating! Nobody seems to be doing anything about the prices of fuel. I know the speculation of the stock market and taxes have a lot to do with the pricing of fuel something should be done we need change.

  29. Gas prices are going to go up it is from the oil companies not obama. If they keep haveing spills then we are going to have to raise the prices of our gas. This man makes me ferious he is trying to manipulate people to thinking that bush had the right idea. the reason to why our prices were low with bush is because he did nothing for our country.All I have to say is get your information right about obamas plan. it takes time to fix things and he is taking great steps.

  30. I agree I do think that the prices of gas will always be high just because of the limited supply and the high demand.

  31. I don’t drive, and seeing how high gas prices are, I am glad I don’t. It’s trippy to think about how our modern civilized society has become so dependent on vehicles that are powered by gas. People would go crazy and maybe even die if all of a sudden nobody could drive! I kind of see how raising gas prices ridiculously high could motivate people to find cleaner, more efficient ways of powering their vehicles that they are so dependent on… but it makes people mad, because people are resistant to change. Eventually this crazy thing of people driving cars all over the place and forcing everyone to breath the exhaust will be a thing of the past. It is inevitable.

  32. Gas prices are ridiculously high. In fact, they have been so high that I was forced to trade in my truck which got approximately 18 mpg, so that I could get a small car which gets around 30 mpg. This was something that I did not want to do, but I had to, such as Obama was saying about people having to quit their jobs because of the gas prices, everyone feels the price of gas in their wallet.

  33. When Obama made his speech on gas prices at first he “felt our pain” and in his 2nd speech given in the video he was making a joke out of the price of gas. Talking to the man who has 10 kids and laughing at him saying he needs a hybrid van. In my opinion, Obama has never shown that he truely cares about people.

  34. I’ve noticed that we’ve gone quiet on this subject now that Obama is president. I’m sure we’ll be hearing about it after his presidency again.

  35. I don’t remember gas prices always being an issue, and I was watching a movie that was filmed in the 90’s and the gas prices on the sign in one of the scenes was only 99 cents. I could not believe it. I can’t remember the last time gas was in the 2.oo range. Gas is over 4.00 right now, and it is a struggle, its all most people will talk about and complain about.

  36. Oil is a limited commodity, the supply is less than the demand and as it is being consumed more and more the supply lessens, therefore creating a price hike. what I don’t understand is why we go into other country’s in order to obtain control of that oil, when we have oil here. I can only assume, much like chess we are thinking a couple moves ahead. meaning, lets use up everybody’s oil and once all other oil is depleted, we will tap into ours, therefore creating a monopoly. In the mean time I am spending about $90 dollars a week, I think its time to invest in a bus pass.

  37. Personally i think high gas prices are always going to be a problem…There is no way that their is an upside to high gas prices.Filling up your tank is probably double than it use to be and now we have to waste a good chunk of money for gas . And even if you wanna go to school or the grocery store or out with your friends you have to think if you have to pump gas or not.

  38. Its out of control how high the gas prices are . All president will say what people want to hear . i think they will stay anything so that people will support them

  39. What if everyone just didn’t use any automobile that takes gas. Maybe stay home to protest these high gas prices. No work would get done. Businesses would be behind on their schedule due to workers not coming in, no one would be getting an education because the teachers didn’t come in for work, or stores wouldn’t be selling their products due to no customers. I’m sure the gas prices would go down after that.

  40. These gas prices are ridiculous. If they continue to rise I will have no other choice but to walk or take the bus to wherever I need to go.

  41. I couldn’t believe this gas price so high. People couldn’t afford to pay gas to go work or school daily, especially shopping such as Christmas. I hope that situation will be solve problem.

  42. I find it interesting how the president makes a jest at a man who is concerned over gas prices. Why should anyone have to go out and spend thousands of dollars on a new vehicle to save gas, when gas prices could just be lowered? How can you calculate the amount of people saved from particle inhalation? Is this even a measurable statistic?

  43. Gas prices is a big issue right now, if the prices stay so high that prevents people from going out and spending money to help the economy. It makes it very difficult and expensive to go places you need to go. when you plan a trip sorry obama but you do need SUV’s to load your stuff in and gas prices is a concern when going on these trips.

  44. I don’t see how gas prices are considered a good thing. The money people are spending on gas, would have been money spent somewhere. But since people are using up all of their paychecks on gas, they are not having any money left over to be spent somewhere else.

  45. I cant believe how the media thinks that rising gas prices is a good thing, when Obama Is president. However, when Bush was president everyone saw it as a bad things. It has always been a problem and will continue to be, that shouldn’t change just because it Obama in this case.

  46. I thought this was hilarious, in a very sarcastic way. I am not a fan of the former president Bush, but after watching this video, why are we not reacting towards president Obama like we did with Bush. Gas prices are very high, I wont be surprised when the price reaches to $5 per gallon and I am pretty sure that will happen within the next few years. Why would Obama care about the high gas prices, he doesn’t have to worry about the gas he uses, its the middle class and lower class people that do. Also, trying to find positive aspects about high gas prices, really? That is ridiculous.

  47. this event is new, but politics has always been like this expecaily the president. they hardly ever take the blame, but they always take the reward. it’s to keep them in office to stay in power, and both sides will always do this.

  48. Gas prices are ridiculously high. I remember when it used to be about two dollars a gallon. Being dependent upon gas is ridiculous. So many of us have multiple cars that we can’t even run sometimes because of high prices. When will it end?

  49. The gas prices recently have been ridiculous and it seems like Obama is clueless about the situation. This is one of the problems that needs to be fixed immediately

  50. What happened to understanding our pain? And now he laughs at the gas prices that are over 4 dollars a gallon. Really?

  51. It seems like with any president people are not happy with gas prices because people are so dependent on it. The oil companies control the government because of how much the population relies on gasoline in everyday life. An alternative fuel needs to be discovered quick before gas gets way too out of hand.

  52. Gas needs to go back down! people double think of driving because of the gas prices! It’s a joke how in the presendial election debates the candidates promise so many good things and never follow through with them!

  53. I seriously can’t believe the gas prices now. And just watching this video made me want to ride my bike forever hahaha. There has to be something we can do to solve this issue. If not, then who knows…

  54. It’s sad when my generation is remembering when gas prices where under $2.00/ gallon.
    Does Obama have to pay for gas?
    With his plan to take all soldiers out of Afghanistan, I hope we got some oil from them..

  55. I recently bought gas for $4.23 which is pretty ridiculous to me. Whenever I see the prices dropping, I get the false hope that it will stay that way…if only.

  56. In my opinion, the idea of rediculously high gas prices being a good thing is a joke. I’m honestly at a lack of words. All I can do is shake my head.

  57. this is why i would rather take the bus or just walk either way you get exercise and you don’t spend money either way its a win win situation and many people need it.

  58. This is ridiculous. The car is only transportation that we can go another place. The bus sucks, and there is no subway. They do not even make alternative plans and raising gas prices and see the optimistic side of it. This is stupid! Don’t they see people are suffering?

  59. Wow! Looks like I’m going to have to get a Prius. Gas is so expensive now a days it’s ridiculous how the numbers per gallon of even the cheap gas providers like arco are so high.

  60. Oh My Goddness! Gas prices just the thought of it makes me want to pull my hair out…

  61. I can remember as a young child when gas was not as expensive. Now one tries to drive as least as possible because of the cost of gasoline. I truly believe it will only get worse.

  62. Gas prices have more than doubled since George W. Bush. Then Obama tries to claim that he feels our pain, really, does he really? I dont think so. He also tries to tell us that we should drive different cars. Well then Mr. President, you buy me a better car that will give me a great amount of miles per gallon.

  63. Three simple and easy words to sum up how I feel about this………………………………………GAS PRICES SUCK! Can I get an “I, I to that?”

  64. It’s ridiculous how much gas prices have rised. Gas should not be more than 4 dollars a gallon. I drive a Mazda and my gas tank use to fill up on $30 bucks and I could go a little over a week without filling it up. NOW, I put in $20 dollars, and I barely get half a tank and have to fill up twice a week. I just dont get how they cant see how much it really affect us.

  65. This is crazy. Paying over four dollars now for a gallon of gas is just too much. Obama thinks that if we weren’t drving cars with such bad gas mileage that would solve part of the problems, but it won’t. Some people do have big families and do need cars that will get them and their family where they need to go. It’s funny how he was feeling our pain when it wasn’t as expensive and now that it is he is laughing and telling us to use cars with better gas mileage.

  66. What did you expect from a president that we had to choose from who was the least pitiful candidate. It’s no different from this upcoming election of more unqualified clowns. Gas company’s make money hand over fist every year with thier profits going up unless they cause a disater so why are we paying so much money for gas when none of their profits are going towards the good of are country.

  67. This video makes a good point. 3 years ago he understood our pain and now he wants to laugh at the gas prices. Gas prices are ridiculous and their only going to get worse. With the technology that we have now a days, somebody needs to invent a car running on something other than fuel and oil and electricity.

  68. Another ideological vision of our President and those who are behind him. It clearly seems that our Government has become entirely different entity all in its own. They have been trying to sell this Clean Energy cause, just it is good idea and needs to be integrated with our energy, but to simply allow those in power to manipulate the prices for sake of getting rich and purely absurd. I clearly remember Mr. Obama stating that if he could not turn our country around, he would not go for re-election. Talk about no principals or integrity, he should be ashamed, simply put.

  69. Everyone knows that nobody liked president Bush. Therefore, everyone was just looking for something to blame on him and make him look bad. When gas prices started going up, they all jumped on it. Now i don’t understand why people want to support Obama. No gas prices going up is not a good thing, I don’t give a crap how many people are saved from less pollution, that’s probably a made up statistic anyways. He is not a good president.

  70. I don’t even remember when gas prices where that low! Not just Obama but most presidents lie to get elected, that should be no surprise to Americans by now. But it is also foolish to say he “felt our pain” back when he was speaking about it because he was rich or wealthy or whatever you might call him so do you think he ever struggles to get to work because gas prices are too high? Have mercy on us.

  71. And gas prices are predicted to be $5 by summer……………….. Someone should step it up and invent cars that run on air! That’s unlimited right? Instead of drilling for oil, which is technically non-renewable because it takes millions of years to ‘replenish,’ maybe we should start getting a little bit smarter.

  72. Lord, this is a joke. This video irritated me and made me laugh at the same time. If it was still at 1.87 per gallon I would believe he feels our pain.

  73. I find this very annoying. It just goes to show that presidential candidates will say anything to get their votes. On the other hand, he will probably not be elected for a second term

  74. Wow America…you sure fooled us! You know, voting for someone who brought as “Change.” Look at your Change! It’s called ObamaCare and “I work 8 hours to pay for a quarter of a tank of gas!” You reap what you sow. Yes, this man may have done some commendable things…but the benefits do not outweigh the cons. I can’t stand hypocrisy especially when it comes to politics. When is America going to open its eyes? Oh yeah, not until it’s too late.

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