Fwd: Tuesday 9/9 – Student Late

This is the best excuse I’ve ever received for being late to class since 1988, when I started teaching at RCC. This is what I call ingenuity–critical thinking in a frustrating dilemma. It’s not what one says, but the incontrovertible evidence a person uses to prove the facts. Again, I reiterate the old adage, “A Picture is Worth 1000 Words.”

Jan Kollitz


7 responses to “Fwd: Tuesday 9/9 – Student Late

  1. His is a great example of a picture is worth a thousand words. Should the student have opted to just tell say I was late because of traffic seems a little on the stretched side of the truth but this just lets you see it for yourself.

  2. I never thought to do this.
    This student is brilliant! haha

  3. I feel like we should use this picture in travel brochures. This is a perfect depiction of Southern California. Clear, blue skies, but rarely a clear highway in sight. Imagine all the places those other cars had to go. I hope their absence was excused too because this really is a nightmare for all involved.

  4. Hahaha! Well, I’m glad I could provide such a memorable experience for you Professor Kollitz. I still have trouble wrapping my mind around the fact that it took me over an hour to move one mile on the freeway.

  5. What a convincing picture that speaks for itself! This is a picture full of logos and pathos elements to it. Not only did this picture help prove her case, it also showed the frustration and emotional turmoil the student must have been through, behind the camera. Wish us all a safe drive to school.

  6. Just as you said a picture is worth a thousand words. Very smart of the student to take in evidence of why she is late. This shows how high of a priority your class is to this student, that felt the need to make sure you knew it was not lie. That she honestly could not get there because of bigger circumstances.

  7. Very smart thinking to provide evidence for the reason being late.

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