The Future of Personal Electronics

The Future of Personal Electronics


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  1. Priscilla K. Cornejo

    Yea this whole technology thing is absoutely crazy how it literally advances before we can even blink an eye. I find it amazing, personally im not a technology person however; yea I will admit I am always on my phone but I find all this very intersting.

  2. i dont think technology will ever plato. i swear the second i upgrade my phone, a new one comes out next week that has 10 different advancements and upgrades that mine doesnt. technology is ever changing based on the needs of society. its clear that by looking out our countries technology we incredibly advanced and leading in technology. its interesting for me to always watch it develop and see what exciting new things come out next.

  3. Technology is evolving so quickly now days. Once i think about where technology has come and where it is now, it has come a long way. When the ipad came out, i didn’t want to waist any time to get it. Today we have phones that are water proof! I honestly think it is safe to state that technology is taking over because there isn’t really anything we cant do using personal electronics. Personal electronics has more positive than negative opinions and countries would be so slow without them.

  4. It’s amazing just what can be done with the advances in electronics. I can’t imagine what the limit to our work could be.

  5. electronics are becoming more and more advance before our eyes. Its interesting to see how far inventers can go. I myself, am not a huge technology person but I am intrigued to see what else will be made in the future.

  6. Its crazy how technology advances every day. it seems like every time i a buy new phone or a new computer that there will be a better one out next month with more features. its really hard to stay up to date with technology.

  7. I have a smart phone, and the only thing I use it for is to make and recieve calls.

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