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This guy is the kind of person who is ruining the US financial help to the poor by cheating his own children…


Is This Lawful? Judge Orders Dad to Stop Having KidsCurtis

A Wisconsin man has been ordered to stop having kids. Corey Curtis, a father of nine, owes nearly $100,000 dollars in child support. The judge ruled that Curtis had to stop having children until he could prove that he could take care of the ones he already has. But can the court really stop someone from having children?

Fox News legal analyst Arthur Aidala reasoned that with any rights, there are restrictions. For instance, we have the right to free speech but it’s illegal to yell “fire” in a public space. “So here, the judge isn’t saying forever you can’t have children. He’s saying until you figure out how to take care of these nine, you can’t have any other kids,” Aidala said.

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  1. Because of man like this many other people are not trusted by the government. He sets the perfect example of injustice and laziness. The saddest part of his story is that he is more worry about the benefits than about the help his kids require. I do agree with the judge fully.

  2. We can all see why government or the judge would say this to the man because the man has clearly no intention on taking care of his children therefore one who act irresponsible deserve no child .

  3. I’m sure the judge had good reasoning for ordering this man to stop having kids. But I don’t think this could really be enforced. He’s not the only person who isn’t paying his child support. There are so many cases around the states just like this. But in my opinion, he’s not the only one at fault here. Why are these women having children with him if he has so many children!? And why are they having children with him knowing that he can’t provide for their kids?!

  4. I’ll be honest, this makes me laugh. How many kids do you have to have, and completely screw up with raising/financially securing them, that a judge has to tell you to quit it? Wow. All I can say is wow.

  5. In this case unfortunately, there is no law limiting the amount of children one can have. But common sense has got to prevail sometime. Start thinking with the big head now. And make better decisions.

  6. I think the judge is being fair on his man part. Yes, the judge really cant stop him from having kids. But why keep having kids if you can take care of the ones you already have. Until he have proven that he is responsible enough and paid his debt than he can have all the kids he want.

  7. Well to be quit honest if the man cant afford the kids he already has he shouldnt be allowed to have anymore. However, Its not legal for someone to tell you that your not allowed to have kids, but I think the judge is just looking in the best interest for this father.

  8. honestly they can not make him not have kids. it is a very wise suggestion that the man should take into consideration but honestly he is going to do what he wants.

  9. Honestly if the man can’t take care of his kids now, he himself should know to stop having children and be his own judge of that. The judge can’t just tell someone to stop having children, that is going to make him want to have more kids and not listen to the judge. I would stop and deal with the kids I have now and deal with them and get all my payments and money secured.

  10. Whoa! If a judge is ordering someone to stop having kids, it makes me wonder how many this man has. I don’t think it’s possible for a judge to order someone to stop having kids, but I do believe that if you can’t take care of the children you currently have why have more? I also think too many people get away with not paying child support. It shouldn’t be taken so lightly, and should be more strictly enforced.

  11. He should stop having kids if he cannot take care of them or support them financially. But it is a human right that should not be taken way from someone. My mother works for CPS and she constantly has frequent flyers and because the mother is marked as an unfit mother every time she goes in to a hospital in Riverside County the baby gets put into the system. Six of her children are actually in a new family in Holland. Courts cannot take away child baring rights no matter how logical it may seem. It is a inalienable natural right

  12. I think he should step up and take responsibility for his actions. He should be taking care of the kid he already has instead of trying to have more. He needs to pay off his child support and make sure he takes care of what he needs to take care of instead of trying to load more on his plate. I don’t know how the court is going to enfore him not having more kids, but I do agree with the decision made.

  13. I also agree with what the judge ruled. He should stop having kids until his is proven to be responsible enough to take care of the ones he already has.

  14. Wow that is a lot of money that he has to pay for child support. And also nine kids are a lot to have. I agree that he should stop having kids for sometime until he can pay that money off and until he starts taking care of his kids right.

  15. This totally reminded me about the law in China. I don’t know if anything similar would ever occur in the US, but with this situation I think I may side with the judge. That is a lot of money to owe to child support! I believe this judge had a lot of reason behind her statement, and this man should take her opinion into consideration.

  16. I agree. I think that some people that need to be sterile to be honest. I have worked with kids, that have been victims of parents who just keep having kids, do not pay child support, and cannot take care of their own.. I think people that do this are abusing the system, because then the people who do work hard for their money end up having to pay and compensate for parents who cannot handle their business and responsibilities as a parent. In the long run it affects the children. It is a sad cycle that will ultimately continue if nothing is done.

  17. This feels like a step toward China’s 1 child per couple policy. I don’t believe that he can be stopped by law. No one is going to be on 24/7 baby making watch with this man.

  18. I believe that the judge had good reasons to tell him to stop having kids. But can she really stop him? She cant really stop him from having kids. But he really should just take care of the kids he has now.

  19. I remember reading this on and I thought it was a very good decision. It is a smart choice because having nine kids and not being able to care for them is just very reckless. It may be wrong to order him not to because its against his free rights, however, having to many kids is not good especially when people begin to rely on the tax payers money and government aid to support these children.

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