Freeing of 5 Worst Al Qaida Terrorists

To rescue an American serviceman who left his post in Afghanistan and deserting America, President Obama ordered the release of the 5 worst terrorists held in Gitmo, breaking the law he signed into effect. notifying congress 30 days in advance of the release for the Senate’s approval of the action.¬† The following¬† video was supplied by CSpan

10 responses to “Freeing of 5 Worst Al Qaida Terrorists

  1. It’s hard for myself to talk down to a veteran, especially when I have served along side friends in the military during combat, but I cannot believe this man abandoned his unit and cost the lives of his fellow soldiers who went out looking for him. Now we give back terrorist who have killed Americans with no mercy, for a man who has neglected his soldiers in a time of need.

  2. This topic is highly controversial and i am divided on it. I know if it was one of my loved ones i would want to have them back home . Where i am divided is that i think it is a terrible idea to let these terrorists become free again. I feel that by doing that we are showing these terrorists that they are in control of everybody and that they can continue to do whatever they want.

  3. I think Ronald Martin is a very ignorant and selfish individual. He only sees this case in his own perspective and not in other’s point of view. The fact that he said he doesn’t care shows you that he is very selfish. I bet if that was his son who was killed he would care.

  4. This has been front page news for months. This is all heavily documented. All of a sudden, the story of the deserter soldier is now hidden from view. The last I’ve heard was the newly proclaimed radical was receiving psychiatric treatent in Texas. This is a CSPAN news briefing, serving the American people for decades.

  5. The have yet to hear any facts from this case emerge enough to make a concise informed opinion. I am sure there is intelligence that has not been made public and may not ever see the light of day. Foreign policy is tricky I’ve heard but there is no law that the commander and chief has overstepped in this action. So much goes on behind the scenes that public speculation and rhetorical argument are just not enough.

  6. It seems stupid to let five terrorists go. They are just going to kill more Americans. Obama even broke his own law. I like this show. I have never heard of Steve Malzburg and he does a good job of bringing up controversial topics.

  7. Priscilla K. Cornejo

    My brother was explaining to me about this so I remember a little, why would they do something like this, to me its not a smart move at all. Who would in their right mind let go five of the most dangerous terrorists out??

  8. It seems very irresponsible for the Obama administration to seemingly praise Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl as a hero with what seems like a incomplete investigation, due to his fellow service men claiming that he deserted.

  9. Our soldiers are brave individuals who would give their life for their country and in this scenario they would have given their life to not let five terrorist go.These terrorist do not deserve to be free they’re only going to hurt more people. It just doesn’t seem like a smart move by the government to let go of these dangerous people, we’re basically asking to have a retaliation.

  10. I do not think this is right. Unfortunately soldiers sign up knowing there is a risk, and that is their life. So I believe we shouldn’t have let these five terrorists free for one soldier. The five terrorists can do more damage than sacrificing one of our own people, now we are risking thousands of lives.

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