Thoughts from a Priest: Freedom of Religion

What this Priest said during the Republican State Convention of Colorado hopefully signifies the renaissance of the moral right.
Stick with him through the first of his remarks to hear what comes next. An outspoken Colorado priest was asked to lead thousands of delegates in prayer at the state Republican convention.
What he said next caused quite a stir in the convention hall.

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One response to “Thoughts from a Priest: Freedom of Religion

  1. That man’s prayer was beautiful. It is true that this country is based heavily of Judeo-Christian values, and God granting us our rights. It is said time and time again in the Constitution. I’m not too familiar with socialism, but I’m guessing that it is the exact opposite of the freedom that we are provided under God’s sovereignty. Socialism’s influence will increase due to atheism being promoted by the government itself, and the government will change to that format.

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