Free Online College Education!?!

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  1. I think I’ve heard about Khan’s academy and that it’s really good for math and also that it tests you and evaluates you and then helps you.

  2. That actually sounds really nice! But I’m wondering…do you get credit for it? As in, would they transfer into other universities or is this all just information and courses offered to the public?

    The idea of free education kind of blows my mind (which is kind of sad) and it’s really cool.

  3. Samantha R. Cimilluca

    I think it is great that people can get an education for free, but does it come with a degree? People need a something credible when looking for a good career.
    What if everyone stopped going to school because they can get a free education online? I dont know if that would be a good or bad thing because in order for people to learn online for free, they have to be the responsible one to take the time to go online and learn. At least school force an education and home can be a very distracting environment.
    Im curious as to how many people use these websites and how beneficial is it?

  4. In our society an education is very misleading. When one thinks of an education they think of an university degree. Although this is not necessarily the case. In my opinion these online free education classes are good. People forget to realize that an education is not just classroom based. We have numerous resources in this world and can be educated in so many other ways than lectures, homework and so on. There is always the option of stepping in on classes, although life is really your best teacher. Everything you need to learn is out there for you, you just need to go out and get it!

  5. I still like the classroom setting, and remember that there is a lot of grants just for that purpose

  6. To know that people can now get an education online and its free! I think it is amazing but I don’t get that education started out free and now we have to pay way to much for it and get back to the point were its free again.

    • It is absolutely amazing. Although I wish it was actually in person free classes. It should be because we would have to pay to drive and commute. I learn better in person rather than online but I will still take advantage every little bit helps!

  7. This is so great, school can become so expensive. I am going to be using the Math one this summer! Any extra free help is a blessing!

  8. I will most definitely refer back to these websites when in need of help! This is so great and useful for me and I am sure for plenty of other students, and it’s free! What better deal than free education to expand your knowledge! Thank you for sharing this with us, I know it will benefit quite a handful of people.

  9. I wish that this was available. It’s so hard for students to pay for college and what not because it’s so expensive. Some kids even drop out of college because they can’t afford it and thats why there are so many uneducated people everywhere.

  10. I think this is great. An educated person is open minded and longs to learn more. Any course taken here could only help. I am a visual learner when I read about something then see it in action it all clicks for me and I got it. I would get an education that will get you the certificate, license, or degree that will cost the least expensive. Making an extra mortgage payment for college just seems insane to me.

  11. This is so useful for mandatory classes you have to take, you may not have a degree, but you know the information. Mathematics especially, fall within this worth while opportunity, don’t let this go without even trying to take advantage out of this.

  12. In this country there is no such thing a “free” someone has to pay for it. Especially the tax payers. And if you earn a degree for free, good luck finding a job!

  13. There are so many scams out there, even if this was 100% accurate, what organization is going to hire someone with a degree strictly online. there is no field experience involved. People really fall for it though.

    • So, who says you need field experience to get a college degree? And who says you can’t get a free education? In these programs–you only get the education. You can pay for a degree from an accredited institution. For thirty years I studied on my own before I enrolled in college for real–I had an

  14. I wish there was a way for this to happen! I mean, scholarships and full-rides help, but it’s not often that they are given out.

  15. I actively use Khan academy for my pre-cal questions that I don’t want to bother anyone with. In this age of free information people can gain knowledge that had previously been held exclusively by the colleges and universities. However, being accredited is exclusive to that system, which is why students will continue to attend colleges.

    • It may be “unaccredited, but I’ve had dozens of students take my advice and use Khan Academy for the same reason you use it, and that has helped make them successful in their academic careers. I already figured out that you do think outside the box.

  16. I have actually used Khan academy to study for my math and chemistry classes. Never knew they offered a free education.

  17. i wish this was possible . i feel that people shouldnt be left behind, because they cant afford it. everyone is suppose to be equal .

  18. If I am being honest, it sounds to good to be true. At one point, community college was supposed to be free, but even that is not affordable for some people anymore. A free college education would be great, but I doubt that will happen, especially with how bad the economy is at the moment.

  19. Education is so important. I always have had a teacher or professor constantly explain how important it is to have an education to be successful in life. A free college credited education would be amazing, but let’s face it, that will probably never happen in this country. It is cool though that those websites provide information for people who would like to learn it, that’s a plus.

  20. It would help out so much if college was just cheaper! Instead prices keep rising. You would think it would be a positive thing for our people to further educate themselves; but it is becoming harder and harder to do so because of the cost.

  21. Exactly what Serrano said, from a early age we are thought to stay in school and blah, blah but it is honestly becoming harder and harder , and all because of budget cuts. I , myself had a though time getting classes which I hated so much because it just interfere with my education, and emotions.

  22. We learn that school is important and that we must go to college to get good jobs from an early age. Why is it so hard to achieve that now? The schools are becoming extremely crowded. People are scamming others with fast school courses and good jobs. It scares me.

  23. It is crazy how expensive it can get for getting an education these days, and to think that the prices are just going up. I wonder what it would be like if our education was free.

  24. I don’t believe in trade schools or online schools, I don’t think it’s possible to get the same education from a computer screen than from an elite professor at a prestigious university. I would rather be taught by the best and pay the most money for the best professors than go to an online university.

  25. I think it is so dumb how it is so hard for people to go to school. Everyone is stressing how its so important but they raise the prices every year!

  26. Education today is getting harder and harder to access and when I see free education though it might be a good school that offers a good education, in the career world it is not seen as a quality education compared to getting your credentials at a school like USC or UCSB.

  27. College is very expensive so when I see it is free I immediately think that it is a scam or it is not going to help get a career. When a company is looking to hire someone they most likely will not hire someone that went to a free college that was online because it is not a well known school. Places looking to hire people like high profile schools and most likely will choose someone from one of those schools.

  28. I just find it hard to believe that the one thing that we need most to succeed in life, the one thing we need to make advancements in the world, is becoming more and more difficult to access. I can’t even begin to put into words how important education is. One of the saddest things that I can imagine is someone not being able to get an education because it is two expensive. Therefore, I am all for a free, quality education and I think there should be more options like this.

  29. Why are these programs in place and yet nothing for those that are struggling here in California. It is apparent of the focus of Californian government and their voting base. Another program to burden those that pay taxes and the debt we are currently in.

  30. It sounds like a wonderful idea but we should all stop to think about this for a second. If we are not paying for it, who is? Nothing in this world comes free. Somebody somewhere is getting paid for all this and who is doing the paying. There are a lot of side effects to this that have not yet been revealed.

  31. I was going to say the same thing as Oreoluwa mentioned, TINSTAAFL, same thing I learned in my econ class in high school. Nothing is free these days, especially education.

  32. It’s self education witch it good but companies and organization don’t care about what you know just where you got your degree. If you don’t have a degree you don’t even get a chance to get looked at now. A free education is nice but with out the degree the world dosen’t care.

  33. TINSTAAFL- There Is No Such Thing AS A Free Lunch. This is a concept that I learned in my econ class senior year of high school. Nothing in this world is free, especially not EDUCATION. If there was FREE education, I would be the first one to sign up!

  34. Free education? Where? I wish there was free education out there. The way the economy is going we are far from there being free education.

  35. free education? is it really free? and for who nothing in life is free, i wish it was but with school being free who would seriously take it seriously? i know a lot of people wouldn’t.

  36. I love the idea of free education, even though the thought is outlandish when a person think about who will foot the bill but all higher education should be free…

  37. I have used some of these sources in previous classes at RCC. Khan academy is a great way to learn from me. Khan explains a lot better than most professors i have had.

  38. i think is great how you can get a free education online from proffessors who work at prestigious universities like yale, but i wonder if th;ey give actlual degrees that you can use to aquire a job.

  39. First off i notice that most of these programs are non credit courses or are just educational videos recorded at the campus or by the university, only Hillsdale actually offers a certificate to you upon completion of the constitutional course. Free education is something that I believe every American, and better yet everyone, should have access too. There are countries around the world that do offer free education not only k-12 but college as well as trade school. Free education can happen and could work however in this country I seriously doubt that will ever happen. As long as debates based on how to keep student loan interest rates from rising to 6.8% are argued by republicans saying cut Obama healthcare and democrats saying raise taxes on the wealthy nothing will ever be solved.

  40. It would be wonderful to have a free education here at RCC and at any other campus. The expenses of going to college are so high and there are people who really would love to attend but can not because finance is an issue. Yes there are programs, offers, and help to go to school, but it would just be great if it was completely free for students.

  41. I think its wonderful that we are able to watch lectures online for free. Its amazing to know that we can be taught by teachers from Yale and Berkely to better understand the material. It also serves as a tool to the kids still in highschool to see how some lectures are and classes are at these different schools.

  42. I have experienced, what the military called, distant learning and from my experience this free learning and or education will be primarily used by those that have the individual drive necessary to take advantage of this type of opportunity. I know that I will be taking advange of some of these courses that are offered. Thank you, Professor for this and all the information that you post to this site.

  43. I think there are a various amount of good things that can come out of free education. For those people who are driven to succeed, this will ultimately allow for our country to advance. Although, I also feel that some things may be negative about it. Everyone has gone to school, and has had class with a numberous amount of slackers. If you’re lazy and don’t want to learn, why are you here? A free education, as much as I would LOVE that, could allow for more people like this to take up space in that sort of environment. Aside from that, I’d like to save my money on unnecessay things every once and a while! FREE EDUCATION PLEASE!!!

  44. This is cool! The thing is was not education created free? I imagine that people teach other people everyday about almost any subject. As a result to looking at this i kinda feel ripped off.

  45. Everyone has a divine right to be educated in my book. Why should it cost? What if someone who truly deserves it can’t pay for it? It is AMAZING what technology has brought us in the fight to become educated. Don’t just sit there people, BECOME EDUCATED SINCE IT COSTS NOTHING!!

  46. Having a schooling for free is something all colleges should do because everyone wants to improve there education but in reality no on can afford it because it just out of that person reach.

  47. I think it’s cool that you can get a free education now. People will no longer have an excuse for not using their time in life to not be succesful or make something of themselves. Hopefully the sites can give you degrees that are certified and can be used to aquire a job.

  48. I think it’s great that there is education online for free, but I can’t help but think that there is a catch because nothing is this world is free. Yes you can get good info and lessons from some of these websites, but can you get an actual degree? Employers could care less if you did a million different lessons online, if you don’t have an actual degree they aren’t going to look twice at you.

  49. I don’t think education should be free? I think that it will just be too easy. I also don’t think it should be expensive either lol. Online? I don’t see nothing wrong with online classes because it helps those who have to work to pay for school and other things they might have. BUT then again, you shouldnt get a degree if you have all your classes online. That just isn’t fair.

  50. I love the fact that you can get an education, but for free and online? Someone please show me the success rate first before we make this into a huge fiasco. If I can go to school from home on my couch with my pj’s on and get sincere Yale attention, I’m in the wrong program. Sign me up and show me the money….lol

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