Frederick Douglass–Historical Overview

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  1. Samantha R. Cimilluca

    Frederick Douglass was amazing. He was a slave who learned how to read, broke away from slavery for himself, and then thought about others. He went from abuse and shackles to an inspiring man that fought with words for freedom. I am choosing him for my research paper.

  2. I am have always been interested in the story of Frederick Douglass’s life. He is an inspiring individual and idol. Just in the simple act of learning to read, he changed how people viewed African Americans and made it so they were just as equal as white individuals.

  3. Frederick Douglass was an awesome person. He said in his video that he got out of slavery for himself, and then wanted to help more people become free exactly like he did. Without his continuos work of the Abolitionist movement, I dont think slavery would have ended post- Civil war. He was a big reason why slaves were no longer considered slaves; they are people too.

  4. Frederick Douglas was a very lucky person because he was a slave that was able to learn how to read at an early age which he went on to be one of the best speakers to go out and fight for the freedom of other slaves.

  5. Fredrick douglas was a truely brave and strong man. I don’t feel people today have this type of courage, the courage to break away from the norm and stand up and fight for what they believe in.

  6. Frederick Douglass was a former slave in the early 1800s. He could not read or write, but he taught himself how to because it was his ticket to slavery. Through his lifetime, Douglass has worked with Harriet Tubman and John Brown to free slaves using the underground railroad. He was a advocate for slavery until. The day he died, which was in 1895.

  7. If you do not know how to read you are no one. Frederick Douglas was a smart and inspiring man. Just by learning how to read he changed people’s lives. He overcame his struggles of being just a slave.

  8. Such tragedy to know so many people were oppressed; so inspirational to see how one man’s determination can change the world. This is such an inspirational and encouraging story. We as a people need to know knowledge is power and we must stay educated to overcome ignorance. This video also shows the power in teaching our children simple keys for success such as reading and writing properly. One taste of learning for Frederick Douglass as a child, sparked him to yearn for more.

  9. This is so informative and very inspiring. Frederick Douglass was a very smart man during, especially during this movement.

  10. You will be amazed to learn more about Frederick Douglass and how much he changed politics forever in the United States simply because he learned how to read. He is an outstanding American hero.

  11. Wow this is great movie. i didnt relized that frederick douglas is fight of freedom,

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