Franklin Graham: Mideast Furor Threatens US, Christians in Region

In this video, Franklin Graham discusses the whole uprising in the Middle East and how it is a threat to Israel in general and to Jews and Christians in the whole region.

5 responses to “Franklin Graham: Mideast Furor Threatens US, Christians in Region

  1. Not everyone is going to have the same views on religion. Many are going to be against the believes of other and worrying about such things is only going to cause problems. There may never be an understanding as to why some hold the believes that they do; there may always be a problem between the people and it can only be of harm to those involved.

  2. People should just worry about who they believe in and not what others believe in.

  3. I don’t get why people that are enforcing things like this are in power in the first place. Something has to change.

  4. Why is it that the radicals are so influential in the world today? Their actions and policies are that of a mentally unstable man. They say that they’re doing so in the name of God, but it is not so. The moderate voice is scarcely heard and followed. Is it because there is so much bad blood between the peoples that they will continue to fight one another? Violence will lead to more violence because the heart of man will forever hold the wrong doings of others.

  5. It is so hard to bring up a government in another country do to religion or other factors that leads them to a civil war! all these problems cause chaos and threat to the people.

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