Frank Vandersloot Targeted by IRS



3 responses to “Frank Vandersloot Targeted by IRS

  1. As much as I don’t support Republicans, I sure as fuck don’t support Democrats. (I don’t support any political group because they all turn into power hungry money mongering fuck heads, no one is immune to that) To see that simply choosing to support the side that isn’t in power gets you attacked is unacceptable. At no point can individual heads of the IRS not be sent to jail for this.

  2. Dang it does seem like the irs just wants to ream people. This man donated 1 million dollars to the Romney campaign and for that he was then audited by the
    IRS? Thats stupid the IRS should be the people getting audited.

  3. Seems like politics, IRS just wants to smear people. Why should a person who was just helping campaign against the president get treated this way? I doubt this man will never get his money back. Eight people targeted just because they supported a political campaign.

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