Flying Car Now A Reality!

A retired Air Force Pilot sent this and said “I have this on my bucket List.”  Jan Kollitz



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  1. This is a mix of a helicopter and a car. I would like to see a hovering car in my lifetime.

  2. This is very cool and interesting I really think it’s amazing how scientist make things like this as it has just one seat hopefully later on well see how this invention upgrades

  3. Well, I expect tis to not be completed for several years. I know that we used to always think about flying cars, robots, and advanced technology in the past, but as of current we fear the end, zombies, apocalypse, climate change becoming rapidly drastic therefore destroying our cities. I find it humorous that we have become more paranoid over time

  4. Brianna V. Gonzalez

    Wow this is so cool and it is exciting to see what the future holds in regards with mobility.

  5. Elise G. Richardson

    This is pretty cool, it’s very futuristic. It’s crazy to think that this could be a type of transportation in the future. I rather be on a plane and have a pilot fly me, rather then having to “fly” my own car.

  6. This would be cool, but will there be signals light in the sky? What happens if there’s in accident?

  7. OH MY GOODNESS! This would be so awesome to have. Even though there is definitely a negative outcome that will happen from this, it is an amazing technological advancement. With the basics of knowing what is needed when making a car into a flying car, helicopter, we can probably advance quicker to a hovercar. Not only a hover car to get off the floor a couple of feet, but to any height or extent desired.

  8. This is really cool. It would be great to have flying cars but what if you got in an accident tin the air?

  9. This is really cool but there’s definitely a ways to go. I think people think of flying cars to be more like cars and less like planes. It would be cool if you could be driving one second and flying the next.

  10. Wow!! And the start to future begins haha this vehicle is pretty neat. I loved how the propellers unfolded and the tail came out. I believe this flying vehicle will cost an actual leg and arm. Technology is the move so people get with it. I would so honored and happy to drive one of those!

  11. Its a bird! its a plane! no its a helicopter/street bike in my opinion. this thing is so cool it would be awesome to drive and fly around in this thing.

  12. Its like a mini helicopter. We have a was to go I don’t see how they wiil ever make efficient flying cars.

  13. Every time I am stuck in traffic, I am wishing I had one of there so I could just take off and get to where I need to be. It’s insane to think this is a reality though, but if people actually had these, it would totally change all of our driving and flying laws to make the air and the ground safe. Although honestly, I am a simple spirit, and I don’t really like these Sy-Fi ideas.

  14. The option of being able to fly somewhere or drive whenever you want to would be awesome, how much do they go for?

  15. “Thank God men cannot fly, and lay waste the sky as well as the earth.”
    ? Henry David Thoreau.
    And now we’ve done it, we’re making flying cars. Well at least traffic going toward Los Angeles will be better.

  16. Probably takes a long time the practice the landing part, Taking off isn’t too hard, flying isn’t all that tricky, it’s always the landing that is problem, not including it does one hell of a number in damages to tires that aren’t probably treated. I’m not saying this isn’t impossible, it’s just not going to be cheap and you would need to take a lot of constant care over it. Still looks fun as hell though! It is a start, and you do have to start somewhere!

  17. If (or rather when) flying vehicles are perfected and are a common everyday form of transportation, the world will change drastically. The way buildings are build and the way air traffic is controlled. Managing the sky will be just as insane as managing the road for law enforcement.

  18. This is so cool. But at the same time interesting to see how much technology can progress. It would be really nice to own a flying car. We think it would be a great way to get out of traffic. But if they start making more and more, at the end it will still be the same. At the other hand you would just switch it over and you would have a flying car and get faster to the place.

  19. This is pretty amazing to see. The technology that is coming out over the next few years should be pretty wild and exciting to see.

  20. It would be cool to have flying cars,but, f theirs going to be as many cars in the air like on the freeway than i rather not have flying cars.

  21. It looks kind of weird. Cool concept but they still have ways to go.

  22. This is so amazing. I wish I had the money to buy one of these little flying cars. Although, I am sure they are probably super pricy. Imagine all the people who can benefit from the flying car, this invention can transport foods, medicine, it’s amazing. Not to mention the chance to escape the traffic! Technology like this makes the world better!

  23. This is so cool! It is always cool and interesting to see how much technology can progress. I would if in the future this will be used more than just regular cars. Just like the cars that can turn into a boat pretty darn neat!

  24. This is so amazing to see technology advancing so fast. But it is more a helicopter that can drive. If you were to crash in that little thing, I have a feel very bad things would happen to you. It reminds me of Futurama a little.

  25. This flying car is more like a compact helicopter. As a youngster, I always anticipated flying cars more as the hovercrafts we saw on the Jetsons which first aired in 1962 but was set in 2062, yet by the year 2062 this type of flying vehicle will be evolved into a hovercraft. If these cars become available to the public, the requirements for a driver’s license will have to be equivalent to the requirements for a pilot’s license.

  26. That would be a really car to own. It would be great way to get out of traffic, just switch it over and you have a flying car. Really cool invention.

  27. OH MY GOSH. This is so cool! My Dad is always talking about how we’d beliving like the Jetsons one day and I really think we’re on our way. It’s crazy how far technology has come and is still going in today’s society. I think I would definitely get a flying car if I could just to get away from the people on the ground!

    • It is amazing that the human mind has the capacity to figure out these things ! Although it is cool to say look a flying car! It is not very practical. I mean only one seat and no room for anything. I guess it is good just as a hobby or toy or maybe when one is stuck in traffic. I agree technology is advancing and one day I would love to see cars zooming around in the sky.

  28. This is super awesome! It is like a mini, personal helicopter. I think it is also cool that it drives like a sports car on the ground. But, how would it work if everyone’s car had those huge propellers? Wouldn’t they all hit each other? And if everyone was flying in the sky, I think it might be just as crowded as on the ground. Cool idea though!

  29. This is nothing like I imagined as a child. I am sure most people imagined flying cars more like levitating or hovering cars. This is more like a drivable helicopter.

  30. All I can think about is Orbital Shock-Drop Troopers from Halo with quad .50 cal mounts for extreme close air support in the implementation of a new foreign policy that dictates we save anyone in trouble. Anyone. This is a start for a group of people to be come BAMF’s on a new level. I love innovation 😀

  31. This is super awesome! To be honest, my dreams about flying cars died as soon as I realized Santa Claus does not exist. Even as I’ve grown, I did not think that the day will come that I will even see progress of flying cars. Maybe in a few hundred years but now this lifetime so seeing this made my day.

  32. Wow! After all the talk about making a flying car they have finally started the process and it’s only going to get better from here on. This was always the future I’ve dreamed about and thought it would be like and now it’s finally starting.

  33. They have finally done what I dreamed about as a kid! A flying car was always this idea of the future and now it is here. Granted, I usually thought it would be like a hovercraft of some sort. However, this model is probably way safer than any sort of hover thing. God bless America.

  34. This is pretty cool but ill wait till cars can levitate.

  35. That is amazing. It would be awesome to be able to avoid the congested freeways and just fly to wherever you needed to be.

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