Five Short Videos on Same Subject: What Do You Think?

Five short videos on same subject; some of them start the same but have a variety of videos following them that delve into the problem even deeper.  We have a big crug/crime/illiteracy/gang problem in our inner cities.  How should this problem be fixed?

J Miller, the young man speaking in this video makes some good points about what is going on in teenage America.  He makes sense!!

6 responses to “Five Short Videos on Same Subject: What Do You Think?

  1. Brutal yes, but there are always multiple reasons as to why kids to these things. Poor or not, children do tend to get out of hand inappropriately. Beating up another kid for a minor reason is ridiculous, but no adult could get involved and whatnot. What are you going to do? If you get involved, the offenders at hand can blame you for false claims.

  2. This really made me upset.
    I despise seeing any type of violence going on.
    It’s not just a problem in the “hood” or in the schools
    It’s not just gang members or thugs who are committing these crimes like this.
    I’ve seen this happen to a homeless man by police officers
    I’ve witnessed this happening as I was driving down the street
    It’s ridiculous and uncalled for.
    People don’t understand that at the end of the day everything we do reaps consequences.
    We should all be more wise in our decision making.
    This life is only temporary and someday we will all have to face judgment.
    How do you explain something like this?

  3. The sad thing is that if the bus driver would have helped he probably would have been charged with something. The problem first starts at home with the parents; they need to disciplineand teach morals to their children. By instilling a sense of fear for authority at a young age they learn about what the consequences are their actions and maybe would think twice before doing something becasue now they now they could get into trouble.

  4. The brutality of this attack against this defenseless 13 year boy does present a major problem of the inner cities. However I think this that the issue of bullying is worldwide and affects many more people than is statistically represented. Inner cities may have higher rates due to economical status etc. but bullies are everywhere. When the bus driver says that “he couldn’t have done anything” he is wrong, he could’ve stepped in and attempted to stop what was going on. Now whether he should have or shouldn’t have is a different question. He would have need to stop the attack by physical means, and that could cost him his job and possibly result in charges pressed upon him. He chose not to help the boy which ultimately helped himself, however the boy took all of the punishment because of that.

  5. Yes Professor, but unfortunately they will be following you wherever you go, me too.

  6. This is a serious problem. All voters need to address it fairly. Thanks to those of you that sent these videos to share. I hope students this FALL will address this issue seriously. We have an inner city problems in this country and are caused by the uninformed and zoned out inhabitants of the urban ghettos. Responsible law abiding citizens have moved to the suburbs and country to avoid the problems peacefully, including me. Thanks to the students who submitted these videos.

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