First Pope Selected from the “New World”

  • Dick Morris: New Pope is Game Changer for Latin America
  • Wednesday, 13 Mar 2013 06:37 PM
  • By Dick Morris

“Dick Morris’ Perspective: The twin developments of the death of Venezuelan dictator Hugo Chavez and the election of Jorge Mario Bergoglio as Pope may offer a turning point for Latin America.

Chavez had established an eight-country empire of minions willing to do his bidding which includes: Argentina, Bolivia, Uruguay, Venezuela, Ecuador, Nicaragua, El Salvador, and Cuba. In addition, the Dominican Republic and Brazil are under his influence.

His power is maintained by massive cash handouts to the poor to lure them to support his version of revolutionary, socialist change. Free food and medical care flow freely from his oil-enriched coffers through leftist political organizations in each country.

While Chavez’ financial ability to sustain the flow of funds is limited by his decreasing oil production — and will soon be cut off if we stop buying his oil as our domestic production surges — but it has continued.

After his death, it is unlikely that his Venezuelan successors will be so interested in foreign adventures that they will divert money from domestic uses in Venezuela where they must compete with democratic forces for political power.

Pope Francis of Argentina is a very different kind of Pope. He is truly a man of the people. He is humble, self-effacing, and focused on issues of economic and social justice. He commutes to his church every day in Buenos Aires by bus from his small apartment. He will bring a new kind of Gospel focused Catholicism to Rome and will concern himself with alleviating poverty just as John Paul II focused on fighting communism.

The very fact of a Latin Pope is likely to stir a revival of Catholicism in Latin America where Evangelical Protestants have lately made huge incursions. He has the potential to replace the fraudulent Chavez as the voice of the poor in that neglected region where a plurality of the world’s Catholics live.

God works in strange ways.”

Dick Morris is a leading political analyst and best-selling author, who is credited almost universally with piloting Bill Clinton to a stunning comeback re-election victory in 1996 after the president lost Congress to the Republicans two years before. He has also been called “the most influential private citizen in America” by Time magazine.

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4 responses to “First Pope Selected from the “New World”

  1. I’m not Catholic, and I never knew what the pope’s job was. But when I read that he has plans for change of the communist rulein Latin countries, I became very interested in knowing more about the pope. Because my grandparents are from Cuba, a communist country, I pray that this pope is successful in following through with his ambitions. God bless Pope Jorge!

  2. I believe we live in a world today where we NEED game changers. For me, it is necessary for a change in the norm to make improvements. I can only hope and pray that this Latin Pope can bring about change in a magnificent way for Latin America and many others.

  3. Coming from a Latin family I believe that this change of selection is really great. Finally a Latin Pope, I hope nothing but postivie outcomes from him so that this decision of choice will not be regretted!

    • I am not Latin and not Catholic, but I am a Christian. What I see in this man is positive. He is “real” and I expect that he will make remarkable changes in society for the good of all. When a person like Dick Morris, a Jew, praises him and the Greek Orthodox “head guy” has endorsed him by traveling to Rome to meet with him (the first time in 100 years), he probably will be welcomed by American Christians of all faiths in this time of the worldwide attack on Christians.

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