Final Exam Preparation

Your charge is to interview an older relative or friend over 70 years old born during or before the Great Depression (1929-1946). If this person was born around 1946, they would have been too young to remember the Depression. Pick somebody born in 1941 or earlier.  After viewing Generation Zero your charge is to find out how the person you interview survived these difficult times and what suggestions this person might have for you personally, an individual living in similar circumstances in trying economic times to survive financially in the 21st century. The paper I wish you to write should use the rhetorical pattern appropriate for a magazine article. You may use any notes you collected throughout the semester.

Question for your thesis statement: What lesson did you learn from your interview?

Thesis statement: (use your own language) After I listened to (insert name)tell me about life during the Depression (1929-1946), I came to understand that _________.

You can include any historical data

You can include any historical data you have learned from class discussions, from newspapers, magazines, Internet sources, television or radio news, and from the film Generation Zero. However, if you use outside sources, you must provide documentation with your final exam–this includes printouts and or bibliographic references.

You will receive further instructions about this project.

Start keeping notes now.

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