FBI Answer to Congress about IRS Tracking American Citizens’ Telephones: 4th Amendment Issue

9 responses to “FBI Answer to Congress about IRS Tracking American Citizens’ Telephones: 4th Amendment Issue

  1. This seems so unjust. I feel this current government needs a good wringing out. Theres so much allowed ignorance its disgusting. I’m willing to bet if he were thrown in Prison for a while he would sing like a bird.

  2. Wait wasnt it the NSA or is everyboody just spying on everybody. Well there are reports they can read what you delete in a sentence as well so trully im not surprised by this move. Its sad the whistleblowers who reveal the truth are either in jail or in russia hidding. There being made an example of so nobody would leak any secrets in the future out of fear.

  3. This is not anything new. The FBI has been listening to phone calls since there was an FBI. The only reason why it is an issue now is because, they are listening on each other. I really can’t understand why this was even brought in front of Congress, after this was aired. The FBI still listened to our conversations. Yes, this is why I really say what the hell I want. They are listening anyway, and will continue to listen.

  4. The very beginnings of a cover up. Putting a scapegoat out front to take all of the hits while the ones actually involve cover their track. Typical government bureaucracy.

  5. Donald Muepo is right. I think Fun with Dick and Jane was based of this. By the way, this video was kind of painful to watch (in a funny way).

  6. This reminds me of the movie Fun with Dick & Jane when they hired Jim Carey to a position he knew virtually nothing about and had him go on national television and make a fool of him-self hahaha

  7. Rosamaria Valdez-Lopez

    I like how they put this as an on the spot questionnaire, and in front of the country. It is amazing how all of the questions were kind of swept off in a way and not even answered.

  8. I agree with keseypope.

  9. Why would the FBI send this man to speak about a case he knows nothing about? The man running the investigation should be the one talking to congress or they should have an educated spokesperson speaking. This man represents all of the FBI and he is making a fool out of himself. If I was congress I would stop the questioning and wait until there was an educated man in front of me. This just shows how ineffective our government can be, this conference was a waste of resources.

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