Fake Faint???

Fake faint???



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  1. Wow, this is so staged. Why, why, why

  2. I can’t believe Obama used this pregnant women as a prop to look as if he is concerned for the people. This fake faint allows for a distraction to derive the true statement that he was supposed to tell everyone. It’s all a coverup.

  3. I suspect this faint was staged to make Obama look caring and concerned about people and their health care. He says “I got you, your ok” and kinda chuckles, I think that was to make the audience feel a little more relieved as in he knows what hes doing.

  4. This seem like a lot of trouble to go through for what the video suggested this incident was for. It looks pretty fake to me ,but i don’t understand why they would do a fake faint.

  5. Christopher Rodriguez

    That was completely fake, the friend’s face said it all. She looked nervous throughout the whole thing.

  6. I hope this wasn’t a fake faint. That would have been a really cheap ploy.

  7. I dont understand why would anyone go through all this trouble just to stage a fake faint. I guess just to get attention.

  8. This video is really interesting and makes you wonder what other things they do and plan to cause a distraction. Clearly the girl holding the woman was aware of what she had to do because she had no concern when the woman was falling and that smile she had when the president helps makes it suspect that it was fake. I think they did that to show some kind of care, from the president when really it was just an act.

  9. Oh gosh, don’t people have better things to do with their time? What really could have come form this if it were a stunt anyway?

  10. I liked your comment Keanu’s comment the best, I mean if she did fall over on purpose it would be unbelievably pathetic, but the fact that someone probably watched this tape for hours just to see if they could catch some sort of government conspiracy is absolutely comical.

  11. Keanu’s comment is “on target.” I do believe this is probably an accurate story, but it could never be proven in court. One always has to look at all sides of an issue.

  12. I’m not actually sure which is more pathetic: the act of someone staging a faint at a presidential speech, or someone actually taking the time out of their day to create a three minute long video with a connotation that there is some big conspiracy in the White House without definitely proving anything whatsoever.

  13. this video points out some very convincing points and is pretty believable. It seems pretty crazy that this was done to enhance the president’s speech and make his words appear more convincing to the people of the United States.

  14. She’s clearly a Russian spy who somehow snuck a sleeping agent into the woman’s pepsi when she wasn’t looking. Just look at that evil smile once she starts collapsing. You know how those russians can be with their fancy technology.

  15. This is so staged why would they go out of there way to do this. I don’t understand what this was trying to prove.

  16. I found this video really interesting. I had never seen this before until today and i’m really curies as to why he had it staged. You would think that if the president did have this staged he would find better actresses, because those two were really bad. What kind of motive does he have to set this up and what is he going to try to do next?

  17. I dont understand why they would go through so much trouble to even stage this “fake faint”? In the end it didn’t prove any point toward what Obama was talking about and didn’t help his argument in anyway. In my opinion the person narrating this video may be looking in a little too much on what was happening and trying to show something that was never really there.

  18. After the narrator pointed out all of the signs that this faint was fake it was really clear to see that it was intentional. Im not sure as to why someone would want to do that, especially a pregnant women, but in looking at her friends facial expressions it is visibly clear in her facial expressions and the nudge that she gives her just before she faints. I guess Obama is pretty overwhelming.

  19. This did look a little staged. There was really no point for Obama to turn around at the time he did, the woman didn’t “faint” let alone moved until Obama turned around. It makes me believe that he was expecting something to happen, and that they are all terrible actors. I know his speeches are carefully written, and everything he does has a subtle meaning to it, such as his hand gestures, body position, and etc. So if this was truly staged and planned, then their was some subliminal messages that being convey, question is what is that message.

  20. I didn’t quite fully understand the purpose behind this “fake faint”. Was it only to get attention? Cause that’s pretty pathetic in my opinion.

  21. Wow!!! People are ingenious in finding obscure web sites…I guess I’m behind the learning curve. Poor Obama! Hasn’t he had enough bad news in the last couple of days?

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