1A Extra Credit Opportunities

You can earn an Extra Credit of 1% of your total grade by participtaing in this opportunity.  Watch one or more of the following films and tell me what you have learned in a short paper of 500 words or more.  These essays should include a short synopsis of the story line and then what your learned from the experience–all are widely acclaimed and Academy Award nominees or winners.  They are all historically correct.  Most you can down load free from your tv provider or you may borrow a copy from me for 1 week:  Amistad, Lawrence of Arabia, Shindler’s List, Lincoln, and/or Gandhi.  These films all have a connection to what is happening in today’s society and are historically accurate.  You are limited to 3 extra credit films, because this isgnificantly improves your grade.

If you wish to borrow one of my films, speak to me in class.

Amistad Trailer


Gandhi Trailer


Lawrence of Arabia Trailer


Shindler’s List Trailer