Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed

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  1. I believe in God, so intelligent design or Darwinism is not that important to me only for school reasons. Intelligent Design is another alternative for Darwinism, since Darwinism has some flaws to some people.

  2. The reason the public school system refuses to teach or suggest that God is the creator of all life is because there is no proof for it, none. I happen to be a person of faith, but even I’m able to see why God and religion has no place in a science class.

  3. People are trying so hard to get God out of the world. Intelligent design is proving that there is an alternative way of thinking instead of Darwinism. Most scientists want to believe God is fiction and that’s why teachers at these universities are getting “expelled”.

  4. This film does a great job representing all of the different ideas that people have about where life comes from. It favors the idea of intelligent design by some other form of intelligent life or God. The information ties politics and religion together and shows that when they collide different problems can occur.

  5. I mean I didn’t agree with all the opinions in the film, but I certainly do not believe they should be fired due to having conflicting opinions with their colleagues. It’s ridiculous.

  6. This documentary having got very much of good ratings, but I can say that it actually helped me understand more thoroughly about intelligent design. I just found it completely absurd that they “expelled” professors for even talking about it and claimed they weren’t true scientists. I mean even that Richard guy admitted to the possibility of intelligent design.

  7. There is no other way to know the answers to many questions but to read the bible. And that whole idea that we came from a cell is crazy

  8. I think that ID is another way of trying to sneak religion into the school system. I think that there is always going to be two different sides to this problem If people would only sit down and read the bible they would find all the answers in it.

  9. ID is an interesting theory and I don’t see why it should not be explored by people. The science community seems to show so much prejudice against the theory and those who present it because it is different from what they believe. There will always be those religious people out there who will back the biblical version of how the Earth was formed but why should they be attacked by atheists who believe nothing. This blatant disregard for ID goes against the very heart of this country, freedom. Even if it is a little out there, the theory deserves a fair trial because that is how we move forward as humans, by exploring a new realm of possibilities. The point is that we live in a free country…as long as you don’t step on anyone’s toes..or say something politically incorrect..or push to advertise the wrong message. Hmm, does not sound so free anymore.

  10. Excellant film Ben Stien took a bold approach to a very controversial debate over religion and science. This film helps me personally reinforce my beliefs.

  11. I find Atheists are just as much as a religious group as any. Their behavior, the way they go about their business, not including the fact that even if they are a “None-Religious” or “Anti-Religious” belief they are still in the end of it all a “religious” belief. Much as any Math Major would say “negative numbers aren’t really numbers but they are.” Different Jar Same Cookie.

    Why say “None-Religious” and “Anti-Religious” belief? The two are drastically different! A belief that is None-Religious is “I believe there is no god, devil, angels, demons, Allah. It’s just not for me.” and Anti-Religious belief is “God isn’t real and you’re stupid for believing in him.” So effectively I’d say the difference is “Penn Jillette” and “Richard Dawkins” Penn says “Let’s all go to the party and not worry about who’s drink is the best drink” Richard says “You’re stupid for not having the same drink I’m having, you’re an embarrassment to society because I say so.”

    I have nothing against atheists, but I have nothing against most religious individuals, because in the end of it all “Are you hurting people? stealing from them? raping them? killing them?… No? okay all good, let’s go to the party.”

    I have the belief some individuals don’t need to believe in religion to get by day to day, and some do. Good to both of them, They find personal strength in something! Why try to fuck it up for either of them? Have your favorite drink and move on!

    I say drink because people get so up in arms, its a belief, believe what makes you happy, and don’t care about what other people believe, if it makes them happy and they are not doing anything wrong move the hell on.

    “what about people who believe in a religion who do bad things, such as Islamic people who actually try to kill ‘infidels’?”
    Those individuals are not nearly as common as fox news would like you to believe, and most of them just want to live a normal comfortable life like many others. They don’t follow all the rules, and good, they shouldn’t have to, its a belief, you can change it to alter it at any point you’d like.

    I will never understand why atheists don’t sit there and promote religious individuals to cherry pick more rules of their religion until its simple “be a good person” instead they have asses like Richard Dawkins making Atheists look like stuck up scientific ass holes, THIS IS A BELIEF, it doesn’t need to be scientifically true to believe it! It is to raise your spirits, so you can get by day to day, if you don’t need religion to do that, GOOD, if you do, that is also good. I will never understand Richard Dawkins, or that West Baptists Church which is just as horrible and rude.

  12. I haven’t really done a lot of research on Intelligent Design, but from what watching this movie, I would guess that maybe 50 years down the road, schools will be teaching it in the same way that the theory of evolution is being taught in schools today. It seems like evolution is a theory with some big unanswered questions. I believe that in the future we will find that there is a science to finding the answers to some of life’s biggest questions, and that has absolutely nothing to do with religion. I don’t think ID has anything to do with religion at all, but more to do with seeking the truth. If ID is actually some kind of religious group trying to sneak religion into schools, then that’s pretty messed up, but I really don’t think that’s the case.

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