Exciting News from Mexico

This contribution was made by a student whose ancestor’s cane from Mexico.  Read what he says and then go to the web story below:

More than 100 men entered the town in western Michoacan state on Sunday morning and disarmed local police.  There were exchanges of fire with alleged gang members before the vigilantes occupied the town.  The vigilante group was set up by residents who say the army and the police have failed to protect them.

I’ve already been aware of activity from Mexican citizens, but I didn’t expect them to take it to this level. The people of Mexico have begin forming vigilante groups in order to rid their towns of the drug cartels. However, in Mexico, assault weapons in the hands of citizens is illegal. These people are breaking the law in order to protect themselves and their family. I’m not one to break laws that have been established, but I think this is a time of desperate measures. “More than 70,000 people have died in drug related violence in the past six years.” A few of them weren’t even a standard death. There have been dismembered bodies discovered on farms. Perhaps this new surge of vigilantism will make Mexico visitable again.

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  1. I guess since I have family that lives in Michoacan this is not all that exciting for me. That I know of this is happening in certain parts but the cartels always get the little towns back. Michoacan is one of the most dangerous areas out there yet it is still quiet peaceful. My parents are going down there for the holidays I do hope things have cooled down.

  2. Definitely very dangerous and very brave of them to do this. Viva Mexico!

  3. This passage was very impressive to read. This pass month my brother was going to visit Mexico but because of the violence my parents told him not to. I was very impressed to see when government fail good people stand up for themselves. Although citizen having guns is illegal I hope the government will take cartels problems more serious and clean it self up.

  4. It reminds me of other places of the world where violence has become the only means to protect themselves from criminals that will kill without cause and governments that will not fight them. While I wish it did not come to this I am glad to see that people will still take their freedom to live in their own hands and protect each other.

  5. The people in Mexico just got tired of waiting for the government to do something. Frankly the government was not doing anything and so the people of Mexico acted for their own safety.

  6. I have actually witnessed some of the gruesome things that happen in Mexico and I applaud those who have the courage to stand up and fight against their oppressors

  7. It’s understandable that citizens of Mexico are fed up with the drug violence.The entire cycle of violence needs to end.

  8. This is what i want to here.. Mexico has always been a drug affillaited country due to the inflation of drugs which has the cheapest prices with out having to worring from shipping for somewhere like say china to get to america. This is what mexicanos need to do ,although i do have a fear of anarchy to begin to formulate ,however i think that chance is a shot in the dark to say the least.

  9. When I hear about the dangerous things that take place in Mexico and many other countries around the world it frightens and saddens me.

    I feel as though many people today don’t too much stand up for anything anymore, so it is good to hear that people are fighting back.

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