Evolution vs. Intelligent Design

This is a discussion between Cynthia and Lorely–Thanks for sharing:

I wanted to share a video that I watched a few months ago about Creation vs. Evolution. Although I do not believe so much in evolution, I can say I do not believe so much in intelligent creation as well. I lean more towards scientific evidence. I am studying with Lorely and we had a debate about the topic, which reminded me of this debate between a pastor and Bill Nye the Science Guy. I am really fascinated with the key points that Bill brings up in his debate, backed up with evidence. It is a couple hours long, but I think it is worth it for those who do not have much knowledge on either side. I hope you enjoy! 🙂

I was having a debate with my cousin Cynthia about non believers and believers, although we are related our beliefs are very different when it comes to religion. I feel this video is very informative yet funny how a christian has debates or “questions” with experts in evolutionary scientists from some of the world’s top Universities! I know its 38 minutes but believe its worth watching! Coming from a catholic home i have always felt obligated to go to church just to please my parents, when in reality i NEVER had a intimate relationship with God. I am new born christian and can’t be any happier. Hope you enjoy it when you get the chance to watch it.


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  1. For some reason people tend to think the evolution vs ID “debate” is a scientific one. The efforts of science are always brought in to try and convince people of one belief over another, when the reality is that there is no amount of scientific evidence that can prove the existence of an intelligent creator. This is a purely philosophical discussion, not a scientific one

  2. I think it is better off having no knowledge of how we came to be. The reason being, whether side is wrong may cause a huge change of life, and the knowledge itself of this information with the way the world is today would just cause further problems, thus plunging us into some unknown chaos. Just my opinion of this debate.

  3. I know one day my cousin Cynthia will know and experience the presence of God warming up her heart. I have Faith that many that are lost or in disbelief of the bible will come to realize the truth. I am not trying to come off bias because i do see my cousins point of view and i am very open to discussion but i know in my heart of hearts the truth will one day be revealed on ones who oppose of the bible. Yet again don’t we all have faith in our own beliefs?

  4. Reading the comment that I sent along with the link to the video, I realize that I typed it wrong. I do believe in intelligent design, but not entirely in evolution. I do not think we came from fungi or bacteria, but the words of the bible, well… that is a different story. I have faith that there is someone out there who had the intelligence to create such an amazing universe, but I cannot wrap my head around the stories found in the bible. Bill Nye makes great points to debunk the bible’s version of the universe being around for only 4k years. There is scientific evidence that disproves that.. I just wish creationists had better evidence besides “because the bible says so.” Although, all we know in life are theories, and having faith and believing in something makes things feel normal. I support everyones views, but I like to see evidence in order to believe in something.

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