Esteban Ruiz: English 1B Summer 2014

Esteban Ruiz from English 1B

“Be Thou My Vision”


3 responses to “Esteban Ruiz: English 1B Summer 2014

  1. It takes courage to post something like this for everyone to see.
    I admire anyone who puts themselves out there where they can be criticized.
    You go Esteban, you sound great!

  2. I dont usually share my recordings with classmates, mostly because I dont like to be seen as something I’m not. It has very little to do with me though, and for that reason I’m happy to share with whoever has ears. Language and music fascinates me. It helps me to understand life and how to communicate more effectively. I really enjoy making music with people, especially the RCC Chamber Singers. The energy is incredible. Creative outlets like music and gardening keep me positive when otherwise I would get overwhelmed. I think I will be working in Student and Health services this coming school year, if anyone wants to stop in and say hello.

  3. Who would know you are so talented? Esteban told me this is his arrangement of an old Scottish folk hymn. Esteban is kind, patient, helpful, and always makes articulate comments in class. I’m sure classmates will agree. I’m going to watch for you on campus. Friends can all find Esteban’s music on YouTube and let’s hope he shares more of his talent.

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