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  1. Ah yes, the Brits with their clever wit. Oh wait, not really. I get what Rene said but this lady in the video just wasted 4 plus minutes of my life. Some people just like to hear themselves talk. Bah!

  2. This video was very entertaining to watch but I think she talks a little to fast, it was very hard to keep up but i still got the overall point. For what the video was talking about I think she mad it very funny and interesting.

  3. I’ve seen Descartes’s quote “I think therefore I am” around time and time again. I ever put much thought into it until the last assignment where I read Descartes’s book of philosophy. I was very intrigued and confused for awhile trying to grasp his perspective, but finally understood the basis of it.

  4. I could not watch this video but from what I gather from the comments it was about DesCartes philosophy of you cannot trust anything. All of our senses can or have deceived us at one point so we cannot really on them for the truth just out mind.

  5. I think the search for truth is very important. People throughout history have come up with many ways to find different truths. I thought this video was interesting but the ladies accent was very annoying and hard to understand at times.

  6. Interesting ideas! The brain in the vat scenario is especially fascinating.

  7. Brianna V. Gonzalez

    I was also unable to watch this video which was definitely a bummer because after watching previous videos, and reading some of these responses, it definitely made me curious. However, I plan on trying to look for it on Youtube right now.

  8. Samantha R. Cimilluca

    When I came across this video a while ago, I couldn’t watch it and I didn’t think anything of it. Then, when I went to class and it was pointed out that other videos have been blocked because the government doesn’t want us to see them, it made me very curious what this video was about and I wish I would of watched it when it was available. I do not like being left curious.

  9. I was not able to see this video. Darn! Looks promising though…

  10. William J. Gonzales

    I am unable to view this video, but from all the previous responses showing that the video did work at one time, it makes me wish i was able to see it. i can also see from the previous responses that hint at the meaning of life or the mystery of the mind. Something really interesting i bet!

  11. cant view video

  12. Very interesting video. Raises a lot of questions that I’m sure we’ve all had. But no definitive answer. We could only believe what we want to believe. Are we real? Are you real? Our mind is a very powerful thing.

  13. I thought this video was very interesting and explained a lot of things. I think its absolutely insane to think that what we see could all be an illusion created by our minds showing us what we want to see.

  14. My mind can control me sometimes. It’s thought are so powerful and this video makes me curious of what is really real and what I just see it as. It’s interesting to think about.

  15. This has crossed my mind many times. This video explaned a lot.

  16. This really made me think. People make jokes on this many times but it is something we wonder all the time too.

  17. This has crossed the minds of many, as mine as well. It’s something that is always on my mind. Over the summer I almost had a melt down because I was in such a weird transition of my life and I really got freaked out about what happens after one dies? What is life? and how do I know this is real? I just had a lot of question and I had lost my faith with my religion and it scared me to death to believe that all of this didn’t have a purpose, how can life not have a meaning? So I started to believe again in my faith and it helped me settle down. Although I still have a lot of questions, I feel better. But it’s true, “I think therefore I am.” A thought is such a strong frequency that you are capable to be anything if you set your mind to it.

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  19. This is very confusing. It is interesting to think of everything around us, or what we think its around us. ” I believe therefore I am” from DesCartes seems to be the simplest explanation of who we are. I don’t like to think about doubting myself of these things because it just confuses me more.

  20. This really makes you think about a lot. Mant people joke about this all the time but it is something that really crosses a lot of peoples minds.

  21. I like the humorous atmosphere in this video. In all seriousness though, I learned from a famous philosopher that “I think therefore I am”. This raises an interesting question because it is up to the individual to decide whether they really do exist or not.

  22. This actually crosses my mind a lot. I always wonder if we are just in a dream of someone else or something. I don’t know the whole idea of that is confusing and kind of scary.

  23. I found this quite interesting because there are those people who are always in search for truth. It was pretty clever and had me really thinking. I also found it a bit funny, because I always joke around with friends questioning if life or certain circumstances are just a figment of our imaginations.

  24. Whether we are real or we are just something we are not, all that I care about is that I’m here no matter where or how I’m here.

  25. The mind can be very decieving and many see things differently as others. Now that I think about it after watching this video, I am interested into knowing what is real and not…hmm..

  26. She’s a very clever actress. It is very intriguing thinking about everything this way. Do I exist? Am I actually seeing what I’m seeing? WHat is real and true? Yet, in the words of Descartes, “I think, therefore I am.” All we can do is believe that we are here. It is more important to just get through and enjoy life than wasting time pondering over silly questions like these.

  27. This video seems joking for entertainment, but the topic is actually pretty deep. “I know I am, and I am not sure about everything else” This was very impressive, but also very confusing and complicated. Epistemology.. another complicated word.

  28. For some reason, I had a really hard time figuring out if this woman was being serious, or if she was just poking fun. This video makes me laugh but it also kind of confuses me. It is amazing to think that there are people in the world that actually understand all of this.

  29. This video is pretty interesting but it reminds me of some type of entertainment to trigger the mind. I feel like it was created to entertain and work the mind.

  30. All everyone is sure about is that I am me and that I am living and breathing. Everything else around me may not be real at all. That is really interesting and would like to look more into it.

  31. As I said in my essay Professor, truth in itself is the biggest conspiracy of man. What is true and what is a lie is all based on faith. Those who are against it are wrong, and those for it are right and superior. But the question never ceases to exist in my head “Why do I believe this and why am I right?”

  32. I think this all goes back to my religion and what I believe in. I relate this to faith, I believe without seeing just like “I think therefore I am”

  33. This video was very entertaining to watch. As “Ksolis” said i too remember his famous ” I think therefore I am”. This line was just a statement that questioned the existence as we all may have done. Descartes was just a man to question their existence further.

  34. I thought this video was very interesting. I learned about Descartes my freshman year of high school and still remember his famous ” I think therefore I am” . Im sure everyone has questioned their existence at least once in their life. Descartes just decided to question beyond the means of himself.

  35. This video is actually very interesting because everyone has asked themselves am sure at least one or more times during their life whether the life their living is real or not. I surely have thought to myself that my life could all be a dream, etc. but at the end I have to live with the benefit of the doubt because no answer could be found, if I was to look for one. I relate this to faith, you believe without seeing and so I believe.

  36. This reminds of Inception, what if all of these is just a dream, and we’re imagining our life. I’ve thought about our surroundings a few times, but then I end up sounding paranoid.

  37. It’s crazy to think that everything we see could possibly be an illusion created by our minds. Though I choose to believe my life is real, it’s still an interesting discussion.

  38. I remember learning about this when I took philosophy. Very interesting stuff.

  39. Wow, this video was funny. She is so right about ancient philosophers. In some cases people like Descartes, Aristotle, and Socrates often seemed to fall victim to the paranoid delusional side of their own philosophies; so much that they often were at war with themselves. I do agree though that Descartes was by far the most ridiculous with his “Evil Deceiver” concept.

  40. there are so many questions that have no answer. the best way is not to think about those questions, and enjoy life one day at the time.

  41. This is a clever discussion about DesCartes’ essay in the World of Ideas.

  42. I find it neat how she is holding blank sheets of paper as to insinuate her thoughts on a simple thought……..

  43. Like she said at the end all im sure of is that im me and that i and livng and breathing. My eyes could be playing games with me, but my brain could be doing the same. Im so confused.

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