Elephant vs. Jackass

Traditionally, the Jackass has represented the Democrats (now called Progressives or Liberals) and the elephant has represented the Republicans. 

The TIME magazine cover on the left is a fake.  It parodies this month’s cover of TIME magazine featuring a liberal view of Republican Chris Cristie, controversial Governor of New Jersey:




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  1. Reading all the comments it seems that people are just randomly bringing out race just for the sake of debate. The problem today is were more concerned with social standing than the issue at hand.

  2. Well, it is noticeable the satirical humor in this cover magazines. Democrats are shown as stupid irrational politicians while the Republicans are shown as rational and knowledgeable politicians. I am sure that hostility that have been taking place against Obama is not because of his race (it´s 2014 massive racism against the president will be idiotic). The “hostility” is due to the fact that there are people doing research about the reforms and laws that do not help this country prosper.

  3. It shows how creative people are, but also shows that people dont bother on researching information correctly.

  4. People need to stop listening to the media. Our society needs to look up the facts before they say or follow what others are saying or doing. Obama with his healthcare system and some of his other decisions, the democrats should known as the jackass.

  5. No, this is not about race. The concept for Christie’s cover was “Christie’s outsized influence in his party and the discomfort he causes some fellow Republicans who consider him, well, the elephant in the room.” (Time Magazine.com) But criticizers of the cover took the reference as Time Magazine using the Republican Party Elephant to call Christie fat. Conservative blogger “flaming jackass” created Obama’s parody cover in retaliation, using the Democratic Party Donkey to call Obama a jackass. Yes, these are the animal mascots that represent both parties but I don’t think Christie’s cover was intended to be derogatory as much as a play on words while Obama’s cover was created specifically as a slight against the President.

  6. I’d give up on America if this was published.

  7. I’ve seen that alot of Americans are hostile towards Obama mostly I believe its because its his race. But others say he’s an awful president, but when you look at the tasks that were in place before he was voted into office he deserves more respect.

    • Learn history and other people’s comments. The jackass as a symbol for Democrats came into effect when Andrew Jackson was president in the early 1800s. Jackson was for keeping slavery, while Lincoln freed the slaves by signing the emancipation proclomation. The Republicans were not even a party until the election of Lincoln 50 years later. Some time after Lincoln, the Republicans adopted the elephant as a symbol. In this polical cartoon, which you don’t understand at all, is a difference of opinion between Democrat Obama and Republican Chris Christie–the cartoon has nothing whatsoever with race. The magazine cover was produced by Time Magazine, an Obama supporter. You missed the mark on this comment. As a matter of fact the people who criticize are sometimes of the same race; do you call them Uncle Toms? OTher people are of other ethnic backgrounds than Obama. Are you calling them racist; or are you a racist for calling others racist?

  8. I don’t understand how people think this is about race. This is not about race, stop making EVERYTHING about race. The Obama cover is a parody of the one on the right. The covers are just playing in the traditional mascots of the Democrat and Republic party.

    It seems a shame that everyone is so harsh on Obama. While he is not the greatest President America has ever had, he is certainly not the worst.

  9. Rosamaria Valdez-Lopez

    This is simply because of the race issue in our country. I agree that there are many reasons he was not so good of a president, but none of our presidents were perfect. Obama is a great leader and has definitely changed our future, so I thank him.

  10. Only time will tell if our President is a good one. All of our presidents have done something to screw us over, not just one.

  11. We have to wait and see if Obama will be viewed as a great man or a fool, only time will tell.

  12. People hate Obama because of one thing and it’s simply race. Because he’s African American they think he’s a bad president it’s funny because all the presidents have done something to screw us over but they never mention the others because there not black! Here we go with racism again in this world.

    • People do’t hate Obama because he is black! They are angry because he doesn’t follow the constitution by undermining it with Alinsky Marxism that has failed all over the world. The Jackass symbol for Democrats was invented by Andrew Jackson when he was President in the early 18oos. Obama is the guy causing the rrace baiting by always calling Republicans, conservatives, and mercilessly picking on black conservatives like Ben Carson, Alan West, Clarence Thomas. This constant race baiting by Obama doesn’t put him on the popularity game with the people he attacks on a daily basis. And, what about Obamacare? What about Common Core? What about Obama’s attack on Christians with his tax policies? What about the out-of-control deficit and federal budget? The photos above are from an old news story about Obama and Chris Cristie–students don’t understand the photos because they are “bored” with the news and don’t understand the dire financial circumstances America needs to fix, while Obama continues his attack on those he considers his enemies and the press continues to exploit. This post is not about America hating Obama because he is black, but about national policy.

  13. I dont understand why everyone hates Obama so much.
    Majority of the presidents we’ve had have screwed us and been a jackass’ one way or another why is it so surprising that Obama wears the shoe?

  14. This is funny but unrealistic how can con artist Chris Christie ever be symbol for anything. Thefore, this should not be published as it’s alway been traditionaly the Jack-ass and Elephment and it will forever stay that way long as both parties cease to exist.

  15. I would love for this to be published! So interesting I like it a lot.

  16. I wish I could delete my comment. The Alien and Sedition Acts are unconstitutional and void.

  17. I don’t think the cover should be published. I mean don’t we have laws against this? Like the Alien and Sedition Acts ? I mean this would incite people to riot against the president because we are belittling our OWN our leader by calling him a “jack ass”. That is wrong no matter if it true or not.

  18. Publishing this would make a statement, I know i would purchase these editions if that was on the front cover.

  19. I think it would be pretty funny if they do publish this. It will make others get a good laugh like it did to me. I hope to see this soon! hahah..

  20. I totally see how this could be viewed as too satirical but I would be happy to see Time publish this, someone needs to acknowledge Obama’s mistakes.

  21. The only reason that I would say for Time not to publish it is that it would diminish their reputation and standard of quality. It is not a satirical publication, so instead, sell the idea to The Onion, they’ll be happy to have it

  22. I am in favor of publishing the “jack-ass” edition.

  23. Publish this !

  24. This should definitely be published! That would be great …

  25. I think the fake cover definitely should be published in place of the real cover.

  26. Now, who is the worst President of all times? definitely not Bush.

  27. freedom of the press….do it

  28. How funny. Time has the guts to publish a lot of controversial things, why not just call Obama a jackass on the fount page and publish it!

  29. I think that the cover on the left should actually be printed considering Obama’s actions throughout his presidency thus far, he has in fact acted like a “jack ass” in my opinion

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