Egypt Politicians, Ministers Send Open Letter to United Nations

Professor Kollitz,
I came across an article about the 2014 Muslim Day Parade in New York City. There were some disturbing images that had raised concerns for a few independent news websites. I found it interesting that we haven’t heard more about this since it featured a female mannequin wrapped in the Egyptian flag being hung by a rope.

As I did some more research on the Four finger salute (one of the symbols in the parade, but not the only symbol) I found out that it refers to the support of the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt. Upon my searching I found the official Muslim Brotherhood website which featured an Open Letter to the UN.
Link to letter here –>

This information I acquired made me wonder why we have heard virtually nothing about the situation in Egypt and have only heard about the terrorism being inflicted by ISIS. Please note that I am not in any way suggesting that ISIS is good or just. I am only pointing out that we have not heard about the struggles of peaceful Muslims trying to regain their freedom in Egypt.
Are we being manipulated by the media to impress a completely negative view of all Muslims?
An English 1B student


A number of Egypt’s legitimate government ministers, political party leaders, politicians, parliamentarians and public figures send an open letter to United Nations Secretary-General and member states.

Thursday, September 25,2014 11:45

To heads and delegations of states and governments member of the United Nations’ General Assembly meeting in its 69th regular session…

The signatories to this letter are a group of leaders and symbols of Egyptian political organizations and parties, elected parliamentarians, public figures, ministers and governors in the last legitimate elected government overthrown by the July 3, 2013 military coup d’état that killed Egypt’s nascent democracy which was one of the gains of the Egyptian people’s January 25, 2011 Revolution.
Today, the United Nations receives Al-Sisi, the coup leader and commander of the oppressive military regime which seized power by force of arms in Egypt, and committed many massacres that claimed the lives of more than five thousand peaceful Egyptian anti-coup protesters.
The United Nations receives the military coup commander as he crushes the people who seek to restore the democracy he trampled by military tanks, the people who refuse to kneel before the military machine and the rule of tanks that still occupy public squares to prevent people from expressing their will.
The coup commander is welcomed by the UN as he uses brutal repression and fabrication of lawsuits against political leaders, activists and young revolutionaries, student movement leaders and anti-coup women’s groups, until he filled prisons to overflowing.
Under the coup commander, legislation has gown berserk, laws are passed in complete violation of the most basic internationally recognized rights, human rights have collapsed completely in Egypt, and so has the justice system, with special courts set up to hold sessions at police stations to try those who protest the coup, and death sentences issued wholesale in unprecedented vindictive judicial atrocities the like of which has never been witnessed anywhere in the modern world ever before.
This coup commander is welcomed at the United Nations while international human rights organizations demand an independent international commission be set up to investigate serious violations of human rights in Egypt under his rule.
Today, the commander of the military coup stands before you, having usurped the title of President of the Republic of Egypt with illegitimate fraudulent elections at the end of a long path of treachery, conspiracy and intrigue. He stands before you and speaks on behalf of Egypt, with his hands smeared with the blood of innocent Egyptians, and talks about terrorism, of which he is one of the staunchest sponsors after he laid the foundations of state terrorism in order to entrench the junta and impose the coup as a fait accompli.
Here, we stress the following points:
1. We do not recognize the coup leader as the legitimate president of Egypt because Egypt has an elected President who still enjoys legitimacy even if he is held hostage.
2. We denounce the United Nations’ welcome for the murderous military coup leader who seized power by force of arms. In fact, the credibility of the United Nations is at stake here. The UN is thus promoting military coups and double-standard policies, which is certainly a threat to global peace and security.
3. The issue with the coup commander is not a political dispute, but simple non-recognition of the legitimacy of his rule – legitimacy which he supposedly gained by sheer force.
4. We condemn terrorism in all its forms, starting with that of the military junta led by Al-Sisi, who tried to create an artificial state of terrorism in Egypt in order to impose the coup that trampled legitimacy and to justify political repression.
5. We stress that the patriotic Egyptian people will continue their peaceful Revolution, and will not back down until they restore the democratic process as the basis for peaceful transfer of power, until they achieve the objectives of the January 25, 2011 Revolution, and until the army gets back to its sacred duty of protecting the homeland’s borders.
Political parties, organizations and bodies:
The Anti-Coup Pro-Legitimacy National Alliance
The Egyptian Revolutionary Council
The founders of the Brussels Declaration
Heads of political parties:
Dr. Ayman Nour (Ghadd Althawra Party Chairman)
Dr. Tarek Al-Zomar (Construction and Development Party Chairman)
Ihab Shiha (Asala Party Chairman)
Dr. Mohamed Mahsoub
Dr. Salah Abdel-Maksoud
Dr. Amr Darrag
Dr. Yehya Hamid
(The Ministers Bassem Ouda and Osama Yassin are held hostage in junta prisons.)
Osama Suleiman (Beheira Governor)
Gaber Abdel-Salam (Fayoum Governor)
Dr. Mustafa Murad (Deputy Governor of Cairo)
Ashraf Badr Al-Din
Amir Bassam
Ibrahim Haggag
Tamer Makki
Dr. Tharwat Nafie
Dr. Mohamed Gamal Heshmat
Hatem Azzam
Dr. Fahmi Reda
Abdel-Khaliq Mohamed Abdel-Khaliq
Abdel-Ghaffar Salehin
Dr. AbdulMawgoud Dardery
Attia Adlan
Mohamed Al-Fiqi
(Hundreds of MPs are detained in coup prisons.)
Political and public figures and Academics:
Dr. Gamal Abdel-Sattar
Adel Rashid
Amr Adel (member of Wasat Party’s High Council)
Dr. Mostafa Altalibi
Dr. Mohamed Sharaf
Mohamed El-Koddosi
Dr. Mohamed Saghir
Amr Abdel-Hadi
Sami Kamal El-Din

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  1. Way to Egypt! Here is a great example of how a Republic can work. The best part about this protest that it is not full of words of hatred rather it is filled with well thought out explanations for why they have these believes. I hope the people of Egypt achieve the justice they deserve.

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