Ebola in Africa: An 18 Minute Documentary

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  1. This really shows how people that haven’t been directly effected by a problem can very easily become insensitive to it. Even in their close proximity to the disease, the people living in this area even doubt the existence of ebola and claim it’s just government propaganda. This can really open their society up to a large outbreak very quickly

  2. At first I wasn’t really educated on where ebola was first discovered and how it got transferred among people, however after watching this informative video. It answered all the questions I had and really opened my eyes how uneducated the citizens in Africa were about ebola.

  3. This video was insightful for me because I havent been keeping up with the news on how and where ebola is coming from.
    It bothered me to see how the people werent taking the matter seriously
    nor were they taking proper safety and health precautions with how they handle their food

  4. I remember when you showed us this in class that was so gross how they eat “bushmeat” and they don’t even care if its cooked or not they eat it either way raw or cooked. I thought it was funny how the musician there made a song about ebola it was kind of funny lol

  5. It’s strange how some people don’t believe in Ebola when there is so much evidence around them of people getting sick. The extreme denial and referring to Ebola as a rumor is strange because people have already figured out some possible causes such as bush meat.

  6. It’s scary to think that Ebola is most similar to HIV. Funny thing is, most people in Liberia don’t seem to think there is a problem with Ebola. That, the government is trying to make it bigger than it is, although yes, it is pretty big deal. The way they handle the meat is very unsanitary, nothing like we do here in America. I get scared handling raw chicken. But why is our government making this a big deal, when the people of Liberia think it’s just a rumor.

  7. This video kept my attention the whole time. I can understand why the theory of Ebola may be originating from “Bushmeat”. This meat looks very unsanitary, and even while simply preparing it diseases can be transmitted. The Liberians have a strong beliefs against Ebola, but taking extra cautions to help not spread Ebola, doesn’t harm anyone. And the fact that a rapper got popular of his “Ebola is in town” hit, amazes me of serious they are NOT taking this problem.

  8. In one way I can understand how they can deny the fact that there truly is an Ebola outbreak and in another I cannot believe how they can so easily deny it. With the large range of other diseases in Liberia and its surrounding countries it is possible for others to comprehend how their outlook on life is so different from some one that understands the true horrors of Ebola. One example of this is when the two men are being asked whether they are scared of the Ebola outbreak, their response is I want your meat because we are hungry. People there do not have a whole lot of concern for diseases and what not as opposed to basic living conditions and general hunger.

    • Ignorance is what caused AIDS to become an empidemic. I know people who died of AIDS. Aids originated in the same place as Ebola. I had a wonderful young woman in my class from Cuba who had studied medicine and was doing her work over because Fidel Castro would not allow transcripts for Cubans who fled the country. She got all “A” grades in her science classes, as well as English. She was married and had a small son. Her parents were both physicians. Her husband had a homosexual lover she didn’t know about and he contracted the Virus. I remember the day she sat in my office telling me that she was dying and wouldn’t be able to get her MD degree and see her son grow up. This was a first time I ever discussed an illness like this with a student. I didn’t know what to say to console her. She died before her husband died. Pain, pain, pain. The next time was not any easier for me, but it wasn’t about me. I wanted to help, but how? I feel the same way about this scourge.

  9. Education is the key. Without education no one can make the decision on how to help themselves. The conditions that I see in this video are unreal, I really don’t think these people have a chance at actually conquering any disease because of the unsanitary conditions. Let us please remember many years ago people died of about everything. And one of the main reasons was because of very unsanitary conditions. One reason whay America as a whole is able to fight disease is because of education on keeping themselves sanitary and the homes we live in and the streets we pass through. Now as an American, I am just so grateful to be hear than there, because i know that if something were to happen I would have a fighting chance. UUgh!

  10. The strangest part about this video or better said what bothered me the most is that they eat animals that can be pets. I could never imagine having dog for dinner and owning a dog it seems inhuman. The people of Africa do not seem concerned with Ebola which I see their point as to why. It is like when our meat her gets contaminated only part of the population believes and follows the regulation the other part says, just like the people in this video, “Our ancestors, I , and my family eat this and there is no illness here.”

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