Dream Rangers

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  1. this thought me to face the music and go and face my problems. great video!

  2. This was just an awesome video through and through. It shows you how when times seem the toughest is when you must go out and grab life by the horns. A lot of people think that their time has past and give up, but if these men can do it so can anyone else.

  3. This video was extremely inspiring. For instance, all of these men had setbacks in their life on why they should live a routine life because of lost loved ones or sicknesses, but they encouraged each other to live the rest of their days happily. Life goes on whether we like or not, but we must learn to live with the downfalls and make each and every day a brighter one.

  4. How inspiring. This video has such a powerful message. The men in it all had their own health issues and trials they were facing with lost of loved ones, but they still found the courage to keep living and do what once made them all happy.

  5. this definitely put a smile on face to see a group of elderly friends do something that they were determined to do! anything is possible with a little bit of determination.

  6. Christopher Rodriguez

    This was very inspirational. It shows that the power of friendship is very strong and allows you to overcome many obstacles in life.

  7. This is a true example of any person can do anything if they put their mind to it. These group of men despite all odds made up their mind to travel from north to south thai land. Upon determination and dreams these elderly men were able to reach their Dream!

  8. The first question that popped into my mind was “Wow this commercial is for a bank?” Immediately following that was “Imagine if America made commercials like this.” This commercial has such a strong message of the value of life. It spreads hope and positivity and to be honest, as soon as I finished watching it, I shared the link with all of my friends. Wonderful commercial!

  9. This video brought a tear to my eye. We must always remember that tomorrow is NEVER promised and we should live everyday to make ourselves happy. It important that you do what you love whenever it is possible. Recreate good memories and make better memories to add onto those good times.

  10. This video is cool it makes you realize that no matter how old one gets you should keep on living life and nothing stop you. Some people take things for granted and once they know about a medical condition they feel as if there life is over when i think its just a new chapter in life and shall not be fear but thrived for.

  11. I just hope I have energy and joy like that when I am that age. Growing old sounds awful to me, but stuff like this keeps me hopeful.

  12. This video is funny and causes you to realize that your everyday problems are small in comparison to others around the world. And yet people are still able to make the best of their situation, and do what they love.

  13. I thought it was very funny and expiring. these older men were fed up with there lives so they decided to take a chance and live there dreams again. I wish everyone would have the inspiration to live there dreams again or at least once.

  14. These men didn’t let their set backs keep then from doing something they wanted to achieve even though it took hard work and lots of preparation .

  15. These men don’t let their old age and their health problems get in the way of their love for riding motorcycles.

  16. They are amazing. Even thought they had some sort of heath problem they still got up to ride their bikes. That is not common among 81 year old men these days.But they did it for a simple reason a dream they lived for.

  17. My grandparents are the most lively people I know. They travel all over the world at age 85. I hope I am like that when I grow old, that’s for sure.

  18. Seeing people do things that they love bring joy to my heart because this is the only life we have so live it to the fullest. No matter what age and disablity one has.

    Live for today because tomorrow is not promised to any of us.

  19. This was comforting to be able to see elderly individuals relive youthful activities. Just because a person ages does not mean they are incapable of enjoying life through adventures. I have seen some older dance teachers be able to do things I have never been able to do. Age does not define a persons capabilities. Wisdom and experiences gained though time cannot be replicated by those who have not yet experienced it.

  20. this is amazing, they have medical problems but they are doing what they love. The passion and the heart is what really makes tis video great. They didn’t let their problems get in the way of what they wanted to so. No, they worked and fought hard to make their dreams come true.

  21. This is great it reminds me of my grandma she is 93 but is never to old . I hope that someday in the future me and friends can ride out in are old age of some styling hot rode motorcycles. It shows me to be true to myself and age is but a number.

  22. This video made me think about my future. I don’t want to not do the things I’ve always intended to do. I have a list of things and seeing how I’m young I still have some time!

  23. This video was amazing, the story behind it was amazing, and the men in it were amazing. Very inspirational and motivating.

  24. That is awesome. This video really did put a smile on my face… and almost a tear in my eye… just amazing… we need to dream more and dream bigger… well I do at least. 🙂

  25. this video shows all of us that were all young at heart . that we are all a child still . if you want to do somthing. go out and do it

  26. This video showed me that it doesn’t matter what’s your age, you are never too old. You can always accomplish anything.

  27. To be able to obtain the opportunity to chase after your dreams or to live them is success in a self accomplishment that many will not be able to come close too. Even to live up to their age is success that many may not notice because many people do die before they could begin to dream.

  28. Pretty much anything really is possible. People should never give up on there dreams. We are given this life for a reason. We are meant to live it to the fullest and if people give up to easily, they will never know what they could have accomplished.

  29. This video was pretty cool, and had a great message. Never give up on what it is you dream to accomplish. No matter what age you are , or hurdles you may have to overcome to get there. Fulfill your dreams. This is very inspiring, and I hope I will do the same in my elderly years.

  30. I think it is really important to visit things from your past. Especially things that may have had a huge impact on your life. I visit a small town in Oregon called Seaside, and ride the old bumper cars. Then I take a trip a little south to Cannon Beach (and the famous Haystack Rock) where I eat a clam chowder bread bowl. It is one of my first memories with my whole family, before my grandparents passed. I try to do this trip every other year.

  31. I wasn’t sure if I was suppose to take this video seriously or not. That guy yelling in the phone was funny. If this is a bank commercial, its really weird.

  32. Wow this video brought tears to my eyes. Its so inspirational and it shows that we should live to be happy because no matter what life will give you problems. That doesn’t mean you cant be happy, so you should do what you love.

  33. I found this video amusing and inspiring because its never to late to do what you love. Its inspiring because they all had problems in their lifes but they still achieved their dreams.

  34. I Love Quotes ! Those men where so happy to be riding again, that makes me happy. This video ade me laugh for some strange reason, but I really enjoyed it. That is the question what do people live for? Aand, many people don’t know.

  35. That video was adorable! I love how they changed their whole lives to do something they loved. I’m too scared to ride a motocicle now let alone when I’m in my eighties.

  36. This video has a very inspiring message. These older men made the most of their life and did not just sit around letting life pass them by. They were tired of being considered not being able to enjoy life but they proved all those people wrong.

  37. This video was really impact-full. It showed me that you should never let age get you down and that you can accomplish anything you put your mind to

  38. You cant think that something is impossible cus after watching this it makes it seem as if anything is possible no matter what age you are. Happy to see things like this.

  39. Appreciation is important in life and live to the fullest. People of any kind of age or situation should live life to the extreme and live for themselves.

  40. I hope my golden years will be just as exciting as theirs! It would be so fun to try out new things and relive being young. For now, I need to experience being young while I still actually am!

  41. This is exactly how i want to live my own life… to the fullest !

  42. Its really wonderful to see people truly living life to the fullest. It inspires me to be more adventurous.

  43. This video is the true definition of living life to the fullest. It is really refreshing to see people loving life, especially because in many place, happiness is such a rare occurrence. People and videos like this give me hope and inspire me to be happier.

  44. Set a goal and take steps to achieve that goal and when you reach that goal celebrate life.

  45. Have a dream, set a goal, and achieve. It sounds simple but only YOU can do what it takes to achieve it. Live life to its fullest.

  46. Whenever a person has a dream and they set their mind towards that goal, the success rate can be astonishing.

  47. This is such an inspiring and touching video. It makes me sad but happy. Live life the way it will make you happy and enjoy what you had and embrace it.

  48. This video was so touching. It just goes to show that you shouldn’t let anything stop you from what you want to do.

  49. Life is such a precious thing to let go to waiste. You should do as much as you possibly can to enjoy it and not just mope around. Time is ticking by everyday, what are you going to do?

  50. Living life to the fullest. Be happy and enjoy your time with those around you.

  51. This was incredible, i learned to always live life like your last.

  52. I like this video, it shows how anything is possible, and age should not be a factor in pursuing one’s dream. Very cool to still do what they like even at that age.

  53. This video is a great motivator. This shows that nothing is impossible and to live life to the fullest no matter what happens.

  54. Dreams are the blueprint for success….I live by this

  55. I loved this clip. This shows that life doesn’t have to end just because of age. These men showed that they can still relive some of there pastimes and although some friends and family have passed away. They will always be with us in spirit.

  56. I wish more people were as cool as these guys hahah that was way too cool. But yeah, everyone lives for something and you just have to go out and live your life to the fullest, and try to reach all your goals in life.

  57. Dreams lead to fulfilling lives. Without dreams, how will anybody fine the endurance to better themselves or contribute to anything vitally important?

  58. As life goes on you need to keep your dreams alive because once you have nothing to strive for then what is your purpose you need to keep your heart alive with passion or you’ll lose the will to live. I would rather die living my life completing my dreams then to have died never tring. Why waste a life you only have one.

  59. People need to see that of you don’t have dreams to live. Dreams are what keep people striving in life

  60. People that go to work day in and day out and do the same thing year after year after year, they are the ones who need to see this video. The people that work all day long and sometimes forget what life is about, they need to see this video. Life isn’t worth living if you’re not going to do what you dreamed of doing, when you were younger.

  61. This video needs to go viral. More people need to see that of you don’t have any dreams to live for then your not really living life. Dreams are what keep people striving and keep hope alive.

  62. This video was really cool in that it makes you feel inspired to carry out those life long dreams. Here, it shows that it is never too late no matter how old you are to give up on thoese “bucket list” types of dreams. Everyone should know what they “live” for and what they want to spend their life doing to better themselves and make their life worht living.

  63. Many people forget what they are actually living for. Especially old people forget it easily and just try to live as long as they can. When old people in this video started to ride motocycle, they remembered what they are living for. They proved everybody can remember their dreams. This video is so cool and I like the last sentence, “For ordinary people with extraordinary dreams.”

  64. This was cool, i got the feeling that it was like a bucket list at first but really the meaning to me was do what you enjoy during life, becuase what is life if you do not enjoy it?

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