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  1. This was so disgusting and maddening that I had to stop watching it at times. I cannot believe that a human being is capable of such evil. It makes rethink humanity sometimes.

  2. This guy makes me sick. How does he continue to operate after all the wrong things that have happened at the “clinic”. I don’t even want to call that place a clinic because it’s not, it’s a place of horrors.

  3. This story made my stomach flip when I watched it in class. How can a doctor go to this extent of killing fetus that is seven months old? Most importantly, why is women going into this doctor’s office to have an abortion if the floor is covered in rat turds and cat pist. eww. Also, teenagers should not have the priveledge to have an abortion and recieve birth control without their parents consent.

  4. I just can’t believe this happened. I don’t know how he got away with a women dyeing in the office. There has to be people inside the health department and the governors office that protected him. Because something like this was just swept under the carpet.

  5. Even the most liberal, pro choice person can agree that this is disgusting. I don’t think that this guys ridiculous heinous crimes should be used as anti-abortion ammunition though. What this man did was not considered abortion at this point, it was straight up murder. It makes me sad that these women were so ignorant that they did not know these were unsafe and unreasonable conditions to have a medical procedure.

  6. Watching this videos about what that doctor was doing in that clinic literally made me uncomfortable to the point where at times I just had to look away from the screen and try to not imagine the horrible things that happened. And i say this not a woman but as a person. The fact that someone would take advantage of so many ill informed women and repeatedly treat them thinking that they were getting the best help there is. That’s why one you can’t trust anybody no matter how educated they are and secondly this shines light on how we need to educate people of all ages, sex, and races on what is sex, what are the effects of sex and what’s best for ones health.

  7. Wow this is soooo sad. How can someone do such a thing to innocent babies? I know that abortion has been going on for so long, but to kill babies when they are recently born is even more cruel. It is also crazy that this doctor had been doing this for 17 years without inspection. This is horrible!!!

  8. This disgusts me! I don’t understand how someone could be so cruel as to brutally murder innocent babies. Babies are God’s creations and are made for a specific reason. Abortion is wrong in itself, but the way this doctor comes to do it is unfathomable. He has no care in the world for these babies’ lives. Even though the babies cannot speak their opinion, it does not give anyone the right to end their life. Abortions rip a baby from the world and rob them of the life they have not yet to live.

  9. My political science professor told us about this story last Thursday. She was using as a point to show what main stream is worthy and what’s not. Why is such a horrific story not all over the country’s news? It was just board casted throughout Philadelphia. I have also heard about in the new magazine “The Week” but that is also not main stream. This is a great example of how if you want to really know what is going on in the world you need to go through and find non main stream sources that are still creditable. I hope this man and his staff are held accountable for every new born they killed and the mother of one. He prayed on disadvantaged woman and should rot in prison.

    • I’m glad to hear another professor on campus brought this horrific story to students. I’ve known about it for a long time, but Fox is the only popular television channel to air it, but Fox doesn’t put their “stuff” on YOUTUBE and I don’t want to be sued for breaking their copyright laws. But when I finally found it on a Philadelphia channel, I jumped on it. You are exactly right. About a month a go I saw 2 former nurses from Planned Parenthood who “spilled the beans.” Can you imagine the Health department hadn’t even inspected his clinic for 17 years!!!!! Atrocious.

  10. If a client died in 2009 how did Mr. Gosnel manage to keep his business? This really is just sad, it’s like the people who worked their played a game of operation on clients and it seemed to me as if they though of them as their dummys. I am sure that there are a lot of places like these out there unfortunately, but I hope that they are caught because this really is just gruesome.

  11. This insane in reply to Gabe the fact that his business was allowed to stay open even though someone died because of it is sick.

  12. Sweet Jesus, that anchorman’s mustache looks nice. Joking aside, this case is disgusting. Who knows how many other operation there are like this across America. I don’t believe the death penalty is even necessary for the Dr. because he’s already in the late term of his life.

  13. I agree with what nick had to say. People do not care now and days. Unless the person that dies is related to you or is famous or well known no one cares and it is sad. How could those people work there and watch him kill babies! They are just as disgusting as he is. They all deserve to be punished for this.

  14. Men like Mr. Gosnel confuse me. Why would you continue to practice doing something neither you nor your employees are qualified for? Too many deaths happened because of his illegal actions. If I were a juror I would not require sitting through 6 to 8 weeks of any sort of testimony. The evidence allow would allow me to vote in favor of the death penalty for that murderer. The scary part of this story is that someone died in 2009 and he was able to stay in business . All I know is that stories like these horrify and disgust me.

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